Failures to eradicate these practices and provide redress for previous eras’ “population control” measures have helped permit involuntary sterilization to continue in many places. Allegations of abuses and substandard conditions in U.S. immigration detention are well-documented and diverse, including in the provision of healthcare. In addition to the parallel event, IJRC also made a written submission, summarizing the relevant human rights standards and making recommendations fo… The colonial agenda of genocide that was endorsed in the form of forced or coerced sterilization of Indigenous women contributed directly to the colonization of the land. While such recommendations were not specific to Xinjiang or the Uyghur population, the Committee did separately address the “custodial deaths, disappearances, allegations of torture and ill-treatment and reported use of excessive force” in Xinjiang. These rights apply regardless of a person’s migration status or whether a person is in detention. Change in Xinjiang will, it seems, require sustained oversight and more pressure than human rights bodies alone can bring to bear. Consent is not valid unless the person has adequate and accurate information about the procedure and its consequences, as well as time to deliberate, without any coercion or inducement. International’s conference in Tokyo. The body of international law identifying forced sterilization as both an atrocity crime and a human rights violation has expanded to address the many current-day iterations of this form of eugenics, though the challenge of compliance remains. For example, in her 1999 report, Coomaraswamy specifically called out China, indicating that “despite the assurances by the State Family Planning Commission that ‘coercion is not permitted,’ there has been no indication of sanctions being taken against officials who perpetrate such violations.” In 2016, the U.N. Committee against Torture called on China to “ensure the effective prevention and punishment of coerced sterilization and forced abortion” and to ensure all such allegations would be investigated, those responsible held accountable, and redress provided to victims. can take to respond to the Xinjiang crisis, especially anything that it can do Some of Communist Party also threatens future generations of Uighurs. proper trials. alarm over forced sterilization again at Amnesty Chinese “re-education” camps and “boarding schools” for Uyghurs recall the “residential schools” designed to forcibly break the familial, linguistic, and cultural ties of Indigenous children in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere in the last century and earlier. Vasquez reports that the procedure took place at the Irwin County Hospital, a hospital managed by a private company owned by that same doctor. At the CSW last week, IJRC hosted a parallel event on preventing and redressing forced sterilization, with perspectives contributed by advocates working on these issues in both Canada and Kenya. Revenge Strikes: Scrutinizing Iran and U.S. Gen. R. Patrick Huston and Lt. Col. M. Eric Bahm, by Todd Buchwald, David Michael Crane, Benjamin Ferencz, Stephen J. Rapp, Ambassador David Scheffer and Clint Williamson, by Tess Bridgeman and Rachel Goldbrenner, by Elizabeth Grimm Arsenault and Joseph Stabile, by Mehrnusch Anssari and Benjamin Nußberger, by Geoffrey S. Corn and Rachel VanLandingham, Lt Col, USAF (Ret. Tursun, another Uighur woman now living in exile in the U.S., first testified before Olivia Enos is an Asian Studies Center senior policy analyst within The Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy at The Heritage Foundation. classrooms” policy. It’s Legally Possible, Whether or Not Politically Prudent, Climate Change Denialism Poses a National Security Threat. Among other functions, it manages the vast system of immigration detention and deportation. She had in fact been sterilized and would never be able to bear children again. Lists of war crimes can be found in both international humanitarian law and international criminal law treaties, as well as in international customary law. @OliviaEnos However, it is a party to several U.N. human rights treaties, including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD), and Convention against Torture (CAT), and Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). That same Article provides a definition of the crime that contains the following main elements: The contextual element determines that crimes against humanity involve either large-scale violence in relation to the number of victims or its extension over a broad geographic area (widespread), or a methodical type of violence (systematic). While information regarding forced hysterectomies had not yet come to light, the communication set forth in detail gross neglect in the provision of medical care, and retaliation against those who dared to raise complaints. Other serious violations of the laws and customs applicable in armed conflicts not of an international character, within the established framework of international law, namely, any of the following acts: Committing rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, as defined in article 7, paragraph 2 (f), enforced sterilization, and any other form of sexual violence also constituting a serious violation of article 3 common to the four Geneva Conventions; Conscripting or enlisting children under the age of fifteen years into armed forces or groups or using them to participate actively in hostilities; Ordering the displacement of the civilian population for reasons related to the conflict, unless the security of the civilians involved or imperative military reasons so demand; Killing or wounding treacherously a combatant adversary; Subjecting persons who are in the power of another party to the conflict to physical mutilation or to medical or scientific experiments of any kind which are neither justified by the medical, dental or hospital treatment of the person concerned nor carried out in his or her interest, and which cause death to or seriously endanger the health of such person or persons; Destroying or seizing the property of an adversary unless such destruction or seizure be imperatively demanded by the necessities of the conflict; Paragraph 2 (e) applies to armed conflicts not of an international character and thus does not apply to situations of internal disturbances and tensions, such as riots, isolated and sporadic acts of violence or other acts of a similar nature. In Peru, advocates continue to seek accountability for Fujimori-era forced sterilizations, despite setbacks. Another important distinction is that in the case of crimes against humanity, it is not necessary to prove that there is an overall specific intent. Essentially, States must not themselves violate human rights, they must try to prevent others from doing the same, and they must take steps to facilitate full enjoyment of human rights. Each of these treaties has been interpreted to prohibit forced sterilization.

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