Controlling is not just limited to organization’s financial state, but also spans across areas like operations, compliance with company policies and other regulatory policies, including many other activities within the organization. There is an explosion of knowledge.

The use of computer has made the management information system feasible. The information for performance can also be divided, according to these levels because the decisions to be made differ according to the managerial hierarchy. Though the nature and complexities faced by businesses have undergone a vast change over the years, the functions of management remain the same. Today knowledge is increasing with the tremendous speed. In this way eliminating waste and achieve significant improvements in data quality, thus helping the line managers to solve their human resource problems. Speed and accuracy is the special feature of computer. It is not necessary that management information system should be computerized. 318 0 obj

Computer converts the data into meaningful information needed by the manager to make decisions, planning and control. 5)

The detailed inventory in respect of human resources of the organisation and the job details can be stored in a computer. The training through CBT can be provided at the place of working or where the trainees assemble. Computer simulation of real job situation is of particular importance. The computer application in human resource management is the managerial applications of computer use which is usually known as management information system. Traditionally the management of organisation has a pyramidal shape, i.e.

They include Systems Manager who is responsible for planning, monitoring and controlling the activities relating to computerization. If merit or performance is rated by an individual may be superior in rank and hierarchy, there is a scope for biased attitude. The information required in this system is payroll and financial records. The system utilizes computer hardware and software; manual procedures; models for analysis, planning, control and decision making; and a data base.”.

It also requires that managers should be good decision makers. They aid in restoring industrial peace and harmony. They do not hesitate in leaving the organisation if an opportunity in their career path is denied to them. The system is user friendly. Organizing involves the following steps −.

Current information is very essential for right decision.

The primary challenge faced by organizations and managers today is to creatively solve business problems.

This is easily and accurately done by the computer for the individual employee and executive and organisation. Planning as a process typically involves the following steps −. Nitro Reader 3 (3. It makes efficient use of computerized storage space.

Too Many Tools. The management functions thus most effectively cover the broad scope of a manager’s duties and responsibilities. The details regarding employees’ contribution to provided fund, the interest thereon is also maintained and at regular interval the employees are handed over the details. TOS 7. There is a constant need to update the skills and knowledge of the employees and executives to meet the growing needs of the organisation. External recruitment also made easy with the help of computerized information’s maintained by the organisations by way of keeping a track record of unsolicited applicants and at times taking the help from private employment agencies who maintain databases regarding various types of human resources available in different organisations and or other persons in search of jobs.

More programmers are required to prepare computer programmes based on specifications prepared by system analyst. The computerised training programmes fulfill these needs of the organisation. This promotes complete transparency in human relations or industrial relations in the organisation. Acquisition of human resources is done through recruitment and selection.

Computer can store the information relating to trainees, their performance and their needs for further training. application/pdf These people prepare several software’s and databases and pass on the information on line by making these systems accessible. It is up to the organisation to make a choice of appropriate computerized training technique depending upon the availability of funds and the type of employees and executives undergoing training. Content Guidelines 2. Computer -based training (CBT) provides immediate feedback. Employees can also have the access to the system knowing fully well what their leaders agree or disagree to. <. Test and scanning of applications are accurately performed through computers hence saving a lot of time and cost.

But organisation can take utmost care of its employees keeping the records of occupational diseases, injuries and make the employees aware of them from time to time and also draw attention of the employees towards hazardous chemicals and other such materials and their use. According to Gordon B. Davis and Margrethe H. Olson management information system is, “an integrated, user machine system for providing information to support operations, management and decision making functions in an organisation.

Being comprehensive it provides many advantages to the trainee through effective learning. There are host of tasks that are performed perfectly by employees and executives but there are certain tasks that can be speedily and accurately performed by this electronic machine” computer. Computer Application and Human Resource Management! School of Distance Education Human Resource Management 2 UNIVERSITY OF CALICUT SCHOOL OF DISTANCE EDUCATION B.COM (2014 ADMISSION …

Job analysis information helps in human resource planning. In order to identify right person for a particular job, notification should be issued which contains job description ( duties and responsibilities) and specifications ( academic qualifications and physical qualifications). HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FOREWORD MANAGING PEOPLE BETTER AIMS and PRINCIPLES VALUES WHERE RESPONSIBILITIES LIE Civil Service Branch Policy Branches and Departments Managers and Individual Civil Servants DEPARTMENTAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PLANS Manpower Planning Succession Planning Turnover Recruitment Deciding on Terms of Appointment Selection of … In the area of training and development the computer has been used to a greater extent. stream A decision support system can be created in which senior and experienced manager’s procedures and methods of decision making can be replicated. Human resources are the part of the whole system. These plans are often short term and are carried out by middle-level managers.

The compensation includes salary, wages and other benefits. The employee gets the information relating to the salary drawn by him and compulsory deductions from the salary along with his leave records till date every month. To maintain them efficiently and satisfy their needs, it is therefore necessary for the organisation to develop an expert system that enable to have opinion survey of the employees, their perception, and advice. It is a system that acquires, manipulates, analyses, stores, retrieves and makes available the instant information in respect of human resources of the organisation. Though existing human resource management tools offer plenty of useful features that help HR specialists save time and focus on strategic tasks, there are still a few shortcomings. The purpose of the Human resource management is to make the job and deal with the job holder (employee). The computerized MIS is new. They are working in all functional areas of the organisation manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance, logistics, research and development, advertising, etc.

The assessment makes the trainer to modify training contents to suit the trainee’s needs. It provides a readymade advice to the executive.

The relations between union and management should be smooth and of cooperation. 2016-07-11T10:43:18Z In modern times giant corporate bodies are coming up with global network employing lacs of employees and other officials across the world.

A budget audit provides information about where the organization is with respect to procedures followed for financial planning and control, whereas a performance audit might try to determine whether the figures reported are a reflection of actual performance. Establishment of goals for each of the organization’s sub-units. 6.

Complete information is to be stored, compiled, processed, retrieved along with the external agencies like government, dealers, wholesalers, financers, suppliers etc. There are several software packages that are developed to integrate the data contained in a data base. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT B.Com (V SEMESTER CORE COURSE) (2014 ADMISSION ONWARDS - CU-CBCSS) UNIVERSITY OF CALICUT SCHOOL OF DISTANCE EDUCATION Calicut University, P.O. MIS is a support system for various functions of management.

The organisation can make use of the relevant scales of evaluating the performance of its employees of various grades and ranks by varying the rating scale provided by the software. The top level management requires Decision Support System or DSS to frame organisational strategy in respect of various aspects of organisation. narrower at the top having flattened base. First, the functionality of the applications we analyzed is way too fragmented.

The information can also be utilized for acquiring human resources, their promotion, transfer and career planning. Human resource management assignments help through following topics on the Research paper for HRM students is given by the professional assignments helper in different countries of the world.

Computers and computer programmes have flooded into the organisations of all kinds and types giving no chance to escape from their influence. Computers help in streamlining the process. It helps in arranging the data in desired sequence. They legitimize certain HRM practices; a key issue here being the distinctiveness of HRM Planning is the first and the most important function of management that involves setting objectives and determining a course of action for achieving those objectives.

Content Filtrations 6. Its input is raw data and output is information. They face with a problem of integrating the organisations human resources information. The modern technology has brought in sea changes and transformed the organisational structure, working and culture.

It has also brought down the overhead costs incurred. Such software packages are known as database management systems. The information is finished and structured one. It also involves determining how to position the organization to compete effectively in their environment. The organization having such human resources should boast upon itself.

Managers at all levels engage in the managerial function of controlling to some degree. Human resource system includes acquisition of human resources, their training and development, compensation, other benefits, health and safety, job analysis, job description, job specification, performance evaluation, job evaluation, other information relating to human resources such as skill, competence, experience, their yearly increments, bonus, cost of acquiring human resources, cost of training, composing skill inventory, strategy in respect of acquisition, retention of human resources etc. It deserves credit for excellent provisions in respect of safety and health of its employees.

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