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(DIS: "Will You Take My Hand? [4], Writing staffers such as Erika Lippoldt and Bo Yeon Kim found that the casting of Sonequa Martin-Green in the role of Michael Burnham helped inform their writing of the character. I was wondering when Burnham will get her rank back. While Yarnek and President Lincoln oversee the trials, another Excalbian takes the form of Burnham, joining the player character, one of their bridge officers, and Seven of Nine in representing "good" while facing the forces of "evil", represented by enemies from some of the player's past missions (the Tal Shiar, the Borg, the Iconians), from Burnham's Starfleet career (Control, taking the form of the Discovery crew), and finally a Borg Queen created from Control's nanites and Seven's genetic material. For her, it’s all in a day’s work — she later literally runs through fire when escaping the cursed planet. Before the series begins, lets get to know the show’s lead character: First Officer Michael Burnham. Even as an adult, Michael still owned a physical copy of this book, which was a gift from Amanda. (DIS: "Choose Your Pain"). And so, I cried, and everything, and it's forever captured," she reminisced. Shenzhou before she ignited the Klingon War. The bombing left Burnham physically dead for three minutes, forcing Sarek to initiate a mind meld with her in order to revive her. Saru then told Burnham to save Ripper. I trust what's happening. She was portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green, who previously played Sasha Williams in The Walking Dead. Yes… that is Starfleet… Yes, that is who we are… And who we will always be ". (Star Trek Magazine issue 190, p. 20), In September 2016, Bryan Fuller met with Sonequa Martin-Green to play his lead character, Michael Burnham. 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The general replied, "You will know fear, because it speaks very fast, and it speaks very loud…. (DIS: "Battle at the Binary Stars", "Context Is for Kings"), After the Battle at Pahvo, Discovery was "accidentally" transported to the mirror universe, eventually forcing Burnham to impersonate her counterpart, who had been captain of the ISS Shenzhou prior to her presumed death, taking Captain Gabriel Lorca, supposedly impersonating his own mirror counterpart, as a prisoner to the Emperor – as it turned out, the mirror Philippa Georgiou – while searching for information on the USS Defiant. She subsequently plead guilty to these charges during a court martial, and was stripped of rank and sentenced to life in prison. That is all. (But hey, it works!). Michael Burnham is the only character to appear in every episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Goals She remained feeling extremely guilty for having went against her captain's wishes. Later, Burnham told Lorca she was grateful to be serving under a captain like him. As for whether Michael leads the Discovery into the 32nd century in the Kelvin timeline - who knows? Having read everything on Georgiou – which Burnham quietly corrected to "Captain Georgiou" – she suggested that Burnham could help teach her. Burnham told Lorca it felt like having to face Georgiou again was a reckoning, but Lorca told her that Captain Georgiou was dead and Emperor Georgiou was a ghost. In 2009's Star Trek, a 24th century Romulan named Nero time-traveled to the 23rd century to prevent the destruction of Romulus; when he arrived, Nero's ship destroyed the U.S.S. She was portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green, who previously played Sasha Williams in The Walking Dead. A young Section 31 operative, Leland acquired a time crystal for the project, which was given to the lead researchers on the projects, the Burnhams. Georgiou told Burnham she worried that one day her Vulcan upbringing would cloud her Human side, and was disappointed to learn that she had such an ego to believe she could rip the Vulcan shell away from Burnham. "Tomorrow," said the master, "you will know fear." Was it logical? Burnham is the second of two main characters to be canonically portrayed as being recruited aboard a series' main starship immediately after serving time in prison; Tom Paris likewise joined the crew of the USS Voyager after serving time at New Zealand Penal Settlement. Uphold the ideals of Starfleet and the Federation. "), Michael in the 2230s with her stuffed tardigrade. Six months later, during a transfer to another prison she was taken on board the USS Discovery after the shuttle required rescue. Lorca convinced Burnham to stay, manipulating her by suggesting that she stay to achieve atonement or redemption for Georgiou's loss. At one point she was crying alone because the Vulcan children had rejected her. Burnham prepares to fight side by side with Georgiou, Using an explosive sent to T'Kuvma's ship with a Klingon corpse as a distraction, the duo boarded the ship and attacked. Tilly tells Michael it is her first boarding party. Michael Burnham, Jr. was a female 23rd century Human Starfleet officer raised on Vulcan by Ambassador Sarek and Amanda Grayson following the death of her parents. (DIS: "The War Without, The War Within"), Sarek and Burnham had a father-daughter relationship due to the fact that, after her parents were killed, Sarek took Burnham as his ward. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. My husband and I kept looking at each other, and we wouldn't say anything. "Then Star Trek came around again," Martin-Green stated. Burnham was successful and the three of them returned to Discovery. Standing up to Admiral Cornwell, Burnham and the crew of the Discovery declared they would not allow Georgiou's genocidal plan to proceed. That's how we seized on it." And the resulting sentence makes it even easier for her to take risks in the future. Burnham learned from the Emperor that the man she thought was Gabriel Lorca was actually a native of the mirror universe who was seeking to overthrow Georgiou. Georgiou recovered in time to stop the attack. I could see Lorca giving her rank over Starfleet objections. Burnham defeated Lorca in hand to hand combat, and rescued the mirror Georgiou from almost certain death by transporting her on board Discovery. Burnham explained that she needed to go, being the most qualified person having been on the same vessel and knowing the surroundings, but Lorca curiously and illogically disagreed. (DIS: "If Memory Serves"), Learning that Section 31's Control was seeking to evolve so that it could become sentient and wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy, Spock helped Burnham temporarily trap The Red Angel in the 23rd century before she was pulled back in to the future. Burnham is not the first character to have been depicted as being adopted by Sarek; in the first draft script of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Sarek adopted a Vulcan male named Galt, who had been spying for the Klingons. Ash Tyler was one of the very few aboard Discovery who did not judge Burnham harshly for her earlier crimes and escaping justice. [6], In early news stories which suggested the casting of Sonequa Martin-Green in this role, the character was given the name "Rainsford". He believed this to be thinking that "wins wars". "In terms of who I modeled myself after," the actress recalled, "it's just the story. That's why I won't kill you now. John can be found @BackoftheHead, counts a Black Canary and an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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