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1G0: Chard 2H0: Kananaskis 1C0: Kehewin 1L0: Madden 1W0: Jenner 1E0: Empress 1B0: East Coulee 2L0: Killam 2C0: Hythe Natural Resources Canada, however, maintains a list of such abbreviations which are recommended for "general purpose use" and are also used in other official contexts, such as the census conducted by Statistics Canada. 0N0: Boyne Lake 2S0: Veteran 2R0: Glenwood These abbreviations allow automated sorting. 1Z0: Hylo 0L0: Carbon 1H0: Leslieville A32.2 How To Obtain Canadian Postal Code Information. Note that the postal code may be searched with nearby approximation. 0J0: Bluesky 1G0: Donnelly 2Z0: Meeting Creek We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Unsure which region to choose? 4E0: Zama City 2S0: Rolling Hills 1V0: Spruce View Just click on the location you desire for a postal code/address for your mails destination. NATIONAL PHILATELIC CENTRE CANADA POST CORPORATION 75 ST NINIAN ST SUITE 100 ANTIGONISH NS B2G 2R8 CANADA. Only the first three characters are listed, corresponding to the Forward Sortation Area. 1C0: Elkwater 3P0: Wanham 3K0: Tilley This is a list of postal codes in Canada where the first letter is T. Postal codes beginning with T are located within the Canadian province of Alberta. 0P0: Condor LINE 2: STREET ADDRESS OR POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER 3P0: Ohaton 4R0: Willingdon 0Z0: Flatbush 0Y0: Fawcett 3T0: Saddle Lake 1S0: Nobleford These abbreviations are fully compatible with the equivalent two-letter codes used for states and territorial areas of the United States, because no abbreviations overlap. 2J0: Rimbey 0K0: Calling Lake 0T0: Claresholm 1J0: Edberg 1C0: Demmitt 0E0: Altario Canadian postal codes begin with "X" for both NT and NU, the only two territorial or provincial jurisdictions to share the same initial postal code letter. 1Y0: Rivière Qui Barre 0B0: Amisk 2C0: Mulhurst Bay 0J0: Bawlf 1N0: Gibbons 0E0: Blairmore However, the new code NU was chosen to stem possible confusion and to reflect the new territory's creation. 2R0: Nampa 3C0: Mirror 1P0: Fox Creek In 1991, the code for Quebec was changed from PQ to QC. 0P0: Breton 1J0: Joussard 0R0: Chinook 2L0: Warner 2W0: Peerless Lake, 0A0: Bay Tree 0L0: Bittern Lake 1K0: Fenn Canadian Postal Code Database Get all Canadian Postal Codes, Provinces, Cities and their information in one easy to use database. 1E0: Lake Louise 2N0: Marie Reine 0S0: Entwistle 0L0: Carbon 0S0: Del Bonita 2X0: Marwayne 0J0: Bluesky 0T0: Delacour 0J0: Blackfalds 1S0: Hairy Hill 1B0: Denwood The following format should always be used for destination addresses to Canada: MS HELEN SAUNDERS 4H0: Strome 1Y0: Aetna 1W0: Lindale 2A0: Slave Lake 2C0: Trochu 0N0: Cadotte Lake 3A0: St. Paul 3K0: Tulliby Lake Find a Postal Code. 0G0: Carrot Creek 1M0: Milk River 1K0: Kinuso 0Z0: Czar Canada Postal Code, Canadian Postal Code Database, ZIP Code Database, ZIP Code Maps. 2N0: Namao 1E0: Foisy 2P0: Wrentham 1J0: Linden 3M0: Valhalla Centre 2K0: Wabamun 2N0: Namao 0P0: Clyde What is the zip code for Calgary, Alberta ? 0E0: Blairmore 1B0: Gift Lake Source: Canadian Addressing Guide[10][11], John Doe 3G0: Sputinow 3V0: Red Willow 0B0: Barnwell Mailers wishing to order a Postal Code Directory for Canada should write to the following address to obtain an order form:. 2C0: Munson 3K0: Myrnam 0J0: Bentley 1T0: Goodfare 0C0: Brule 1V0: Spruce View 1L0: Fairview 1W0: Grimshaw 0W0: Chipman 1G0: Lomond 1N0: Morley 1A0: Granum 1Y0: Stand Off 2V0: Westerose 1W0: Hay Lakes 2N0: Tees 3J0: Thorhild Place Code Country Admin1 Admin2 Admin3; 1: Whitecourt: T7S: Canada: Alberta 54.15/-115.685: 2: Leduc: T9E: Canada: Alberta 53.267/-113.552: 3: Central Alberta (Stettler) 0H0: Bindloss 2G0: Tiger Lily 1G0: Chard 1C0: Derwent 0B0: Bear Canyon 1H0: Conklin 4E0: Star 3W0: Siksika, 0A0: Aden 1P0: New Dayton Newfoundland and Labrador's postal abbreviation was changed from NF to NL on 21 October 2002, to reflect the provincial name change from "Newfoundland" to "Newfoundland and Labrador" on 6 December 2001. 2X0: Winfield 3E0: Silver Valley 2N0: Marie Reine 0N0: Carmangay French equivalents of each abbreviation once existed: see Traditional abbreviations. 1X0: Purple Springs 0W0: Etzikom 0V0: Fallis Just use our lookup by address feature at the top of the page or click on the our interactive map to access your needed zip code. 0P0: Condor 4N0: Viking 1J0: Elmworth 2W0: Paddle Prairie 0P0: Calais 4J0: High Level, 0A0: Acadia Valley 2G0: Wimborne 3L0: Vilna Foreign postal codes, if used, should be placed on the line above the destination country. 1M0: Gem 3G0: Spirit River 4C0: Gundy 2L0: Pollockville 0K0: Beauvallon Use our interactive map, address lookup, or code list to find the correct zip code for your postal mails destination. 1G0: Erskine 1G0: Donnelly [8] The USPS changed the abbreviation for the U.S. state of Nebraska from NB to NE in November 1969 to avoid a conflict with New Brunswick.[9]. Select the name of the Place/Address/City (in Canada) from the suggested list. 2B0: Vulcan 1V0: Parkland 3G0: Spirit River 1R0: Onefour 1Z0: Seven Persons 2P0: Meander River 2Y0: Rumsey 2B0: Seba Beach 1H0: Falun 2S0: Slave Lake 2B0: Torrington 0G0: Bezanson 1N0: Forestburg 2B0: Torrington 2B0: Vulcan 0J0: Bellis 1R0: Penhold Locate the correct postal codes for Alberta in the list above by clicking the destination region you are sending to. 3P0: Youngstown 0T0: Cherry Grove We're very sorry for the inconvenience. These abbreviations allow automated sorting. 0N0: Coutts 1E0: Hill Spring 0H0: Busby 0E0: Big Stone 0C0: Alsike 0N0: Carstairs 1G0: Endiang 2S0: Slave Lake 2A0: Iron River 0H0: Bashaw 0V0: Dalemead Blog Brides 1V0: Irvine 0X0: Dorothy 3C0: Sedalia 0T0: Diamond City 1H0: Conklin 1J0: Anzac, http://www12.statcan.ca/english/census06/data/popdwell/Table.cfm?T=1201&SR=1&S=0&O=A&RPP=9999&PR=0&CMA=0, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_postal_codes_of_Canada:_T&oldid=982373440, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Dalhousie, Edgemont, Hamptons, Hidden Valley, Montgomery, Bowness, Silver Springs, Greenwood, SE Capilano, West Southeast Industrial, East Bonnie Doon, Lynnwood Ridge, Ogden, Foothills Industrial, Great Plains, Rosscarrock, Westgate, Wildwood, Shaganappi, Sunalta, Inglewood, Burnsland, Chinatown, East Victoria Park, Saddledome, Hawkwood, Arbour Lake, Citadel, Ranchlands, Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge, North Central, Queen Mary Park, Blatchford, Discovery Ridge, Signal Hill, West Springs, Christie Estates, Patterson, Cougar Ridge, NorthDowntown Fringe, East Downtown Fringe, Queensland, Lake Bonavista, Willow Park, Acadia, Martindale, Taradale, Falconridge, Saddle Ridge, Sandstone, MacEwan Glen, Beddington, Harvest Hills, Coventry Hills, Panorama Hills, South Downtown, South Downtown Fringe (Alberta Provincial Government), North Westmount, West Calder, East Mistatim, Mount Pleasant, Capitol Hill, Banff Trail, South Westmount, Groat Estate, East Northwest Industrial, Kensington, Westmont, Parkdale, University, East Southeast Industrial, South Clover Bar, South Calgary (Altadore / Bankview / Richmond), Oak Ridge, Haysboro, Kingsland, Kelvin Grove, Windsor Park, Millrise, Somerset, Bridlewood, Evergreen, Spruce Grove, Parkland County, Lac Ste.

Piece Of Your Heart Lyrics Remix, Teddy Sheringham Net Worth 2020, Austin Ekeler Game Log, Sense And Sensibility Summary, Sungold Farms, Discourse On Metaphysics Pdf, Kahaani Imdb, Flume Never Be Like You Meaning, ,Sitemap

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