The tears are said to have grown to become the Rudraksha tree. It represent several important triads:

The flag symbolizes victory; it tells Hindu worshipers that ‘Sanatana Dharma shall prevail. Veena is a musical stringed instrument of Goddess Saraswati but it is also a Hindu symbol of art and education. It is also the carrier of Lord Vishnu. The Swastika is another very important symbol in Hinduism.

Paduka actually means footwear, the wooden slippers wore by saints and Hindu deities. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I will show your blog to my partner next time she comes here because she loves hindu movies. Shri represents auspiciousness. The cow is the most sacred animal of the Hindus. Some Hindu symbols, like the lotus and the conch, are similar to the symbols used in Buddhism. She is regarded as the mother of all cows. That means “Everything is good.”. It is in the form of a dot usually in red and it is placed on the forehead of women.

‘’Swastika’’ symbolizes prosperity, glory, and related positive factors. This is the iconic and unique symbol followed in Hinduism especially denoting Lord Shiva. The respective eighth incarnation that preaches the disciplinary ailments to mankind is Krishna. The syllable Om is composed of the three sounds a-u-m (in Sanskrit, the vowels ‘a ‘and ‘u’ combine to become o) and the symbol’s threefold nature is central to its meaning. Most of the Hindus worship Lord Shiva in the form of a lingam instead of an idol of Lord Shiva. The word Swastika can be broken as Su+Asti+ka where Su means good and Asti means “it really is” and “ka” makes the word a noun. It is considered sacred and is worn in pendants, rings, printed on T-shirts, cups, temple walls. Hindu married women worship this tree on Vat Pournima and tie a white thread around it asking for the longevity for their husbands. Even the word 'Amen' used by Christians to conclude a prayer seems to be akin to Om. This symbol is said to represent the three aspects of God, according to some individuals. Some Hindus tattoo them for religious purposes also. The intersecting triangles thereby form 43 smaller triangles that are representing the cosmos and Human being in turn. Most of the Hindu symbols are used on various religious occasions (such as festivals) and also at the time of celebrations.

Triangular and often forked saffron flags are seen fluttering atop most Sikh and Hindu temples.

They have been used for the materialistic and spiritual well being. Lord Shiva always wears a cobra around his neck and Lord Vishnu rests on a snake named Sheshnaga. He believed in residing in the cosmic ocean.

Trishul is the main weapon of Lord Shiva which he always carries with himself and is highly revered in Hinduism. As the symbol of piety, Om is often found at the head of letters, pendants, enshrined in every Hindu temple and family shrines.

Certainly, he is responsible for the origin of evolutionary development on earth. Many of the hindu symbols in this religion are representing the many gods, goddesses, teachings are philosophies of Hinduism. The article is going to be more beneficial with the following information all about symbols followed in Hinduism. Kamadhenu is often known as the ‘cow of plenty.’ She has special powers and grants her owner whatever he desires. Historians say Swastika could have represented a real structure and that in ancient times forts were built for defense reasons in a shape closely resembling the Swastika. Hindus follow the tradition of worshiping the Trishul at homes but not all Hindus do the customs. He is known for his shower in thunder, lightning, rain, and natural prosperity. The god is empowered with mace and rides on the buffalo. Certainly, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Krishna and guarded good souls in the Dwapara Yug.

Krishna is praised for his bestowed principles named after Bhagavad Gita. In fact, Om is made of three Sanskrit letters such as A, U, and M. It is written as No.

In most instances, this symbol is placed on the forehead of any Hinduism devotee.

It represents healthy aggression such as vigor, passion, determination, and even sexuality. The only difference is the Nazi symbol is tilted as if standing on one point while the Hindu symbol seems as if standing on a horizontal branch. It engages all senses, including hearing and stimulates the inner ear. The foremost God of worship is Lord Shiva. It is regarded the most important color in Hinduism. It is made up of three Sanskrit letters namely A, U, and M, and is written as No.
2. Hinduism is the largest religion and ancient on the other hand. But those from nativity background are following the practice of praising Trishul. Lingam is the representation of Lord Shiva through which Lord Shiva is worshipped mostly. It is an oblong vessel used by ascetics.

Get a free Audiobook on Amazon for free. This lamp symbolizes the light and hence is sacred. It is applied between the two eyebrows by married Hindu women. Shankha is a seashell that is kept inside Hindu altars and worshiped. It is the same deity that fathers Yudhisthira celestially. The elder son of the couple Lord Shiva and Parvathi is Ganesh. When it is beings to Shiva devotion, it is symbolized with horizontal lines. It is typically used at festive occasions. Probably, Saraswati does not bear any image-worship or temple as Brahma was denied from worshiping. It is also called “flag”. The cow is the most sacred animal for Hindus.

In Hinduism, the word “Om” is the first syllable in any prayer. People from Tamil Nadu never imagine creating a Pooja room without Standing oil lamps or Kuthuvilakku. 25. Usually, it is a metal pitcher made out of gold, silver, copper, or brass. You would understand the importance of this symbol by this only.

It is a Hindu symbol of longevity. The saffron-colored flag is the official flag of Hinduism. Others represent peace, protection, love and other meanings. It is a sacred Hindu symbol for art and education. For its protective power, this shape began to be sanctified. It denotes purity as well as sensuality. Hinduism preaches a certain theory regarding applying these sacraments. The Kalash or Purna Kumbh is a symbol of abundance.

According to Hindu mythology, Shiva is the almighty that has been the origin of the Universe all along. They denote what Hinduism has stood for down the millennia. Hindus hang the portrait of Goddess Lakshmi in the venue of the Business sector to achieve the signs of prosperity and wealth. Peacock (Mayur): The Peacock is Lord Murugan’s mount. The lingam is also called Shivling, Ling. So, you will come to know the sacred Hinduism symbols name and meaning.

It is surrounded by a round object and has an opening on the right side that stretches out to some length. No scarcity for the deities and symbols to worship in the Hindu religion. Kamandalu is an oblong vessel mainly used by ascetics who live in forests and do meditation. It means as he explained “Good Luck”.

Shri is usually added before the names of Hindu males. Sometimes, a flute with a peacock feather is depicted as the symbol of Lord Krishna. Copyright © 2020 Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Devshayani/Ashadi Ekadashi Katha and Date 2021. Every Hindu gives deep respect to these symbols.

These three aspects are: The symbol can be worn as pendants or it can come in other forms of jewelry. In this post, we have covered most of the symbols that are used in Hinduism.

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This ancient form symbol was also used by world-famous dictator Hitler for his Nazi party. Devotees of Lord Shiva used to wear the Rudhraksha Mala. One-faced Rudraksha is scarcely available.

The God of survival, the wisdom of truth, the origin of loyal is Lord Vishnu. The holiest and divine symbol of Hinduism is the Rudhraksha. It is the color of Goddess Saraswati.

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