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Chelmsford's official twin towns are:[118][119], This article is about the city in England. [50], On 14 March 2014 the Britvic Westway factory closed for good thus ending the company's 150-year association with the city.[51]. [93] The Chelmsford campus of Anglia Ruskin University also has many sports teams and facilities. The present-day Chelmsford railway station dates from around 1885 and is in the city centre and around 14,000 commuters travel to London Liverpool Street daily on Greater Anglia services, making Chelmsford one of the busiest non-terminus stations outside London until 2010 when three early morning services were added starting at Chelmsford operating to London and three late evening services terminating at Chelmsford from London. [41] In 1962, EEV opened its first office in America in Buffalo, NY. The city is also home to the Chelmsford Sunday League, of which there are five divisions consisting of teams from around the area. [citation needed]. We visit 17 rural communities in the Chelmsford area, so that you can access our services at your local village hall, shop or Post Office. The Army and Navy roundabout flyover was condemned as unsafe and permanently closed in September 2019 by Essex County Council with demolition works taking place in February/March 2020.[57]. Publications based in Chelmsford include the Essex Chronicle, which was founded as the Chelmsford Chronicle in 1764. Since 2011, a second station has been proposed to serve the new Beaulieu housing developments to the north-east of Chelmsford.[52][53]. The GHQ Line part of the British hardened field defences of World War II runs directly through Chelmsford with many pillboxes still in existence to the north and south of the city. [75] Further development in 2019 upgraded the museum to include new visitor facilities as well as new exhibits from the Saxon burial site at Broomfield. It is now printed on presses by the Reach plc Group which now owns the paper. Also, in 1972, they opened an office in Paris, France and in 1977 they opened another office in New York but this time in Elmsford. The company was later called the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company Ltd. For this reason Chelmsford is credited as the "birthplace of radio", and this phrase can be seen on administrative signs on major roads entering the city, although this statement is disputed.[29]. The flyover was bi-directional, being open where traffic goes one way into city (westerly) until 2.30 pm each day and one way (easterly) out of the city after 2.30 pm. “One or two authorities have started to have a look at enforcement. The switch to fortnightly collections of non-recyclable waste resulted in a 15 per cent reduction in residual waste levels and a five per cent increase in recycling and composting rates. Most of the former Hoffman New Street factory was demolished during the summer of 1990 and the site is now occupied by the sprawling Rivermead Campus of the Anglia Ruskin University. The Viaduct was constructed during 1842 by the Eastern Counties Railway Company and opened for passenger traffic on 29 March 1843. The comments from Keith Nicholson, the senior officer in charge of waste collection at Chelmsford City Council, raise the prospect of the council looking at fines on households to charge behaviour. It could be said that given this movement of government power, Chelmsford for a few days at least became the capital of England. The communities of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Chelmsford, Ontario and Chelmsford, New Brunswick are named after the city. It is located in the London commuter belt, approximately 30 miles (50 kilometres) northeast of the centre of London at Charing Cross and approximately 22 miles (35 kilometres) from Colchester. Chelmsford County High School for Girls (CCHS) is a proud grammar school community. [citation needed], In 1899, Guglielmo Marconi opened the world's first "wireless" factory under the name 'The Marconi Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company' in Hall Street, employing around 50 people. Chelmsford was struck by a F1/F2 tornado on 23 November 1981 as part of the record-breaking nationwide United Kingdom tornado outbreak on that day causing some damage in the city centre.[77]. “We could further reduce the black bin capacity – and that would have to be carefully considered because it has some other implications. Chelmsford City Council. For other uses, see. Originally called St Mary's Church, it became a Cathedral when the Diocese of Chelmsford was created in 1914. It fields eight men's teams and five ladies' teams every weekend. They share the same height of 141.04 feet (42.99 m). 1,517 were here. However, levels of residual waste generated per household in Chelmsford remains slightly above the average for Essex, which is currently 410g per household. [43] In 1995 it bought Robinson's from Reckitt & Colman.[44]. During World War II, the factory was frequently targeted by the Luftwaffe. Hylands House and Park just to the west of the city is a country house and parkland, saved from dereliction and purchased by the local council in 1966 after the death of the last private owner. Although often confused to be the same river in the city centre, they are quite separate until they join together towards the east of the city to form the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation which heads out towards Maldon before flowing into tidal waters at the Blackwater Estuary. The record high temperature in Chelmsford was on 25 July 2019 when 37.7 °C (99.9 °F) was recorded. The former ground of the club[which?] Foundries and engineering works followed including Fell Christy at his Factory (In later years known as Christy Norris Ltd) on the corner of Kings Road and Broomfield Road opened 1858, closed 1985, Coleman and Moreton, Thomas Clarkson (Steam Omnibus manufacturer and Founder of the Eastern National Bus Company) and Eddington and Stevenson (makers of traction engines). All averages refer to the 30-year observation period 1981–2010. Following further growth under 3i, in 2004 the company floated on the London Stock Exchange. Education census statistics for Chelmsford consisted of full-time students between 16- 74: 20.2%, No qualifications for ages between 16–74: 22.2%. The only connection to the company name in Chelmsford today is the RHP Bowls club located on part of the old Hoffmans Social Club site at Canterbury Way and Hoffmans Way at the corner of the old factory site at New Street and Rectory Lane. Essex County Council Highways & Transportation Department have considered the construction of a Bus Rapid Transit System to be built serving the Beaulieu Park/Springfield Area because of the increasing demand for Rapid Transit Plans in Ipswich, Colchester and Southend. name finally disappearing in 2001. Chelmsford's two tallest buildings are Parkside Court built in 1962 as Melbourne Court in Melbourne Avenue, sometimes locally known as Melbourne flats, and the new development completed in 2007, the 13-floor "Kings Tower" in Duke Street. If this development goes ahead, High Bridge Road connecting Parkway and Springfield Road would be demolished along with the adjacent gasometers and a new central link road would be built. In 1961 they acquired Associated Electrical Industries Valve business based in Lincoln. Since 2 September 2013 to save money and reduce carbon emissions, many streets lights in the Chelmsford district switched over to Essex County Council's part-night street lighting scheme. Chelmsford Prison is a male prison and Young Offenders Institution, constructed in 1830. The system changes are going to drive the level of reductions that we want, so the things we are in control of directly.". He added: “There are two elements we are in control of. A Neolithic and a late Bronze Age settlement have been found in the Springfield suburb, and the town was occupied by the Romans. It covers all of Essex and much of East London. Sir Charles Oatley was a director of the company from 1966 to 1985. [65] There has been criticism of the park and ride as some worry it would be unable to provide a service to the nearby Broomfield Hospital from the new site. [85] It was built in the 15th and early 16th centuries, when it was the parish church of the prosperous medieval town. The High Street is full of independent and chain stores. This station was previously known as Dream 107.7 until February, and before that, 107.7 Chelmer FM up to 2002. In 1922, the world's first regular wireless broadcasts for entertainment began from the Marconi laboratories at Writtle near Chelmsford – Call sign '2MT' in what was little more than a wooden hut. The club as of 2016 plays in the London 1 North league, the sixth tier of English rugby. In 1934 the borough was enlarged by gaining 1,659 acres (671 hectares) from Chelmsford Rural District, including parts of the parishes of Broomfield, Springfield, Widford and Writtle. Our vision of developing the leaders of tomorrow is evident in our commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Recently, plans were revealed for 'Waterside', a large development of shops, bars and restaurants on the banks of the River Chelmer on derelict land near the Essex Records Office at the end of Wharf Road. The Chelmsford studio was closed.[84]. Contact, Download Print Quality PDF of Councils in Essex, Download Print Quality PDF of Wards in Chelmsford City Council, Mon - Fri, 8.45am to 4.45pm ( 10am last Wed of every month), South Hanningfield, Stock and Margaretting. The company also manufactured electrical switchgear, alternators and generators for many power stations in the UK and worldwide. “It is all interrelated. Established in the early 1960s, the college occupies three sites in the city. Essex County Council Services. 293 (84.93%) of local authorities perform worse than Chelmsford Borough Council. [73], The Shire Hall is situated at the top of the High Street. Chelmsford is largely a commercial city which employs around 80,000 people. Its position on the Londinium – Camulodonum Roman road (the modern A12) ensured the early prosperity of Chelmsford. Hoffmann Ball bearings was a major employer in Chelmsford in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Household recycling centres We are not responsible for household recycling . The roundabout is still called "The Army and Navy" even though the public house from which the junction got its name has long been demolished. The Public House "The Army and Navy" from which the roundabout gets its name was demolished in March 2007. [49], The Britvic UK headquarters at Britvic House in Broomfield Road closed in March 2012. The coldest temperature recorded in Chelmsford was −20.6 °C (−5.1 °F) on 29 January 1947. The Bus Station and shops were opened in January 2007 while the rest of the development was ready in September 2007. Soon after it became the residence of Henry's daughter, by his first marriage, Mary I. This option will also include the development of a community facility which will be retained to generate a rental income for ECC. Team Essex Volleyball Club is Chelmsford's national league volleyball club. The same journey takes at least 60 minutes by road, via the A12. Until 1986, when the Chelmsford bypass was opened, the roundabout was in an even worse state. Last Friday, MPs and council leaders in Essex were shown Covid-19 data for the county which, according to those present, warned of an exponential rise in cases for the weeks ahead. After years of decline, the Marconi factory finally closed in 1992[35] and the site was demolished a few years later apart from the frontage on Writtle Road.

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