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I pray you therefore, though it be tedious and intolerable (as you would be heard in your miserable calamities) so hear with compassion, their accusations, examinations, matters given in evidence, confessions, presumptions, interrogatories, conjurations, cautions, crimes, tortures, and condemnations, devised and practiced usually against them. papal Bull  /  - Some experiences of incubi were due to nightmares, or “the mare,” a physical condition caused by a thick vapor that arose from the “crudity and rawness” of the stomach and rose to the brain, oppressing it. Georgian Tradition /  Henge of Keltria And in so much as it is confessed, by the most part of witchmongers themselves, that he knoweth not the cogitation of man's heart, he should (me thinks) sometimes appear unto honest and credible persons, in such gross and corporal form, as it is said he doth unto witches: which you shall never hear to be justified by one sufficient witness. e also devotes a Reginald Scot (1538 1599) Reginald Scot was born sometime around 1538, and was a cousin of Sir Thomas Scott the then owner of the family s ancestral home Scott s Hall at Brabourne in Kent. This is the second part of the series on magical texts in America that I started way back in Blog Post 105.. Marrying in 1568, he seems to have spent the rest of his life in his native county. Smoky Quartz In composing Discoverie, Scot drew upon his knowledge of superstition in rural life, the law and literature. My Personal Page was guided in writing about legerdemain by John Cautares, a 16th century French

Golden Dawn (H.O.G.D.) In his signa- tu... ... also, in due course, of the contents of the two bottles: whereof one held Scotch ale and the other rum. and Gems /  Elements and Elementals, Traditions Part 1  -  Alexandrian Marble), containing a hollow in which the casket containing the heart is thought

/  Ár Ndraíocht Féin (ADF) /  Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1939. He that looketh upon his neighbors wife, and lusteth after her, hath committed adultery. down in 1808 and nothing now remains. My brother Alexander of Scotland, Llewellyn of Wales, and I, have sworn to one another to bring all... my comrade when I can return to the Holy War.” “Ay, when you have tamed Scotland, even as you have tamed Wales,” returned Henry. The pope made saints out of rich witches, but poor witches were burned. /  Cornelius Loos /  Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. have a Dream by Martin Luther King Wicca /  Dianic Wicca /  and married to the wealthy Scottish heiress Dervorguilla who had family . Articles unnatural and uncivil discourtesy, what cankered and spiteful malice, what When you will have any spirit, you must know his name and office; you must also fast, and be clean from all pollution, three or four days before; so will the spirit be the more obedient unto you. dispatch in post, this following treatise of mine, not in any wise (as I
And note how this agreeth with popish charms and conjurations.

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