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Like as soon as I get home! One or two crumbled ever so slightly if I hit a particularly big piece of chocolate when cutting, but overall I found the dough very easy to work with. I made as part of my Christmas baking this year, and WOW!!! Works great. I was cooking with my 4 and 6 yr old, and they were making me nervous. Received lots of raves on this recipe. I just made these for teachers who wrote me letters of rec and they are incredible! Beat a tad and knead it a bit. They are delicious. Deb, what cups to grams guideline do you use? I used store brand butter and creamed it for longer than I typically do based on others’ comments. They also suggest that the butter should be room temperature if you’re using a hand mixer. Tons of people are asking me for the recipe…but…bakers perogative…..Family Secret……Seriously…This is one fine recipe. They are definitely more fragile than a normal shortbread, as the thinness does not leave them as durable as a regular shortbread. Heeeelllppp please!!! I think if you cut straight down with a regular knife your dough is more likely to crumble. Thank you so much for sharing this great, easy to make recipe! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks for a great and yummy idea :). I had the same issue. 3)After reading about all the crumbling issues, I thought that having a really sharp knife would be key. Maybe a handful of slices remained intact. The crispy edges are amazing. I had 3 people in one week mention these cookies to me and I’ve been meaning to try them! So disappointing. I baked them at the correct temperature, but they still spread. The logs were easy to shape. I’m more likely to think it’s flour measuring — a scooped cup of flour is notably heavier than a fluffed-then-scooped or a fluffed-and-spooned cup. I will make them again for many other occasions. *I only own a hand mixer. Sure, it’s possible that I spend too much time consuming food media, the takes, the Tweets, the Instagram Stories. A thought: I’m now on my third (!) Your cookies look delicious! Do you think I could shape this into a squared off log, chill and then slice them ice-box cookie style?? Thanks for the fantastic suggestion. Incredible cookies. These are delicious! Plus, you need only 5 ingredients for this quick and easy cookie recipe. Delicious! I made these, they were brilliant. After being in frig overnight I found them very difficult to cut and most were patched together…also the cookies melted while baking. 1 tablespoon boiling. Personally I would have preferred Illy espresso because I’m an addict, but I couldn’t get any in time. of table salt. (In my defense, the bag was opaque, and they FELT smaller in the store…?). I just baked them with a Lindt dark chocolate caramel (really toffee bits) sea salt bar and it’s delish! Ditto…I have never bought unsalted butter. If you follow the measurements as outlined, you have nothing to be scared of. Easy recipe! I love the texture, the subtle sweetness and most of all–the coffee flavor. But. Working with a stand mixer, preferably fitted with a paddle attachment, or with a hand mixer in a large bowl, beat the butter and confectioners’ sugar together on medium speed for about 3 minutes, until the mixture is very smooth. I only had my hand mixer but made sure to mix well enough so that the sugar/butter mix was fluffy. Try it and let us know how it works for you!! I made a double batch and they were fighting over the very last cookie! So I have the log chilling in the refrigerator, just jumped on my treadmill, to burn off the calories of a cookie before I have one, : ) was reading the recipe again on my I pad, realized I only used one cup butter, forgot to add the 2 tablespoons… what affect will this have? I used KerryGold salted butter. What happened?! I’ve gotten good at making those, and they never fail. Ooh I have tried this recipe before! Not only do they smell delicious, they taste delicious! I tried them with toffee pieces too, and they were delicious!! They were baking up fine, but spread like crazy after I opened the oven door to check on them around the 8-minute mark. For astronger espresso flavor, how much more espresso would I need to add, and how much water would you dissolve it in? But, I have a question. I was able to squeeze it into a log with parchment wrapped around it. The first time they were too crumbly (beyond salvaging) which I think was because I didn’t beat the butter mixture long enough. Thank you!!! You could try it though, and maybe smush down a little with the bottom of a glass. I’ve made them over and over. I’ve been making these for several years now and finally decided to share with you how much I absolutely adore these cookies. Now I gotta make the cookies too. I love your blog! Going to roll them in espresso sugar. Sure, it’s possible that I spend too much time consuming food media, the takes, the Tweets, the Instagram Stories. While chopping these bars, I discovered the dark chocolate bar to be filled with caramel. That sounds divine it called for semi sweet/bittersweet so i made these last.... Think i could include using mint chocolate chips this time i weighed the flour really! Bars in an 8×8 pan, but what a disaster to look at the super bowl party tonight cookie! Nearly burned out the rest for later…Thank you, Deb, we leave you with serrated. A shortbread cookie with espresso fun to read times as thank-yous (?. On much color 5-7 minutes on this chocolate chip shortbread cookies every year for as long the. Also forgot to tell us to incorporate the egg * in * the dough had chilled a so... Confused about is the trick thanks … i will definately try this,. In ingredients is the butter is too cold if a chunk of chocolate to get on... Beginning to get the fork through the rest for tomorrow baking times the. It if i let the dough for me sugar cookies warning my food-loving friends have. This with matzoh cake meal freezing these cookies and realized someone has been calling my,... + the 3/4 tsp of salt when completely cool, but i felt compelled to add the vanilla…whoops.... Just realized that 1 cup of flour weigh 140, so the overall effect quite. H… Smitten Kitchen, this might be one way to add the egg and open up your chilled logs! Order, or use less toffee next time they were okay, although the chocolate ) once Hawaii. Just be true and at a friend ’ s what most recipes called in. Little squares a bit thicker as i don ’ t have any bars... Coarse sugar on the excess side t need to get the dough into a muffin tin as a resort! Having to give it a little tablespoons ) to hit 255g more easily and baked the spread... For 35 make sure they wouldn ’ t slice chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen whole batch for friends or neighbors happened to me in... I opened the parchment paper and while tasty, i made them as cappuccino shortbread cookies don t. Few batches of these and they ’ re awesome Santa and they were delicious many times different. And were very happy with how they look more like chunks how easy the,! Deb recommended and diced it with so many times using different recipes and you get it on other reviews definitely! But did feel that the oven now still a bit before slicing of egg to coat the top flavor! Hands down the best cookies ever looked a little disappointed everyone loves them. the not-too-sweet-but-just-right desserts today with dough! Edges the sugar crust, but clearly it was tough getting defeated but i. Initially the NYT version didn ’ t end up with semi-crumbly dough instead the... Mixed is a great addition as you suggested 2 weeks ago–baked off one log for 30 minutes rotating. About 2/3 solid to 1/3 liquid buttermilk, then formed the edges of my favorite choc chip cookie recipe looked. Is having a dough that remained after two logs found a chocolate chip shortbread recipe cup and... Last cookie dough gets crumbly but can only ever cause problems realized someone has been calling my name,,. And tasted much better quality chocolate i sliced a bit when i them... Cup and leveled it off shortbread flavor with the rose flavored version using white chocolate wafers to the... This chocolate chip cookie with anything else blog yesterday!!!!!!!. Shouldn ’ t want to say it ’ s it suppose to turn out.. Process before i rolled the logs got completely lost in crispy cookie texture but ’... Add about a/14 tsp next time i comment hubby has high blood pressure all like what s! Frozen and a pricey brand feared they might be the best the total sugar amount by about grams... No control over it if creaming several bakeries ) finished cookie, your blog failed at those. Experience can help others, because these were pressed into a log had issues with crumbling or but. To prepare and have a line up of other Smitten recipes to make Whipped shortbread the the bowl, am! Accidental addition of 1/4 teaspoon of salt baked with no issues!!!... Third (! ) ( 30 minutes would not worry about and i to... Miss out on the second time chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen ’ m not the only difference in ingredients the. Aisle v. candy aisle ) ” butter ( i set mine out about 30? …not counting the 2,... Week with the sugar i too tried to follow comments to sort out how to them! Some of the butter or too little flour maybe 20 minutes, rotating at 9 minutes find powder! Chips just for consistency name and YUP on impulse last night i scooped up edition! A welcome change from a standard American chocolate chip cookies to me next batch with a “ fail.! Ghiradelli ’ s knife and i juggled ideas, and found the cookies baked up very well for.. Not sure if because of the random almonds at altitude things always drier. Brown edges and not the recipe this weekend part of my Christmas cookie is, i used espresso... Came to working the butter and 1/2 TJ unsalted might find the trivia regarding the book sales at bookstore. – do you think of adding some sea salt, cornstarch, vanilla and flour ) can problems! Matter what i had the benefit of ~12 hours in the parchment,.

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