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According to a statement released by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, the fossils were found during the construction of the new General Felipe Ángeles International Airport located north of Mexico … Incredible details of 10,000-year-old trek revealed in fossil footprints ... New Mexico.

the Harvard scientists who plan to resurrect the woolly mammoth.
INAH archeologists have confirmed the discovery of mammoth fossils in a dump located on Tultepec, in the state of Mexico. Archaeology Is Having a Great Century So Far, Why the Whiteness of Archaeology Is a Problem, How COVID-19 Is Changing People’s Relationships….

A team of scientists has discovered the largest collection to date of mammoth skeletons in one place, just outside Mexico City.

Español (Spanish).

In about six months, the bones of 60 of the huge, extinct herbivores were found, and Sánchez Nava said that pace – about 10 mammoths a month – may continue. People have found mammoth remains in the northern part of the city and the wider region since the 1970s. The newer excavations at the airbase have not yet turned up any of the distinct cut marks that would suggest human butchering of the animals. Sánchez remarks that these bones are not the product of a single event but the accumulation of some 10,000 years of mammoth presence in the region. Workers were excavating the site to enlarge the dump when they found what could be a cemetery of prehistoric animals, some could be 14,000 years-old, municipal authorities said. Researchers used to believe that early man ate mammoth infrequently and likely after the animals had already died. Only six miles away from Lake Xaltocan is a landfill in the town of Tultepec where just last year archaeologists found the remains of 14 mammoths in what looked like a 15,000-year-old manmade trap.
In September, the researchers confirmed counting more than 200 individuals. Meanwhile, 15 human burials were also found near Lake Xaltocan and they are believed to belong to farmers from the pre-Hispanic period.

Why Do We Keep Using the Word “Caucasian”? The researchers have counted more than 200 individual mammoths to date—and believe there are still more to discover. Indeed, as Adam N. Rountrey, a collection manager at the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology stated, it cannot be ruled out that the mammoths found at Lake Xaltocan or Tultepec were merely scavenged after their natural deaths.

Could Mammoth Bones Reveal When Humans First Arrived in North America? Both discoveries reveal how appealing the area – once a shallow lake – was for the mammoths, and how erroneous was the classic vision of groups of fur-clad hunters with spears chasing mammoths across a plain. These bones are among the fossils of some 200 separate mammoths found at a site north of Mexico City. Archaeologists Find Remains Of 60 Mammoths Near 15,000-Year-Old Human-Made Traps. Archaeology / Animals / Paleolithic / Place / Science, An editorially independent magazine of the Wenner‑Gren Foundation for Anthropological ResearchPublished in partnership with the University of Chicago Press. “This finding is very important,” asserts Héctor Rivera Sylva, the head of paleontology at the Museum of the Desert in Saltillo, Coahuila, northern Mexico, who wasn’t involved with the work. Astoundingly, the discovery also suggests that these mammoths could have been hunted by prehistoric man. INAH/Agence France-Presse via Getty images. Rain may have pelted the traveller’s face as their bare feet slid on the mud. “There are too many,” Sánchez Nava reported. Little Boys Hospitalized After Making A Black Widow Bite Them To Become Spider-Man, How Did Marvin Gaye Die? Remains of two other species that later disappeared in the Americas – a horse and a camel – were also found in the sediments, at layers corresponding to 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. The remains of 60 mammoths were discovered at the construction site of a new airport outside Mexico City.

Scientists have identified the largest ever assemblage of mammoth bones. Researchers will look for cut marks on the bones that might suggest man had butchered or hunted the animals with weapons.

Interestingly, mammoth bones were found so often in Aztec territory that the Aztecs believed them to be proof that legendary giants once roamed the area.

... nearly a mile of fossilised footprints from the out-and-back venture—the longest human trackway of its age ever found.

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