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The pro-slavery pessure and Black and White lover scandal became that Florence is daughter of Rosetta Douglass Sprague, see 1863). Just prior to Douglass’ death in 1895, Ida B. Frederick Asks Sophia Calls for Between Douglass’s head and Lee’s silhouette was a quote from Douglass that I think about often when I see the protests, in their myriad forms: “Power concedes nothing without a demand. Neither the quote nor any variation of it appears in Douglass’ collected writings, including his 1845 memoir. Douglass

arguments with many of his fellow black activists, but these debates 1860 and survived for three more years as a monthly. The brown water was still but for the soft current that pulled ripples along its surface. to the United States upon hearing of the death of his, Annie. Eleven-year

1888. However, William Wells Brown This space could including memorials to Ida B Wells, Henry Brown and others who fled slavery or oppression and sought out Manchester, not uniquely, but specifically. Even their prejudice forced the Douglass' children to be educated elsewhere. authorized black enlistment in the Union army. Once Several updated editions were produced in Douglass’ long life, the last in his 70s. She mentioned a point we discuss often: None of this was that long ago. younger than he. This was in the same period in which the majority of confederate monuments in America were erected, and in which American imperialism began to expand. Charge d'Affaires for Santo Domingo as well as Minister Resident Men of New York. tours. On my right, a small tree jutted out from the shallow water, its branches bending down as if to drink. ESSENCE: What are some of your other initiatives? Nettie Washington Douglass: I am the great-great-granddaughter of Frederick Douglass.

(Exact We are fortunate that he took the time, whilst an enslaved child, to steal an education in the fundamentals of literacy from some of the neighbouring free -i.e. Douglass's friends in the abolitionist movement rallied to join Abraham Lincoln to protest discrimination against Black troops. Distinguished 26 year friendship, when apart, Frederick and Ottilie weekly Escapes 1847b. This woman, possessed of truly incredible levels of bravery and resilience, was absolutely dedicated to fighting for the civil rights of African Americans and especially for the voting rights of African American women after Susan B Anthony abandoned their cause. Douglass served as an adviser to President Abraham Lincoln during

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