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The advantages of BYOD are certainly worth noting, but opponents claim that these benefits do not outweigh the negatives of this system. not to text your child during class time, BUT this will happen) and that the responsibility is with the child to manage, fix and ensure proper storage of the device. The BYOD option is typically introduced somewhere between eighth and tenth grade, although some schools only allow upperclassmen to bring personal devices to class. After I first introduced BYOD at my school, four classes went BYOD the following year. Research tells us that if we reflect this in their learning experiences, we will increase engagement which leads to improved student success.

With the technology they are using for BYOD, students have more authority over their own learning. Q: How do you decide when students are able to use their devices? If the majority answer yes, then you are on your way to a BYOD classroom. After I first introduced BYOD at my school, four classes went BYOD the following year.
All intermediate grades (7-8) and one junior grade (split 4/5 class). Teachers require their students to bring their computing devices for learning in class. They want to take the technology they use in their daily lives and make it a normal part of their classroom experience. BYOD is something that you should try to built in your school, just not in your classroom. BYOD can complicate your cybersecurity needs, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea. It is part of the responsibility of having a device. As I wait for the permission forms to be returned from interested students, we develop a list of possible devices that could be brought in (cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, e-readers, etc) then we create a Technology Success Criteria. Click or Tap the Button Below. With a new group of students, it usually takes me about 2 months to construct a culture of using digital devices before beginning BYOD. I try my best to create a learning environment where students explore how to be safe, productive and respectful when using digital devices. If anything, I have observed a slight decline in the quality of work, when students first engage with using digital devices for learning. Funds normally spent on technology can be diverted to other expenses if students bring their own items, Students are more familiar with their own devices versus using the  school supplied ones, in theory making them more productive, It allows instant access to information, no more waiting for a scheduled library visit to use computers or look up facts, First offense: a verbal  warning/reminder, Second offense: device goes into the student’s locker immediately, Third offense: device gets taken away and given to the school principal. Students must ask my permission before they start using their device, and explain what they will be working on. When not using your device, be safe and place your device screen down on the table to hide any private text messages. You could also ask them to leave the devices in their lockers when you do not want them to be used. A: I start my year with success criteria and from then o,n students can use their devices freely on approved apps, etc. She's been supporting teachers through this website since 2003. She has allowed students to bring their own technology into the classroom for a few years now, and is excited to share how BYOD works in her classroom. Their parents put their phones on silent during work hours or meetings. It can be as simple as offering to scan and post a handout on the class LMS, or updating homework on an online agenda.

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