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Cards Return to Set Details. Click here to study/print these flashcards. Since the surface retains the shape, no dusting is required. Fingerprints. Subject. Science. 09/20/2012 . Create your own flash cards!

Click here to study/print these flashcards. Forensics Monday, August 31, 2009. Additional Science Flashcards . Science. 12th Grade. Create your own flash cards! Cards Return to Set Details. Sign up here. Level. Description. Total Cards. Forensics Vocabulary. Additional Science Flashcards . Description. A plastic fingerprint is a detailed impression of a person's finger left in a pliable substance, such as clay, wax or wet paint. 2 comments: Olivia K. September 1, 2009 at 11:30 AM. Like patent fingerprints, plastic fingerprints are easily seen by the human eye and do not require additional processing for visibility purposes.

AFIS: Definition. Term. Created. PLASTIC PRINTS - are visible, impressed prints that occur when a finger touches a soft, malleable surface resulting in an indentation. Surface Characteristics and Collection Methods Plastic Fingerprints A Plastic Print is a fingerprint that has been placed on a surface that retains the print like : Hot wax, grease on car parts, or dust. Created. Sign up here. Posted by Jeremy Bertarioni at 2:36 PM . 12. 10/23/2012 . Total Cards. Level. 20. chapter 6 vocab. Term. arch: Definition. Forensic Science Fingerprints.

Subject. Plastic fingerprints are three-dimensional impressions and can be made by pressing your fingers in fresh paint, wax, soap, or tar. Plastic is a word that refers to molding or shaping something. 12th Grade.

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