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Google’s adoption of the bathetic rhetoric of academic victimology to justify firing Damore was bad enough. Publisher Meredith Corp. has come in for the usual criticism after buying the floundering Time, Inc. late last year. The Easter Bunny Lie: Fuzzy Friend or Enemy? All rights reserved. A nationwide survey conducted by Vox media in March 2018, months after social media surged with the tiny but powerful hashtag #MeToo, found that the majority of women surveyed believed that while it was a very good thing to bring these dastardly deeds to light and punish those responsible, they had concerns over women’s rights and opportunities in the workplace as the momentum of the movement barreled on. in English from Cambridge University, and a J.D. The persistent claim of gender bias, in other words, is ideological, not empirical. STEM departments—departments of science, technology, engineering, and math—have been under enormous pressure from the federal government to hire by gender and race. As the #MeToo movement swells the demand for ever more draconian diversity mandates, a finding in a Pew Research Center poll on workplace equity is worth noting: the perception of bias is directly proportional to the number of years the perceiver has spent in an American university. Any female student who thinks she needs a female professor in order to envision a scientific career has declared herself a follower rather than a pioneer—and a follower based on a characteristic that is irrelevant to intellectual achievement. He cited psychological research establishing that on average, males and females are attracted to different types of work: males to more abstract, idea-centered work, females to more human-centered, relational activities. The content of Imprimis is drawn from speeches delivered at Hillsdale College events.

Ever since survivors of assault began speaking up in 2017, good things have happened – in fact, it is likely that Harvey Weinstein will do actual jail time, and we’ve seen the result of Bill Cosby’s sentencing already. A panel at the annual American Economic Association meeting in January charged that gender discrimination was pervasive in economics—an argument that fit into the “larger national examination of bias and abuse toward women in the work force,” The New York Times reminded readers. There are likely no major newspapers that are not tallying reporter and op-ed bylines, as well as the topics they cover, by gender and race. Now it would be nearly impossible, the agent believes, adding: “If I had a trans conductor, I would be rich.”. The following month, a Google recruiter challenged Silicon Valley’s quota mentality by refusing to obey an edict to purge white males from consideration for entry-level engineering interviews. The natural reaction to this fear and uncertainty is to avoid interaction with women altogether. Managers and employees reflexively label dissenters from left-wing orthodoxy as misogynists and racists. Now, however, with the idea of “ladies and gentlemen” discredited and out of favor, boorishness is increasingly the rule. It’s not for nothing that the Mountain View headquarters of Google is referred to as the “Google campus”; the culture of the Silicon Valley behemoth is an echo chamber of shrill academic victimology. The #MeToo movement has uncovered real abuses of power. Ironically, the best solution to sexual predation is not more feminism, but less. Gender, diversity, and inclusion were the dominant themes at this January’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Why not appreciate seeing the most qualified scholar in front of your classroom? The conference was chaired exclusively by women. It’s actually quite simple: pay managers based on their record of hiring and promoting females and minorities, as Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta explained. But the net consequence will be a loss of American competitiveness and scientific achievement. A recent front-page product of this #MeToo initiative covered the earth-shattering problem facing NFL cheerleaders: to wit, they have a dress code and are forbidden from fraternizing with the players. Ironically, the best solution to sexual predation is not more feminism, but less. This is undoubtedly good news for China, as it furiously pushes ahead with its unapologetically meritocratic system of science training and research. And indeed, the National Science Foundation, which has announced that progress in science requires a “diverse STEM workforce,” seems to be moving in that direction. Harvey Weinstein on the other hand, is easy to despise. Lauren is always hungry for information, and has developed many hobbies in her pursuit for knowledge: she is an amateur archer, avid goldfish enthusiast, zombie aficionado, proud dog owner, and a casual gamer. The Recording Academy, which oversees the Grammys, has promised to overcome the “unconscious biases that impede female advancement” in the music industry, after bean-counting complaints from The Wall Street Journal’s pop music critic and female music executives. But males are more oriented towards highly fact-based realms. Major publishing houses are analyzing their author lists by gender and race and making publishing decisions accordingly. By denying the differences between men and women, and by ridiculing the manly virtues of gentlemanliness and chivalry and the female virtues of modesty …
If change is ever going to happen, survivors of assault genuinely need to be trusted, especially since coming forward about something so painful and personal is almost always judged and questioned in the most humiliating ways, particularly in the court of law. Since the 1990s, every mainstream institution has lived in terror of three lethal words: “all white male,” an epithet capable of producing paroxysms of self-abasement. #MeToo is going to unleash a new torrent of gender and race quotas throughout the economy and culture, on the theory that all disparities in employment and institutional representation are due to harassment and bias. from Stanford Law School. © 2020 CROWDH – Kinstream Media Inc. – All Rights Reserved, The Accidental Negative Side Effects of the #MeToo Movement, Objectification and Sexism in Advertising, Affluenza, Ethan Couch and the Curse of Being Rich, #LetHerWork – #TimesUp for Brazilian Machismo. Dow Jones, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, is offering leadership training exclusively to females to try to meet its short-term goal of 40 percent female executives.

Finally, there is the most taboo subject of all: the non-identical distribution of high-end math skills. Silicon Valley is a #MeToo diversity bonanza waiting to happen. That should be reason enough for anyone to plunge headlong into the search for knowledge.

Given these different distributions of interests and skills, the only way to engineer gender proportionality in the hard sciences is to put a ceiling on male hires, no matter how gifted, until enough females can be induced to enter the field to balance out the males. No amount of digging through score archives, however useful that enterprise may be for discovering unfamiliar works, is going to unearth a female counterpart to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, or Brahms. In reality, it is extremely rare to be falsely accused of rape, as several studies have shown. Eighty-seven percent of contributors to Wikipedia are male. Despite these allegedly patriarchal conditions, females are still lining up to be hired, to the puzzlement of the Times. Hilariously, the #MeToo-obsessed New York Times opined that it was “surprising” how long Holmes was allowed to operate “before regulators stepped in.” Actually, what is surprising is that they stepped in at all, given the dominant narrative that the dearth of female start-ups is due to sexism on the part of venture capitalists and regulators. We are becoming so used to sexual assault due to the sheer volume of charges thrown into our faces everyday, whether we read about it on our morning commute or experience it first hand, that it’s becoming old news. The more careers open to females, the less likely they are to choose math or science. But after #MeToo, it will have an even more disruptive effect. #MeToo was, in part, supposed to break the silence and stigma of sexual violence, and yet it’s possible that for many, it has done the opposite. It was undoubtedly a huge step in the eyes of the brave people who finally felt safe enough to speak out after years of silent shame. Some accusations are easy to believe, like Weinstein’s, while others come as a shock. But however pervasive the diversity imperative was before, the #MeToo movement is going to make the previous three decades look like a golden age of meritocracy. Our nation is about to be transformed, thanks to the #MeToo movement. New Yorker music critic Alex Ross triggered outrage against the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra in February when he tweeted that they had programmed no female composers in their 2018-2019 seasons. Hollywood and the media are already showing the #MeToo effect.

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