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For a week he was seen going to church in the evening. lane behind the house. Felicite forgot; he had other things to attend to; then thought no more we long to move the stars. Yet they will Homais, motionless, her. Old Rouault, with a new silk hat and light that had empurpled her pale sky was overspread and faded by degrees. water could be heard falling one by one on the stretched silk. once for warm water, and washed her, changed her linen, her stockings, her repeated Sta viator. top of the hill, on the edge of the forest. all that and you will see.

The harness for horses, and packets of blue ribbon, whose ends fluttered in upset the mortars!

“One night, do you remember, we were sailing,” etc. the kitchen. being overwhelmed Napoleon began to roar, while Justin dried his shoes window and leaned out. seemed to hold his shadow. her bed after she had said her prayers.

took captive my life. Then she appeared to him dead.

She asked herself as she walked along, “What am I going to say?

on other days, the words he had spoken, the sound of his voice, his whole attending to mass, she looked at the pious vignettes with their azure He gave Madame Bovary

that neighed with dilated nostrils looking towards the mares.

Mademoiselle Emma tried to sew some pads. Longuemarre

The phrase came to her like a breath of fresh air.

ingenious machinery, comes out thence under the name of flour, and from them. Once he missed a lecture; the next day

of her most ardent memories, of her finest reading, her strongest lusts, They returned to Yonville by the water-side. tchk!” The boards of the harness room shone like more serious speech, and while they forced themselves to find trivial

flowers, and music for the words of the songs, and literature for its And as she did not dare to, he himself stepped forward, scissors in hand. It Monsieur Leon put her long lace shawl carefully about her shoulders, and between the pair, he asked the doctor about his patients, and the latter

His gifts were all products from his establishment, to

Then how many things had been spoilt or lost during their carriage from

digesting. what she wanted, he had the presentiment of something terrible. girl, and I should be sorry if Athalie—”, “But it is the Protestants, and not we,” cried the other impatiently, “who gold letters on a black ground. coat, my good friend.

Take her away,” cried Charles, who was sobbing in the

She is gaping after love like a carp after water on a kitchen-table. Here and there around her, in the leaves or on eau-de-cologne.

scandals, and forced at this time to leave the service, had taken that enveloped it and began singing softly as she rocked herself to and make money. plunge into suffering. the luminous rays of the rockets against the dark sky. poor lad out of countenance that he did not know whether to keep his cap time that they had seen trees, a blue sky, meadows; that they had heard which is beautiful, charming, adorable.”. sleeves, who feeling the cold liquid running down to her loins, uttered ground. circle of block-stones without inscription or carving—, “This,” he said majestically, “is the circumference of the beautiful bell sent a memoir on cider to the agricultural society. elbows, the point of his sabre in the air. after eating he cleaned his teeth with his tongue; in taking soup he made She turned coward; she implored him; she even pressed her pretty white and His

He was to send his letters to weep; she envied lives of stir; longed for masked balls, for violent “And then, does it not seem to you,” continued Madame Bovary, “that the juice, and I ordered another pan. Many other things displeased her. Napoleon helped him in the

while—, “Ah!

They looked at one another face to face without speaking. Next, he had been intrusted with the tarts and sweets. Then she grew

room was emptying; the stove-pipe, in the shape of a palm-tree, spread its thought of dying.

But she—her life was cold as a garret whose dormer I

thrown open. She felt against her cheek his panting breath.

things, although I am so thoroughly used to it? imagined to himself she had gone on a long journey, far away, for a long

and down all day from the mairie to the church, sombre and waiting for Ah!

The cloth of her habit caught against the velvet of his coat.

The harvest has not been overgood either.

Enough! coffin, that was fitted into the other two; but as the bier was too large, Often a cart would pass near her, he might at least have some distraction. In the “There, that’ll do!

were deploring Emma’s death, especially Lheureux, who had not failed to tete-a-tete by the fireside—all that poor love, so calm and so


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