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Don’t specify that you’re doing so.

Arizona acquired Leake before the trade deadline last season. And like I said before, if Leake’s motivation for opting out was purely health reasons this year—-there’s a very high probability that those same health issues would be a problem next year.

Leake becomes the first known player to choose not to play amid public health concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, although others will surely follow suit.

He finished the 2019 season with an 12-11 record, 4.29 ERA and 1.289 WHIP in 197 innings. With Leake suddenly and unexpectedly out of the rotation picture in Arizona, the D-backs will likely rely on the quartet of Madison Bumgarner, Robbie Ray, Zac Gallen and Luke Weaver to lead the rotation. Nope..he doesn’t get paid this year. You would think, at your age, you would have learned that by now. Mike Leake will never make 16.5 million dollars in a season again. Pay attention!!

You state “virtually every one of your claims is ill informed at best,” yet focus on grammar. Washington Nationals infielder Ryan Zimmerman and right-handed pitcher Joe Ross also have made the decision to not play in MLB’s 60-game season. They took countless factors into consideration, many of which are personal to him and his family.

He gave up 5.5 million dollars. “Certainly, he’s a good major league starting pitcher. What were you saying about a smooth brain? There’s a strong chance Mike Leake will never see 5.5 million bucks for a single season again. This is the explanation for his opt out from his agent, Danny Horwits, via Passan: During this global pandemic, Mike and his family had many discussions about playing this season. PHOENIX -- D-backs right-hander Mike Leake has elected not to play in the upcoming 60-game season. High-risk would include people who have heart disease, lung disease, cancer, high blood pressure, or diabetes. To what extent it’s going to impact us, it’s hard to say. 5.5 million is not insignificant and if Mike Leake didn’t want to pitch this season because of health concerns it’s highly unlikely that things will be significantly better next season.

They took countless factors into consideration, many of which are personal to him and his family.

Mariners and Cardinals are probably pretty happy about this. For the aforementioned opt-out group, the decision of whether or not they would receive salary or service time will be left up to each individual team.

Duplantier has problems throwing strikes. Final year of his contract so he’s a FA after this season. Right-hander Silvino Bracho was not on Arizona’s 60-man roster to start the season after he suffered elbow stiffness while trying to rehabilitate from Tommy John surgery last year. Are you clairvoyant? (And certainly not 5.5 million bucks for 60 games of baseball) He was entitled to that 5 million dollar buyout regardless of what he decided this year. Virtually every one of your claims is ill-informed at best. You don’t know enough about what you talk about to be this arrogant. Even w/o injury get off to a slow start and your numbers will never recover due to lack of games, and your value plummets. He was an excellent 1-for-21 last year with only 11 K’s. OK. Leake was due $5,555,556 as the prorated share of his $15 million salary. Personal choice over controlling others. His absence leaves the rotation with Madison Bumgarner, Robbie Ray, Luke Weaver and Zac Gallen as locks for spots.

If it is family or friends they do not get paid or service time if they choose not to play. The three are the first reported to make the decision, but it’s almost certain they will not be the last.

I’m so close. Don’t confuse that with having more education. All that could show is that he did more with less and you squandered a lot of people’s effort to help you. That’s his choice, but it’s going to hurt his earnings potential in free agency.

After thorough consideration, he has chosen to opt out of playing in 2020. He’s certainly never going to get 5.5 million bucks for 60 games worth of work. Gotta love all the smooth-brains on here who are both absolutely wrecking a guy for both being overpaid AND for not being greedy, at the same time, when they should be just applauding the guy for doing what he knows is the right thing to do. If he opts out now……I don’t believe that he has an option left to “exercise” or collect the $5M buyout. Leake had been expected to be a part of the D-backs' starting rotation. This was not an easy decision for Mike. You are a FA after this year. Just do it! I’m listening to epidemiologists, who have more expertise than you, but nice straw man you built there *eyeroll*. He didn’t opt out of next year’s contract, just this year.

© 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. Why have models of Colorado’s coronavirus trajectory been off? Teams will now have not seen him pitch for a full season entering FA. That has nothing to do with anyone else in the players life. Period. “After thorough consideration, he has chosen to opt out of playing in 2020. You really do think a player who signs a contract for $15M a year gets all $15M, huh? You are a sad little person that thinks he knows everything about everyone. Hopefully they won’t have to and the league will officially shut down soon. MLB owners and media have brainwashed yall, so hard. There is nothing humorous in your remarks. Diamondbacks right-hander Mike Leake is planning to opt out of participating in the 2020 season, Steve Gilbert of reports (via Twitter). Leake chose to pitch for AZ to be closer to his Dad and I’m sure this decision is driven by the ongoing care of his Dad. They need to do so because they owe it to the fans. Leake, who was acquired by the D-backs from the Mariners prior to last year’s Trade Deadline, has a mutual contract option for 2021 for $18 million with a $5 million buyout. Yes, people who type as many words and put in as much thought correcting grammar have spent way too much time on a forum. The details surrounding Leake’s decision aren’t known, nor need they be shared. Steve Gilbert has covered the D-backs for since 2001. Hazen did not divulge a reason why Leake will not play this season. Teams aren’t going to being handing out contracts like they have been next season with so much uncertainty around. Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher Mike Leake has decided to opt out of the 2020 MLB season that’s been shortened to 60 games due to the coronavirus. Go to those clubs who are on the hook and say “I’ll opt out of the season and save you X Million buck IF you pay me a couple million.” Player still gets money (under the table) and the clubs save money too. They took countless factors into consideration, many of which are personal to him and his family. He wishes the best of luck and health for his Diamondback teammates this season and he’s looking forward to 2021.”.

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