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The player is cast as a mercenary hired to eliminate the threat of a mysterious extraterrestrial computer virus infecting off-world mining robots. In a series of mines throughout the Solar System, the … Descent 3 enthält zehn unterschiedliche Primärwaffen (diverse Laserwaffen und Kanonen), zehn Sekundwärwaffen (Raketen) und als neue dritte Gattung fünf sogenannte Abwehrmittel (automatische Waffen, Minen, Täuschkörper). His only criticism was the high system requirements (the port required a Power Macintosh to play) and a difficult learning curve.

Da sich Descent 3 finanziell gesehen als Misserfolg entpuppte, However, it also praised the game's use of the PlayStation link-up cable. Those were either cancelled or abandoned in favor of other projects. Revival Productions is continuing where Parallax left off and creating an all-new game that combines the best of classic flying shooter gameplay with modern graphics and technology. [47] The game has also since resurfaced on Steam. Many technological advances have been made since then, thus making the idea of a Descent 4 ever more desirable as Descent3's engine is becoming more and more outdated. The game can be played as either a series of campaigns or individual skirmishes. Descent 4 was a planned fourth installment in the Descent series published by the re-emerging publisher, Interplay Entertainment. [79] It also led to a 1999 trilogy of Peter Telep novels based on the series, comprising Descent, Descent: Stealing Thunder, and Descent: Equinox.

As a result, they had terminated the sales agreement, disallowing Interplay from further selling them.

He also attributed the game's popularity and modifiability to the continued development of fan mods. [1]:14 Points are gained by defeating robots, rescuing hostages, and escaping the mine before its self-destruction. For the next seven months, Apogee invested in Parallax and shared with them experience they had gained from developing their own 3D shareware titles. [45] However, the game was withdrawn from Good Old Games in December 2015 along with Descent II and Descent 3, and later from Steam. The two had devised an idea of an indoor flight simulator that used shaded polygons. To create effects like doors and see-through grating, walls could be placed at the connected sides of two cubes. entschloss sich sein Entwickler Outrage dazu, sämtliche Arbeiten an Descent 4 auf Eis zu legen. Entdecke exklusive Nischendüfte in der Welt von DESCENT • Exklusive Nischenmarken • Schneller Versand • Zwei Luxusproben zu jeder Bestellung, Artikel 91 - 120 Exklusive Nischendüfte online kaufen | DESCENT, Seite 4 This page was last edited on 8 August 2020, at 23:47. [1]:17 Flares and lasers light up dark areas of the mine.

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