New buyers were impressed with the plate carrier and remarked that it was a great fit for themselves (their measurements ranged from 5 foot 10 inches and above in height). Starter carriers are often affordable so that’s a plus for those who have never used a plate carrier until now. We cannot say enough about how easy it is to wear. While the 5 plate carriers on this list range from affordable and lightweight to heavy-duty and tactical, they all share one thing in common - they’re stout plate carrier vests from brands we trust. You need to hold quality to the highest importance. Enter the FirstSpear Strandhogg - the plate carrier designed to be compact and lightweight without compromising protection or gear options. And it definitely won’t be something that won’t suck the life out of your bank account. Additional compartments for magazines? It’s proven not only to be very tough, but it’s also able to resist torn stitching. Now, let’s kick off our list by unveiling our “best overall” choice for best plate carrier: What Recent Buyers ReportRecent buyers tried on this vest while at the range. Generally, plate carriers either lean one of two ways - lightweight and mobile, or heavy-duty and gear oriented. Best of all, at just $67, it might just open up a little more room in the budget for some additional tactical gear. Click Here To See Other Products From Condor Outdoor. To give you a headstart, we’ll be taking a look at a list of six of the best plate carriers that are currently on the market. If a plate carrier is too heavy, either adjust the weight by adding fewer plates or find another plate carrier that is lighter in overall weight.Bottom LineIf you’re simply looking for the best of the best, the Condor Defender Plate Carrier might be exactly what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a plate carrier that will fit you perfectly, then it’s important to know some of the features and characteristics that will make one stand out as the best of the bunch. Overall, the plate applications were a cinch and allowed them to move freely and fluidly, which is a major plus when in a tactical situation. Why risk your life and run into a dangerous situation without armored protection? It might be one of those pads that will make the first use a little rough. You’ll be able to move around more freely and keep yourself protected in the situations that are high-stress and where your life should be placed on the highest of importance. Regardless, they’ll still get a good deal of protection even with as many plates as possible. demands consideration. Inferior durability can be dangerous and the consequences can be fatal. It’s durable and isn’t that complicated to put on or take off. So find the best that you can afford based on your budget rather than something that is considered cheap and subpar in quality. You have all sorts of velcro to the purpose of wearing it and tightening it to your exact comfort. You’ll still get the best kind of protection no matter what. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. If you want a plate carrier that will protect you in a self-defense or tactical situation, one of these six listed above might be the next one you get. Yes, it is legal to purchase plate carriers.

The shoulder strap and cummerbund connection points are easily detached/reattached in seconds thanks to FirstSpear’s Tubes™ Technology. But once they’ve gotten used to it, moving around is a lot easier. They were able to adjust this to fit their frames and sizes (users were of average height and up to six feet). Made from high-quality and lightweight materials. If you are looking for a plate carrier that will save your life, be sure to find one that will be able to stop a projectile right in its path. With a precision cut accepting SAPI/ESAPI/SPEAR plates from S-XL, this plate carrier meets NIJ Category IIIA.06 and specific Military Specification requirements (depending on the armor used). They include but are not limited to: flashlights, knives, and extra magazines. Not only do you want something that fits, but you want something that won’t give you any grief. One of them will be yours if their features or functions match what you’re looking for in an ideal plate carrier. There have been some recurring complaints regarding this. Whether you’re on the short side or big and tall, there will always be adjustments that will fit you. Despite no obvious cons, one of the things we might suggest is adding on some additional compartments that might fit some standard sized magazines. Adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort. Whether you want to carry a knife or a sidearm among other things, you’ll always have space for a Molle attachment that can carry something inside. Other than that, some other improvements can be to include some compartments for magazines or additional plates.Bottom LineIf you’re looking for a brand that might be your go-to brand for years to come, it never hurts to give the 5.11 brand a shot. And it will be fitting for those who are larger in size and looking for the perfect carrier that won’t feel insanely tight or too small. They are able to move around in a “run and gun” situation. These will come in handy when you’re in self-defense or tactical situations.

And it can even get your assailants to just throw in the towel and get cuffed. The peace of mind in knowing that it won’t rip, fray, or get damaged while you’re in a situation where a plate carrier is needed. It will also be used by all kinds of shooters who are different in size and height. They were also able to fit all kinds of armored plates in the compartments along with some additional magazines that are used for their sidearms. This vest will cover enough of the vital areas, keeping your heart and other vital organs protected from gunfire. Click Here To See Other Products From FirstSpear. Adjustable straps to fit all kinds of shooter sizes. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Plate Carriers (GM). The pockets were also spacious enough to fit 6x6 armored plates in each. Use this guide so you have a better understanding of how they work so you can make a more informed decision. This will also be available for civilian use.

Plate carriers are bullet-resistant in their own right. Yes, it’s lightweight but it’s shockingly tough. We’ll tell you what they are and what they do. You might be looking for a plate carrier but have a budget to work with. Because of this, it makes it one of the best tactical accessories that you can have for any given situation where your life will likely be on the line due to a dangerous situation.

One of the most important features would be the plate carrier’s ability to stop bullets. This will also allow for better mobility and easier movement. Either way, you have a plate carrier that is reliable for almost any non-combat or combat purpose. Military members also face the certainty of imminent danger in combat zones. If you are looking for the best airsoft plate carrier in its class, the vAv Yakeda Tactical plate carrier is probably what will stand out the most. Protection, comfort, coverage, carrying capability, adjustability, weight - the list of things to consider when choosing your best plate carrier is almost endless. With all-over coverage, you’ll have plenty of stopping power at your disposal when you find yourself in a tactical situation that might take a turn for a worse in an instant. The overall design itself looks pretty rugged.​Who Will Use This MostThis can be used as a workout vest for those who want to get the most out of their intense workouts. This will definitely work to your advantage in the applications where these come in handy. If you want on the fly adjustments and the ability to keep a few extra magazines at your side whenever you are in a situation where there is no room for error, this plate carrier might just be what you need. For example, you cannot be a convicted felon if you intend to purchase one. As expected, they were satisfied with the plate carrier being very lightweight and allows for better mobility in all kinds of situations. GunMann is reader-supported. Here are some of the characteristics that make a great plate carrier: Durability should be one of the most important characteristics to look for. Extra plates? Find one that will suit you best and be useful whenever you need it most. They can only be used in tactical situations where danger is imminent along with the possibility of facing enemy projectiles. We see this as a possible starter plate carrier for the newbies. Here are some benefits you’ll get to enjoy finding the best quality option for you: If the plate carrier is high in quality, you will be better protected since it will cover your vitals. The Barbarians Molle plate carrier will in all likelihood be a popular plate carrier for those looking for something affordable. ​What Recent Buyers ReportThe GLORYFIRE definitely allows for quicker, more fluid movement in self-defense situations. You can add on additional weight to make running The Murph or any other workout very intense. ​This will be used by tactical shooters or law enforcement but, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for civilian purposes. The list might be subject to change between now and the next year. Its fabric is quite tough - and best of all, you don’t need heavy plates to stop the most common rounds. This plate carrier stands out for weighing in at just 2.7lbs (without armor or gear). Read on to find the right plate carrier for your needs, or, Generally, plate carriers either lean one of two ways - lightweight and mobile, or heavy-duty and gear oriented. This will definitely give you the best protection no matter what your size is. They are intended to protect your vital organs from being penetrated from enemy projectiles that will be fired from various firearms.

While the latter might not happen at any point in time, being prepared for self-defense in the direst of survival situations will keep you ahead of the curve. Incredible coverage thanks to front and rear pockets that accept level 3 and 4 ESAPI plates, and a cummerbund with pockets for 17” x 6” soft armor. But it can and will give you the ultimate in protection and tactical readiness that no other plate carrier can provide. And it might not be due to the price alone.

For now, this will give you a chance to see which plate carriers are popular on the market right now. The better the durability, the better the chance that your plate carrier will be durable enough to carry plates and thus keep you protected. If you need something for EDC purposes or for when duty calls, why settle for anything that might be too heavy and will limit your movement? One user said that he keeps a couple of extra magazines for his Glock 19 handy when he’s in a police tactical situation. Sometimes, you’ll need to evade oncoming attacks to preserve your own safety. It’s currently available in two different sizes, but it should be available in a couple more in case one or the other might not fit regardless of the levels of adjustments they try out.​Bottom LineIf you’re looking for a high-quality plate carrier that won’t break the bank, there’s a good chance you’ll settle with the ATG Lightweight plate carrier. If you are looking for something that will give you plenty of space for armor plates, all over toughness, and a fit that won’t be too tight or loose then you’ve got a plate carrier that will be just for you. While the 5 plate carriers on this list range from affordable and lightweight to heavy-duty and tactical, they all share one thing in common - they’re stout plate carrier vests from brands we trust. Most of them will be able to protect you against rifle attacks from assailants. They will determine which size is more comfortable before proceeding to order the carrier itself. Durability is a must when it comes to plate carriers. Find the best quality that you can afford, despite the price being on the higher end of your budget scale. Plus, with the ability to add Molle attachments you’ll be able to add on additional tools that will be imperative to the mission.

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