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If one more kill brings the number of Crewmates down to the same number as the Impostors, you have won the game! All you have to do is wait for them to meet their fate. Being an impostor, you simply have to kill other players and act as normal. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. But not everyone playing in the game can become imposter. Not being able to fake certain visual tasks means that when a Crewmate completes these visual task in front of others, they are 100% in the clear. To do this, nothing is better than making other players believe you are performing a task. For example, if Pink saw you walking close to the body before he reported, subtly mention that it was not Pink, as you both just walked into the room where the body was found. However, you can certainly increase your chances of becoming an imposter in Among Us. This is never recommended as it will always leave you without the option when you need the most. If the main danger when you're an impostor in Among Us is to be seen in the middle of a murder action or using a conduit, remember that crew members don't need to be next to you to see you: beware of the cameras! You, as an Impostor, should make use of that. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury,

Only Crewmates can complete tasks, so faking one when other players are near can give you an alibi.

In this article, discover 9 tips to win as an impostor on Among Us!

You can see several cameras hanging on the walls of both maps. Let me clear the confusion. This is very important. In this Among Us how to always be an impostor guide, we will give you the answer to just that very question.

If one more kill brings the number of Crewmates down to the same number as the Impostors, you have won the game! Same thing for voting, don't vote too quickly and don't hesitate to wait for the other players' choice.

You will be surprised how many players buy into this tactic. Its' a game of knife edge deception where you need to perfect the art of not looking suspicious but not looking too not suspicious, because that's obviously... suspicious.

Covering for another player may therefore be a wise move. But don’t be reckless either: if you’re up against experienced Crewmates, they may be shadowing the immune player to see if the Impostor reveals himself.

If you have a good argument, this technique (to be used sparingly) will allow you to make a real massacre.

Marloes Valentina Stella
Use sabotage to isolate the immune player. If you continue to use our site, we will assume that you accept the use of cookies. If you are playing as a host, you can increase the number to 3 or if you are not, you can ask the host to do so. If no one accuses you of anything, let the other members debate. After that, you can go anywhere you want to go.

Note that many players will be doing tasks in early game, so you will have many chances to fake them perfectly.

1.7 Use Sabotage! So don’t stab the next Crewmate that comes along. When an emergency meeting is called, or a dead body is reported, people debate and vote for the player they want to eject. It is important to kill immune players quickly. Crewmates watching the cameras can’t see other players next to them, so if you see those little red lights, it may be time to pay the security room a visit.

Make sure, however, that no one sees you entering or leaving the conduit, which would lead to an accusation that would be difficult to thwart. Even apart from this, you need to sabotage a lot.

Furthermore, you can pretend to be a Crewmate by watching the cameras yourself. You can see several cameras hanging on the walls of both maps. 1.

As the numbers dwindle, it will be more and more difficult to find such a crowded area. Freeplay is a single-player practice mode where you can always become an imposter against computer crewmates.

Everyone has started wondering that is it possible in Among Us to always be an imposter? On the other hand, you will be able to trap the member who will choose to come and fix the electricity.

The Crewmates are wasting Meetings while you remain in the clear.

If you see a blinking red light, you know someone is watching you. With the Among Us imposter hack, you can always become an imposter in the game. Also keep an eye on the task bar at the top left.

|| An Exclusive PixFuture Partner. This goes without saying, but make sure that your future victim is isolated and that no one will see you committing petty theft.

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