Over the two seasons, the only guarantee was that Greg Maddux was the best pitcher on the planet. The Braves would make it all the way to the NLCS, but eventually lost to the Philadelphia Phillies. He was always two pitches ahead of his competition and knew exactly what they would swing at. He had a better ERA than Glavine (2.47 vs. 2.22), more strikeouts (157 vs. 204), more innings pitched (229 vs. 251), he had five more complete games and a better WAR than Glavine’s 6.1.

Greg Maddux. 1994 was a season that many baseball fans would like to forget, but it’s a year where on the road to his third Cy Young Award Greg Maddux was unforgettable. The late Tony Gwynn, who hit for a remarkable .429 against Maddux and never once struck out in 91 at-bats, sums up perfectly how number 31 was always thinking well beyond the next pitch. Glavine was the star that season, but Maddux continued to be the ace of that starting rotation. He had a better ERA than Glavine (2.47 vs. 2.22), more strikeouts (157 vs. 204), more innings pitched (229 vs. 251), he had five more complete games and a …

​Maddux won his first Cy Young award in his last season with the Cubs. Be sure to follow me @MrSplashMan19 on Twitter for MLB content, future “the Splash 11” articles, and other sports content. photo courtesy of Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images. The 1998 season was Maddux only year I have listed where he did not win the Cy Young Award, but the Award did go to his teammate Tom Glavine and, interestingly enough, Maddux finished with a better statistical season while finishing fourth in voting.

I want to watch front-door sinker after front-door sinker. Between 1986 and 2008, only David Wells and Roger Clemens had half as many nine-inning starts with zero walks. In a year that has seen so many pitchers go down with elbow injuries, this accomplishment further shows how great of an athlete Maddux was every single season. He threw a ridiculous 267.0 innings that season and walked just 52 batters en route to his second-straight Cy Young award. The 1994 season was cut short because of the baseball strike, but in 25 games that year Maddux showed his dominance in every start. He led the NL in ERA+ five times, FIP four times, and WHIP four times. Maddux has a resume that can be stacked up with anyone in the history of baseball.

After the 1994 MLB strike, Maddux simply stopped walking batters. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

It’s not enough that Maddux has never looked the part of a steroid user, but instead looks like he could be your friend’s dad from down the street. Maddux is a four time Cy Young winner, an eight time All-Star, and an 18 time Gold Glove Award winner, which is the most by any pitcher in the American or National League.

He cleared the 300-win and 3,000-strikeout marks as per usual, and he posted a career 3.16 ERA. Record- 20-11 in 35 games started (.645 winning percentage). He also made his first All-Star team that season. In his fifth season with the Braves, he went 19-4 with a 2.20 ERA through 232.2 innings. Let's take a look back at Maddux's best seasons in the MLB. I was born and raised in Chicago, but now reside in Jacksonville, Florida. Some view this season as the best ever by a starting pitcher (I think it's right up there). During his reign in 1995, Maddux gave up a career low 147 hits and only eight home runs, while having a strikeout per nine inning ratio of 7.8 which was also a career high. Greg Maddux. He also had a career high in batting average of .222, which was one of the few instances where a pitcher had a higher batting average than his ERA. That season, he had a career high in innings pitched with 268 and struck out nearly 200 batters. This season, and the other five listed, are just a small sample of the greatness Greg Maddux brought to the mound every start. He finished with a career-low 1.56 ERA, which was the second lowest average since Dwight Gooden posted a 1.53 ERA during his second season with the Mets in 1985. Whatever your thoughts about how a full day of baseball went on... Hat thrown, kiss blown: SD-LA gets heated. He finished fifth that year in most valuable player voting, but possibly could have challenged Jeff Bagwell for MVP had the full season played out.

​In just his second full season as a Major League pitcher with the Cubs, Maddux put himself on the map with an 18-8 campaign in which he posted a 3.18 ERA in 249.0 innings through 34 starts. In 1995, Maddux decided that pitching one of the best seasons of all-time was not enough, so he struck more batters out, walked fewer batters, and turned in the third-best season by ERA+ at the time (since passed by 2000 Martinez). ​Maddux won his fourth-straight Cy Young award in 1995 after going 19-2 with a 1.63 ERA. 119 of them allowed a home run on average at least once every 18 innings.

Maddux’s strongest case for being known as the best pitcher of all-time rests in these two seasons. The Professor capped the season off with his only World Series Championship with the Braves and in that series he went 1-1 with a 2.58 ERA. You see a pitch inside and wonder, ‘Is it the fastball or the cutter?’ That’s where he’s got you.”. He went 20-11 with a minuscule 2.18 ERA in 268.0 innings pitched. Yes, you have to be good to win 15-plus games that many times, but the ERA, the WAR, the all-the-other-stats show how good he was far more than “arbitrary win totals.” When baseball around him was shifting into the Steroid Era, Maddux took a “Nah, I don’t allow homers” approach to pitching. In terms of advanced metrics, he led the NL in WAR thrice and has the eighth-highest pitching WAR in MLB history.

Fielding independent pitching, known as FIP, is a pitching metric that removes fielding from the ERA equation. In addition, Maddux has pitched his entire career in the era of the 5-man rotation, in which starters are given fewer starts per season. Record- 16-6 in 25 games started (.727 winning percentage). ERA+ is one of the most useful stats when comparing pitchers across different eras. Position: Pitcher Bats: Right • Throws: Right 6-0, 170lb (183cm, 77kg) . He led the NL in complete games three times and shutouts five times. Only Dutch Leonard (1914, ERA+ of 279) and Pedro Martinez (2000, ERA+ of 291) have ever surpassed the season.

Record- 18-9 in 34 games started (.667 winning percentage). League-average is always 100. 429 against Maddux and never once struck out in 91 at-bats, 147 hits and only eight home runs, while having a strikeout per nine inning ratio of 7.8, The five starting pitchers combined for a 2.97 ERA and won 88 games, 2020 World Series Prediction: Atlanta Braves Poised For Postseason Appearance, How the Chicago Cubs Won the World Seires, 2015 Cubs Predictions: Kris Bryant at 3B and Rookie of the Year Award, Philadelphia Phillies Throw Team No-Hitter, Cole Hamels Beats Braves, MLB News: Chicago Cubs file lawsuit against fake mascot. Maddux had 13 Madduxes, almost twice as many as the next most (Zane Smith with seven). Maddux’s strongest case for being known as the best pitcher of all-time rests in these two seasons. His WHIP was an absurd 0.89 and he posted ​10 complete games. He went 16-6 with a remarkable 1.56 ERA (the lowest of his career) in 202.0 innings (25 starts). What is truly remarkable about Maddux stint with the Cubs is that he did not win a Cy Young award sooner as he finished in the top three in voting only once. Thurman’s Chasing Pacquiao: For Revenge or a Paycheck. However, the biggest adverse working against this historic feat was said to be because Maddux played during the dark ages of baseball, the steroid era. 2016 MLB Early Predictions: Projecting ALCS, NLCS, World Series Champion.

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