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To date, the saga encompasses all the titles in the Kingdom Hearts series released from Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts III,

Oh I would love to get to play as Sterelizia.

The entire collection is cased inside a replica of Kingdom Hearts. Is it just over? Follow/Fav The Dark Seeker Saga: Those Seeking Answers. ToyLand: Complete the Kingdom Hearts Dark Seeker Saga with These Figs. The young man reveals himself to be Xehanort from the past, given the ability to travel through time by Ansem in order to gather the many versions of Xehanort to attend the revival of Master Xehanort.

Now that the Dark Seeker Saga is finished, I want to know what everyone thinks is going to happen next. Eventually, Xehanort regains his memories completely and apparently turns himself and the other apprentices into Nobodies, becoming the founders of Organization XIII, a group of thirteen Nobodies with the intention of harboring a piece of Master Xehanort's heart as an alternate way of creating the χ-blade.

At the Keyblade Graveyard, after an epic battle, Xehanort finally puts his plans into action. Combined with Kingdom Hearts 3, which becomes available through Xbox Game Pass on February 25, this comprises the entire Dark Seeker Saga. Aqua finds him and manages to defeat Xehanort after an intense battle, allowing Terra to gain the upper hand, but Xehanort retaliates by stabbing himself with his own Keyblade and falling into the Realm of Darkness. The end of the game left me like the end of every Kingdom Hearts title always has: reeling and wanting more. As a backup to ensure a Keyblade wielder loyal to their cause, Xemnas creates a Replica of Sora, Xion, for the purpose of absorbing Roxas and becoming an obedient clone of Sora, but this plan falls apart when Xion develops her own personality and is defeated in battle by Roxas. The Dark Seeker Saga, also often referred to as the Xehanort Saga, is a series of titles in the Kingdom Hearts series that tell the story of Master Xehanort in his efforts to recreate the Keyblade War and summon the χ-blade. Kingdom Hearts: Dark Seeker Saga(All Star Cast) is the Coming Soon spoof for the first time i will feature characters from Different movies and shows to play a Role from the series.

Goyle(Harry Potter): Braig(Before Vector Perkins was XIgbar), Alice(Alice in Wonderland 1951): Cinderella, The Three Good Fairies: The Fairy Godmother, Wart(The Sword in the Stone): Prince Charming, Fanboy, Chum Chum and Kyle: Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Jabberwocky(Alice in Wonderland 2010): Rock Titan, Creeper, Shenzi, and Fidget: Lock Shock and Barrell, Organization XIII(Chain of Memories/358 2 Days), Heather(Total Drama): Vanessa(Ursula's Form), Ron Weasley: Lea(One of the Seven Guardians), Sabrina Spellman(Animated/Secret Life/Secrets of a Teenage Witch): Esmeralda, Denzel Crocker, Vlad Plasmus and Plankton: The Beagle Boys, Jiminy Cricket-Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert, Percival Mcleach and Mr. Snoops-Stabbington Brothers, Queen of Hearts/Madame Medusa-Mother Gothel(Old and Young), Jeff(Pound Puppies: The Legend of Big Paw)-Hiro Hamada, Tammy(Pound Puppies: The Legend of Big Paw)-Gogo Tomago, Fred-Zack(Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego)/The Grinch(In Costume), Dark Baymax-Stinger(Transformers Age of Extinction), Various Hanna Barbera Animals-Sarge's Soldiers. His first step is to find a vessel to transfer his heart into from his now-aged body, but his apprentice, Ventus, proves to be too frail for this, so he instead decides to use Ventus for the χ-blade by extracting the Darkness from his heart into a separate being, Vanitas. The thing that really irks me is that the story seems to advance more in those mobile games than in the main entries. Scratchpad is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. After 18 years of getting to know the characters and exploring the worlds, the Dark Seeker Saga came to a close with Kingdom Hearts III and its DLC episode, Re: Mind.

Vanitas succeeds in possessing Ventus and creating the χ-blade, but Aqua, aided by fellow Keyblade apprentice, Mickey Mouse, manages to defeat Vanitas and shatter the χ-blade, creating a corridor which scatters everyone present to different locations. Kingdom Hearts: The Dark Seeker Saga is the complete collection of the Kingdom Hearts series ending with III. The Light Seeker Saga. Sora's allies emerge, having followed through Kingdom Hearts, and Xehanort is confronted by the essence of Eraqus, who had been residing within Terra's heart the entire time and who persuades Xehanort to stand down peacefully.

It's been a fun, crazy ride. He is confronted by Sora's party, among them Aqua and Ventus, in the Keyblade Graveyard. As the summary said, this is a sequel. By: Nexanda77.

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