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\The pre-eminent American slave narrative. Capt.

It was the cotton and corn of the negro that made the rebellion sack stand on end, and caused a continuance of the war, “Destroy these,” was the burden of all my utterances during this part of the struggle, “and you cripple and destroy the rebellion.” It is surprising how long and bitterly the Government resisted and rejected this view of the situation. I was much in the ship-yards—Master Hugh’s, and that of Durgan & Bailey—and I Edition: current; Page: [66] observed that the carpenters after hewing and getting ready a piece of timber to use, wrote on it the initials of the name of that part of the ship for which it was intended. This was a warning which I was bound to heed, for the thought of owning and wearing a pair of trowsers was great indeed. This wicked woman, in the paroxysm of her wrath, not content with killing her victim, literally mangled her face, and broke her breast-bone. But this was not the only contrast on that platform on that day. Who can tell what a day or an hour will bring forth? I have often been so pinched with hunger, as to Edition: current; Page: [9] dispute with old “Nep” the dog, for the crumbs which fell from the kitchen table.

There stood the old gaol, with its whitewashed walls and iron gratings, as when in my youth I heard its heavy locks and bolts clank behind me. I felt as if surrounded by a pack of fiends fresh from perdition. Murder itself was not more sternly and certainly punished in the State of Maryland, than that of aiding and abetting the escape of a slave. Viewed from Col. Lloyd’s table, who could have said that his slaves were not well clad and well cared for? Richmond had fallen, Grant had General Lee and the army of Virginia firmly in his clutch; Sherman had fought and found his way from the banks of the great river to the shores of the sea, leaving the two ends of the rebellion squirming and twisting in agony, like the severed parts of a serpent, doomed to inevitable death; and now there was but a little time longer for the good President to bear his burden, and be the target of reproach. Added to this dread of separation, most painful to the majority of the slaves, we Edition: current; Page: [70] all had a decided horror of falling into the hands of Master Andrew, who was distinguished for his cruelty and intemperance. Henry Wilson, and the Hon.

I must not assert my innocence of the allegations he had piled up against me, for that would be impudence. : NEW RELATIONS AND DUTIES. He was not only the most clear-sighted, brave, and uncompromising friend of my race who had ever stood upon the floor of the Senate, but was to me a loved, honoured, and precious personal friend; a man possessing the exalted and matured intellect of a statesman, with the pure and artless heart of a child.

Bull’s Run, Ball’s Bluff, Big Bethel, Fredericksburg, and the Peninsula disasters were the only teachers whose authority was of sufficient importance to excite the attention or respect of our rulers, and they were even slow in being taught by these. It was a sharp spur to their industry; and some of the most enterprising coloured men in Baltimore hired themselves in that way. I explained the circumstances of the past two days which had driven me to the woods, and he deeply compassionated my distress. They neither Edition: current; Page: [20] come often nor remain long. My faith I confess was not great.

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