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It is critically acclaimed and has a legion of followers and fans. The 98th emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, Charles zi Britanniawas, who is shown to be Lelouch's father, is shown as an antagonist from the get go. If you watch this anime, you definitely tell no one about it. So, what passes as just and unjust? 5. Yuno manipulates Yukiteru in murdering other people and all at the same time, say the killings are in the name of good (she’s a mega bi**h). She invented the nuclear weapon of mass destruction, FLEIJA. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Envy’s is character with a monstrous nature from “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and its … 1. So those were the most hated anime characters of all time.

This is what really irritated a lot of people and got her on the top 10 list of most hated anime characters of all time. And there is no shortage of enormous, bouncing, oversized breasts in this show. So, this series focuses on high school kids trying to understand the world in such a heavily censored society. Nina is racist towards the Japanese, with feelings of rage and fear towards Elevens (Japanese). Anime is a strange medium where weird stories can come to life and not all of them are the best, to be honest. But the main character of Kill La Kill wears one of the most ridiculously skimpy outfits you’ll see in anime. Tying her up in chains and fondling Asuna in-front of her lover Kirito. Honestly, it doesn’t go well for the humans. It’s simple…. 0. Today we are going to talk about these characters. Dr. Irabu is obsessed with giving his clients a shot that he believes will cure their psychological problems, but instead, it just makes them all the more strange. Twisted sense of justice is the reason Seryu is so hated. Today we are going to talk about these characters Sasuke has a bunch of people reaching out to him and trying to comfort him but he turns around and claims no one understands his problems. Some of the clients of Dr. Irabu have silly problems. Oh, one thing about the Japanese raccoon-dogs — they all have enormous, giant testicles. RELATED: Code Geass: 5 Anime Heroes Lelouch Lamperouge Could Easily Outsmart (& 5 He Couldn't). It opens up with a nude woman named Lucy just walking around and slaughtering several security guards with nothing but her mind. There's a social stigma around anime that keeps it from going mainstream. This woman is annoying as Hell! At least some of the other anime on this list have some kind of redeeming quality, but, The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Sheldon, 16 Anime That You Could Never Watch With Other People, Say Yes To The Dress: The Series' 10 Most Non-Traditional Dresses, Recasting The Characters Of Seinfeld (If It Was Made Today), 10 Questions About The Haunting Series, Answered, The Big Bang Theory: 10 Ways Sheldon & Penny’s Friendship Was The Best, Agents Of SHIELD: Every Season, Ranked (According To Rotten Tomatoes), SNL: 5 '90s Sketches That Are Underrated (& 5 Overrated), Game of Thrones: Jon Snow's 5 Best Speeches (& 5 Worst), Game Of Thrones: Every King & Queen, Ranked From (Politically) Weakest To Strongest, Ink Master Season 9: 10 Best Tattoos, Ranked, The 100: 15 Character Deaths That Changed Everything, SNL: 5 2000s Sketches That Are Underrated (& 5 Overrated), Supernatural: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Sam & Castiel's Relationship, The Vampire Diaries: 10 Reasons Why The Vampires From The Show Are Better Than Twilight, Gilmore Girls: 5 Times Lorelai Was A Good Friend (& 5 Times She Wasn't), The 100: The 5 Best Leaders (& The 5 Worst), Recasting The Characters Of Parks And Rec (If It Was Made Today), The Big Bang Theory: 10 Times We Felt Bad For Mrs. Wolowitz. Guts and Griffith came from the gutters and finally, they had reached the status of nobles, and Griffith is awarded the status of a knight. Does that make sense? Lots of high school anime are incredibly strange. People who love Lelouch hated Suzaku, and for good reason.

This show isn’t overly sexual or violent, but it’s just plain weird. If you watched. After this, Nina has developed unbelievable hate for the Elevens (Japanese). Arranging a forced marriage with her and planning on brainwashing Asuna, but don’t worry. Dio manages to slyly settle into the Joestar star mansion. They are later joined by two other vigilantes and form a group called “The Electric Mayonnaise” that is determined to destroy the Bugged Ones. Trying to get a person to watch this show with you is a Herculean task, and with good reason. You can just tell that Mineta’s annoying just by looking at him. But how the hell would you explain this show to anyone who walked in on you watching it? She defends warlords and corrupt rulers who don’t care for their people and only see them as an income of wealth. Unko-San wants to use this ability to give luck to the less fortunate. Griffith becomes depressed and decides to go into the princess’s chamber and sleeps with her! He was also bratty and impulsive, as was seen when he went against Zero's orders and ordered the execution of the Ashford Academy student council. Those hormones don’t just go away because of some stupid zombie outbreak. Rachel (Tower Of God) Perhaps the most surprising one on the list, Rachel from Tower of God is a … Try explaining that premise to a friend who might be interested in starting to watch anime.

Yes, Shou Tucker is anime’s most hated character by far. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. If someone is still interested in watching this show with you after you tell them the silly and ridiculous name, they will surely lose all interest after you tell them some of the details of this ludicrous show.

Let’s face it — watching anime can be a pretty embarrassing thing to admit to. 1. She has seen her comrades killed and wanted to avenge them, is that so bad? And sure, penguins are adorable. Sometimes one show can be all of those things! Because of hatred for the elevens, this hatred develops F.L.E.I.J.A. Just high school boys talking about getting laid and how badly they want to hook up with the hottest girls at their school. Suddenly the sky reddens and giant demons appear calling themselves the “God Hand”. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. He uses this power to get the one thing he truly desires — the freedom of Japan from the evil empire of Britannia. It follows the story of exiled prince Lelouch vi Britannia, a young and extremely ambitious young man who one day finds himself in possession of the power of complete obedience. Griffith, by far takes the number 1 spot as the most hated anime character of all time. The problem with Shirley is the same problem as with most female characters in this series – their existence seems to revolve around one boy or the other. The Most Annoying Female Anime Characters. This is our pleasure to show you the 10 anime tv shows with Guts is leaving the Band of The Hawks, Griffith confronts him in a one-on-one duel, everyone was confident that Griffith would win. It tackles important social issues head-on and is highly-respected for its portrayal of these issues. This plot is ridiculously stupid and just plain weird. Ryuko Matoi is given amazing magical abilities that include superhuman strength, endurance, and defense. Why is Sasuke one of the most hated anime characters of all time? If there's a genre out there (that doesn't require her to be a rocket scientist), then she's written on it! 5 Superpowers Ultra Instinct Goku Has Over Superman (& 5 He Doesn't), Code Geass: The Anime's 10 Most Hated Characters, Ranked, Code Geass: 5 Reasons Why This Popular Anime Should Continue (& 5 Why It Should Stop), D&D Moral Alignments Of Code Geass Characters, Code Geass: 5 Anime Heroes Lelouch Lamperouge Could Easily Outsmart (& 5 He Couldn't), Nunnally vi Britannia is your typical shounen sister, 10 Overpowered Naruto Jutsu That Were Almost Never Used, The Legend Of Korra: The 10 Worst Things Mako Did, One Piece: Every Known Heart Pirate Ranked By Likability, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 5 Ways Koichi Is A Great Supporting Character (& 5 He's Disappointing), Vocaloid: Rin Kagamine's 10 Best Songs, Ranked, Swamp Thing: Twin Branches Gives the DC Hero's Origins New Roots, Warhammer 40K - Marneus Calgar #1 Is Off to a Solemn Start, Review: Rorschach #1 Is a Meditative, Noir-Tinged Return to Watchmen's World, Trungles’ The Magic Fish Is the Queer Story We All Need, King of Eden Vol. Granted, it’s pretty humorous but if anyone walked in on you watching it, have a good time trying to explain why some of the main characters wear underwear on their head like a hat. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Included in this anime are women with ridiculously oversized breasts that are constantly exposed, upskirt shots, and sexual innuendos that are just plain over-the-top. No matter how amazing the subject matter is, there always will be a nerdy stigma surrounding the genre, whether you like it or not. This anime centers around a man named Dr. Irabu, who has multiple, very bizarre, patients visit him. Even though he's prideful of his lineage, he'd rather be a teacher in a peaceful town than be heading rebellion against Britannia.

Sid Barrett - Soul Eater. He hated all Britannians without exception. While a lot of the hate towards character was an intentional byproduct of the show's creators (seeing how the characters were evil people), a lot of the hate was directed at some completely unexpected characters. There are layered stories, emotional moments, heroic journeys, and unforgettable characters, but all anyone seems to want to remember about anime is Pokemon or the deviant art associated with it.

Envy. Constantly bugging, insulting and framing Jonathan Joe star, Dio was also poisoning the man who took him into the mansion, the man who treated Dio equally to his own son. Recap on the top 10 most hated anime characters of all time ==>. The premise behind this anime seems innocent enough, but it takes incredibly strange and sexual turns throughout the series, ones that follow the premise, but are still bizarre. Kaiba Vs. Yugi: Who Has The Better Deck? She had been kept isolated and experimented on, and once a security breach occurs, she exacts her revenge on everyone in the facility. The antagonists of this show are giant, humanoid roach-like creatures. The series was a hit from the get go, and like many other popular series among fans, it had certain characters that many ended up hating. Despite having excellent comedic timing and pacing, the plot of, Literally, the plot of this show revolves around giant boobs. from FullmetalAlchemist. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Everyone thinks this is madness, Griffith would never do such a thing! Who do you think the worse anime character is? Once a patient visits Dr. Irabu, they are administered a shot, their head is then morphed into an animal’s head, and then they are forced to face their fears and problems. Sure, that’s all a part of living life to the fullest, supposedly, but if someone walked in on you while you were watching one of those “sexy” episodes, you’d have a lot of explaining to do.

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