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Shenandoah Log Cabin Dollhouse, i love Adair he is sooo f***ing hot omg.. yo hes freaking hot i hope manntis wins even though i bet everyone else is good. wish me luck! fill me to the brink. Two of the roadies will be voted off after all their troubles. i just made a funny... god i wish i was a giant mutated rat, ozzfest was awesome this summer...SLAYER everyone piss off. everybody just f***ing screams.... HEARD IT... listen to LIAR... it;'s just a clip but it is f***ing awesome!!!! But, no matter how hard they try, someone will still have to go home. it's shorter...just like my p***s. i bet i have the pertiest mullet here!!! listen up ppl. I always enjoyed the mix of classic and nu-metal, but the 2003 Ozzfest sure was a letdown... Keep in mind, and no offense to the bands selected, but these bands were selected based on having a currently popular and imminently forgettable metal sound. Haters... f*** that's a stupid term. Most bands want sucess to some degree or another, usually big success. i dont think any of them are that good, they are probably like trapt mixed with nickleback mixed with manson.

If anything, metal has gotten much more diverse with all these new sub genres and merging of various styles and sounds.Sicks deep doesnt sound like anyone ....wait till the new ep drops listen to this f***ing guy's vocals... they're sick!!! how many sessions have you recorded?

Be sure to check out Steve Albini's article on indiecentre called 'Some Of Your Friends Are Already This f***ed'. and yeah, bands with chicks in them get picked because most people think of metal being only men, even though there are tons of women in metal. But still not very unique. I assumed when they said competition, they meant playing music ala American Idol style...not Fear Factor style competition.

I make those flatuent noises and use pfft just to make fun of folksesp. The series lasted 12 … Who knows, maybe they do suck, maybe they dont. there isnt a single decent f***ing band on the show. OMG!!!! And the bands with chicks were only chosen because they have girls in the band. Click here to login or here to sign up. The eight roadies spice up laundry duty after getting left behind. Login to create it. LETS GO RAINBOW WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whyis everyone making a big deal about this? I'm saying here that Manntis is the best of the lot, they have a style at least that pays more tribute to classic thrash metal and have some of the melodic elements of European metal. he's the reason i watch the show!!!! The episode starts with Ahmad arguing when Big Dave sees that he shaved his hair. Absolute ordering places all episodes in a single ordered season. - Yea i agree, sicks deep is f***in badd a$$

Sicks deep doesnt sound like anyone ....wait till the new ep drops. i dont know if any other contestants will be on. this if for the show Battle For OZZfest on mtv. It's like lol i think im the only chick in this piece and thats awesome.but yeah idk i think i have to go with nick on im a bumb ass! Select an image of this actor in this specific role. Animated Instagram Flyer, Heavier than what they played on the audition.

Battle for Ozzfest season 1 episode 8 Brittany's Final Day : After a day of promoting Dimmu Borgir's Norwegian death metal, the partying gets out of control.

Ha ha ha!

Before you trash these bands, why dont you take your a$$ to and see how good they r. Even the clips on there , are not the only sh** the band has. woohoo!! Will have to see how the next episode goes before deciding whether or not to watch the rest. I just won't pay attention to them at Ozzfest next year. And in the end either way a sh** load more people have heard your music. Big Dave gets the roadies adjusted to the bus and all the rules, and afterwords, allow them to meet Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed. this whole g.d show is bullsh**.

dude i havent been on this post in like forever.

They're funny for a while, but then it just starts to get old... Everything probably gives you a hard- on. # Oct 18, 2004 @ 1:00 AM ET ... - instead of waiting your time with the US joke band that will only disappoint them selves once they get knocked out of the Ozzfest comp for being a dreadful excuse for a Band! Cast I have heard better bands coming out of 14 year old kids who have no idea about how to right songs than this joke band. you should really check them out - instead of waiting your time with the US joke band that will only disappoint them selves once they get knocked out of the Ozzfest comp for being a dreadful excuse for a Band! 14, then James jumped in and whipped out his massive s hit packer.....oh , oh so glorious. You nu-metal gaytards are as funny as Fraggle Rock.who likes this name better?

and BARusa is a perfect example.Capisch!!! does nobody realize that everybody has a difference of opinion? i love the fact that none of these people have heard about these bands until they were on mtv and have heard like 4 second sound clips of the music. I'm willing to bet whatever band lands the gig will have the same fate as Da Band on that other MTV band-breaking TV show. what's the site?!!!!! Tell us what you thought about Wicked Wisdom’s performance, Sharon Osbourne cutting Iron Maiden's power, and which set you loved the most. wow are very talented!!! Holla - hahaha im sure they will get back to you as soon as possibleCynder sucks, I can't believe I wasted an hour watching that. This series has been favorited by 0 people. i agree with you on the bit about Cynder. I wasn't there to hear it first-hand, but it's been put into press and no-one's sued, so I guess it must be true. give me a break.... What band are you in ? I was hoping, maybe, just MAYBE that sharon (which leads ozzy's career around from her son's opinions, that are sh**ty I might add) would put some Death metal on there. They walk around the Ozzfest grounds, and listen to Black Sabbath perform.

Wnba Live Stats, uuuggghh!!! Yep, cool. i can watch this alllllllllll day!!! tom,well im a fukkin singer who shreads, where are you located? it's american idol gone metal and none of the bands are that great. i don't have a name, but maybe you know me.

i meant to put andy christ but i put nick and y is that I HAVE NO FREAKIN' CLUE, i hope one of the heavy core bands wins not one of those p***y korn or stupid rap core bands for metal sh**. And I've heard all the bands before, through websites and .mp3 and not only on the pilot episode. ?come on who u kidding! when manntis gets back from touring in hawaii i will tell adair to respond to any comments on this board. This lineup was another fantastic mix of rock, pairing stalwarts Black Label Society and Black Sabbath with Velvet Revolver and Iron Maiden, but the real gems were further down the card. i hope that they beat all the other bands!!!!!!!!!!! There are countless other reasons to not be involved in that part of the industry which I don't have time for, but I strongly urge you to read more about it if you care about you and your band's future in the industry. EVERYBODY HAS TO LISTEN TO CYNDER AND BLINDSIDE, THEY ARE AAWWSSOOMMEE!!!!!!! The three finalists are reunited with their bands and have one day to prepare to perform one song on main stage Ozzfest. Ok, how about Mudvayne, In Flames, Trivium, and Mastodon tagged on. CYNDER IS THE sh**!!!! Zombie. I want him! Give their album a listen; Gizmachi are far from disappointing. The episode starts with Ahmad arguing when Big Dave sees that he shaved his hair.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from those who wrongly believed that they were just an illegitimate realty show band, listening to their songs like “Cycle” and “Lost In A Fantasy” say otherwise. And well they are lucky and we should wish them all the best, thought none could compare to those european bands. Am I missing something here? Especially live.. the show sounds like it is going to be great... i hope its not a waste of time.........ive heard the head bangers ball cd....its pretty decent. Chesterfield Inmate Search Circuit Court, it's just too obvious. Enter your e-mail below to get a daily update with all of our headlines.

They deserve to win this, they have gone all out and if they don't win I have no faith in music today. Bob Seger Live Bullet, Zachary Smith Marianna, Fl,

CYNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Queen Lol Doll, you know why no band from Florida was picked? Six of the eight bands sound like bites off of Hatebreed and Pantera, all with mosh riffs that have been done before and most with the growling but exciteable hardcore vocals...Phil Anselmo lawsuits on their way? Subscribe to our feed to get updates automatically or subscribe by email to receive a daily digest of heavy metal news. He should lay off the ritalin, f***ing wanker. You can watch clips of the bands at ), this body holding me. Well you were at this year's Ozzfest, so we can only hope it's a sign of things to come. i can watch this alllllllllll day!!

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