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Take a look through the repairs below to find out who is responsible, there is also a full list available to download at the bottom of the page.

If the drainage system is blocked call the council for it to be repaired for free, unless it has become blocked due to misuse* (see below). Text only 07960 910264* In person.

Charges will be made in line with our agreed pest control fees and charges.

Floorboards or floor panels are damaged - unless the damage is because of other defects eg leaking bath, rising damp etc. Our services may be affected at this time, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Sealant around shower/water seeping between shower and wall, Cleaning and removing limescale from toilet pans, Repairs to cistern, overflow and flush system, Replacing broken or cracked glass in any inside or outside door or window, Re-glazing of window due to tenant damage, Re-glazing of glass panel in door due to tenant damage/wind slam, Silicone around frame, rubber draught seal or beading is missing or damaged, PVCu sash will not open or close properly, Hinge is damaged or hinge defender needs lubricating, Heavy duty closer is damaged beyond repair, Padlocks, bolts, limiters and viewers damaged or missing, Lock or latch is missing, damaged or not working properly, Repair/replacement of lock to external door due to normal wear and tear, Door and frame needs securing after forced entry, Providing/replacing security chains, letter plates or numbers, Timber, steel or aluminium doors will not open or close properly, Replacing locks, handles and latches on internal doors, Keeping waste pipes, gullies and drains clear to prevent them from becoming blocked, Clearing blockages in own washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dryer, Manhole cover (light or heavy duty) is damaged or missing (heavy duty), Replacing door bells, or fitting a door bell if there isn't one installed, Faulty or broken telephone points - the tenant should contact their phone provider, Maintenance/repair to battery smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector, Maintenance/repair to hard wired smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector, Single, double or triple switch is damaged, Single, double or triple switch is faulty, Fluorescent fitting is not working properly, Diffuser to single/double fluorescent fitting is damaged or missing, Diffuser to bulkhead is damaged or missing, Bulkhead fitting is damaged beyond repair, Single socket is loose, faulty or damaged, Double socket is loose, faulty or damaged, MCB consumer box is loose, faulty or damaged, Cooker control unit is not working properly, Tiles to fire surround are damaged or missing. Communal TV aerial is not working properly -  we are responsible for this repair.

We will carry out the following work to locks and closers: Providing/replacing door knockers/bells -  the tenant is responsible for this work; this includes replacing door knockers and bells fitted by any previous tenant.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - how it is affecting our services. Up-and-over garage door is not opening or closing properly. 19/12/2019
Putting up TV/radio aerials, or satellite dishes, on the outside of the property -  the tenant is responsible for this work, except in former sheltered housing scheme properties or blocks of flats when it is the responsibility of the council.

When our repairs staff attend to a repair and if it is possible to do so, they will ask you to move to a different room while they carry out the repair. We reserve the right to remove, without notice, any disruptive, offensive or abusive posts. *Blocked bath due to misuse -  the tenant is responsible for this work - we will recharge the cost to you if you have called us out to fix it. Shower curtain is damaged or missing - New tenants will have a shower curtain installed by the council.

Where a repair is needed due to damage, misuse or neglect, we may carry out the work but recharge the cost to you.

Access or lock replacement due to lost keys or deliberate damage to lock -  we will carry out this work and recharge the cost to the tenant. Out of hours emergency repairs can also be reported on 01246 345 041. Repairs.

During this period of social distancing and staying at home as government guidance suggests, residents can still contact our repairs team in the normal way: For all queries not relating to housing repairs, contact 020 8726 6000. Damage to existing fences, gates and walls - where possible a fence, gate or wall will be repaired. We would be happy to ask them to quote for any further similar work. Matlock

Reporting repairs during COVID-19. TV aerials, sockets, and cabling -  the tenant is responsible for this type of work. Tenants are also responsible for the following work: Extractor fan not working properly -  we will carry out this work. We've adapted our home repairs service to keep you and your homes safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

We will carry out the following repairs to windows: Replacing keys, door entry fobs or locks when lost, stolen, or tenant gets locked out -  the tenant is responsible for this work. Chesterfield secures funding to deliver Green Homes. From Monday 29 June, we are able to carry out non-emergency external repairs. We will do the following ceiling repairs: We will repair these problems with gutters and downpipes: Bleeding radiators/re-pressurising a combi boiler -  the tenant is responsible for this work, but if the problem remains after bleeding radiators or re-pressurising a boiler, they could contact us for a free repair. This is despite the fact I have also chased up 3 times now. Twenty eight years in Local Authority with Chesterfield Borough Council.

[])). Installed wet room, has had problems since installation and after 18 months has still not been rectified. Our one year guarantee provides peace of mind, knowing we'll always be around to offer the highest quality after-sales care. Baths, sinks, basins, showers and toilets, Jobs, skills, training and apprenticeships. Loose wall tiles, quarry tiles or vinyl floor tiles -  we will will repair/replace tiles with as near a match to the existing tiles as possible. We will carry out the following lighting work, but recharge the cost to the tenant: We will carry out the following work and repairs to lighting: We will repair the following problems with outside or communal lighting: Repairing any floor covering (except that fitted as part of an adaptation) -  this is the tenant's responsibility. We used the Council to install a second double socket in our living room and to remove a redundant external light fitting. 466 talking about this. Shower head blocked -  tenants should try to clear the blockage themselves by thorough cleaning. * Our text number is monitored during opening hours and doesn't accept voice messages.

This process is automatic.

Derbyshire Several attempts have been made to fix the problems but with an installation fault it is still unusable. Tenants are responsible for the following work and repairs: Waste to sink/basin is blocked -  the tenant should try to clear blockages with a plunger or suitable cleaning agent.

So put us to the test today and call us for a free quote. Coronavirus (COVID-19): See information and service updates. We will repair the following damage but will recharge the cost to the tenant: Taking action to prevent toilet from becoming blocked and/or try to clear if it does become blocked -  tenants will only be expected to clear a blocked toilet pan. All other repairs are on hold until further notice.

Jobs, skills, training and apprenticeships, fittings for the supply of gas, electricity and water, take care of your home, including taking reasonable steps to make sure your home is not damaged, repair damage caused by you, your family or visitors.
Quite a new system booking them I think for private work so lots of correct protocol to follow but gave very good customer service and the electrician that came to do the work was very efficient, pleasant and polite. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

We're not some 'here today, gone tomorrow' company. Deadline for applications is Friday 14 June.

18:30 - 21:30 This meeting will be held remotely... 14:00 This meeting will be held remotely... Keep your heating working during the winter, Preparation for Adulthood Multi-Disciplinary Protocol, Can't find what you're looking for on this page? 5***** service! Emergency repairs hotline: 0800 587 5659 (01246 345041 outside office hours).

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