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An employee’s final pay check will be withheld until the keys are returned to either the Human Resources Department or the Campus Safety Department.

This policy applies to all Williams College employees, visiting faculty, students, and contractors working for the College. Once a patent is issued, it is illegal for a third party to produce a key that will work in the patented lock.

Any person causing an unauthorized repair or altering of a university locking device or key will be in violation of the Key Control Policy which will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or suspension from school. For instance, you may want to give all key holders the ability to unlock the front door, while only the CIO and IT Manager will have access to the server room.
The core is the part of the lock that you insert the key into. Each key issued to College employees, contractors, or students shall be documented by the Facilities Lock Shop. 7. This program isthe responsibility of the Director of the Physical Resources Service. As a result, the only vendors that have access to the blanks are locksmiths who are under contract with the manufacturer. If a broken or damaged key is being replaced, all pieces of the broken/damaged key must be turned in prior to a replacement key being issued. If a change is made to a locking system, the change must be noted in the Key Database to reflect the new code. He is responsible for the coordination ofall requests for door keys, cylinder modifications, lock combinations,and changes in keying systems. The Campus Safety Department will periodically request all employees to complete a key inventory form and return it to the Campus Safety Department.

Card access to academic buildings is granted under the authority of the Academic Building Access Control Policy. The Medeco Key has both a serial number and a blind code. 1. Individual Door Keys – employee’s supervisor, department chair, dean, director or vice president, Suite Master Keys – employee’s supervisor, department chair, dean, director or vice president, Department Sub-Master Keys – employee’s supervisor, department chair, dean, director or vice president, Department Master – department chair, dean, director or vice president, Building Master – dean, director or vice president, Great Grand Master – Campus Safety director. Keys are the property of Calvin University.

Here are some steps you can follow to develop effective key control policies: Most keys can be duplicated at local hardware stores because anyone can purchase the blank – or uncut – key. If this key is ever lost or stolen, you will have to re-key the entire facility in order to maintain security. Responsibilities: a: Company Commander (1) Is ultimately responsible for key control within the unit. A new key will not be issued unless the staff or faculty member has reported the original key as being lost or stolen to the Campus Safety Department, and the key database reflects the fact the original key was reported missing. 18. The chart shows an example of a key database which includes a Medeco Key and a Sargent Key. Because of the sensitivity of some of the locations that keys can open and the possibility of lost or stolen keys costing the university several hundred thousand dollars to rekey a specific area, it is important to report lost keys immediately to the Campus Safety Department. This program isthe responsibility of the Director of the Physical Resources Service.

The only way that a manufacturer can hope to control the sale of their key blanks is by receiving a Utility Patent: A Utility Patent applies to the way an invention works, as opposed to a Design Patent, which only applies to the way an invention looks. You can visit their respective websites to learn more about their products and search for local dealers. All keys will be stamped with a unique serial number and the information on the keys along with the name of the key holder will be recorded in a database maintained by the university locksmith and the Campus Safety Department. Please also note that older Sargent keys (issued prior to 2006) are not stamped with a serial number. So you may have no idea how many people are opening your doors. Note: As a general policy, keys will not be issued to an individual for an area that can be accessed by use of a Calvin University ID card through the Card Access System. LOCK SHOP KEY CONTROL POLICY CONTRACTORS/VENDORS. Only designated Key Control Officers may request door keysor changes to existing keying systems by phoning the MaintenanceRequests Control Centre (4-2222) during normal working hours. A key inventory system must be maintained. 2.

Resident Directors will maintain key issuance for their respective building following Calvin University’s Key Control Policy. Enter Postal Code. All repairs, deletions or additions to any university locking devices or keys, with the approval of the director of Physical Plant, will be controlled by the university locksmith and documented within the university work order system. Locks to all Campus areas will be changed as the need arises and not necessarily because of the loss of a single key. Again, this is a job for a professional locksmith. He must also ensure that the issuing ofmaster keys is strictly controlled and approved by Protection Services. Any exceptions to this rule may not take place without first obtaining permission from the Campus Safety Department.

The employee to whom keys will be issued must pick up and sign for them at the Facilities Building located at 60 Latham St. All keys referred to in this policy are the property of Williams College and are not to be duplicated by anyone other than the Lock Shop. Each key will be stamped with a unique code and issued by code to a specific individual. It is not permitted to transfer a door key from oneemployee to another without the authorization of the Key ControlOfficer of the faculty, school or service concerned. 75 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa ONK1N 6N5 Canada, (passer à la version française de cette page), (switch to the English version of this page), Visit the University of Ottawa's Youtube profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's LinkedIn profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's Instagram profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's Twitter profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's Facebook profile, Designation - French Language Services Act, Policy on the prevention of sexual violence. Williams College maintains a high security patented keyway for safety and security purposes.

All costs incurred, including labor and materials for re-keying, shall be assumed by the individual, company, or department of the employee who has lost the key(s). The purpose of the Key Control Policy is to protect the property and privacy of Williams College, and of individuals assigned to use College facilities, by limiting access to such facilities to assigned individuals and to their Supervisors. 14.

It is recommended that the database be kept in an Excel or Access database for ease of entry and reporting. Reproduction in whole or in part without the express written permission of ASSA ABLOY High Security Group, Inc. is prohibited. The key control officer will periodically conduct audits of residence hall and departmental key files to ensure accountability. 9. This information is necessary in order to maintain an up-to-date key database. Medeco is a brand associated with ASSA ABLOY High Security Group, Inc., an ASSA ABLOY Group company. This program isthe responsibility of the Director of the Physical Resources Service.

Recognition has been given to the fact that Facilities has responsibility for the maintenance of all spaces, including all building systems, and as such, may have a need for access to certain spaces occupied by others.

The identified Key Control Officer will be responsible for maintaining a key records database as outlined below.

This will most likely involve installing new cores into your existing locks.

Upon termination of employment and/or student status, all keys must be returned immediately to Facilities. Anyone receiving keys must be a faculty member, staff member, or a student. Back in 1968, Medeco Security Locks virtually invented the concept of key control. Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the Williams College Lock Shop within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft. Student lost key(s) will automatically result in a core/key change if the lost key is not presented to Facilities within the 24 hour time limit. For lost of stolen keys, a report must first be made toProtection Services. The assigning of multiple keys to one person or department will be granted for those who maintain keys for vendors and contractors, are Resident Hall Directors, or are in a department that maintains multiple keys for guests with the requirement that the assigned persons will maintain a record of the keys issued by them to others as outlined below.

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