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I played it in the raven idol tavern brawl. Is it really not a Beast? This card can be gamechanger in Arena if you use it wisely. 1.5/5 stars. The board is emptied almost all the time really every time I play aggro vs control they normally wipe out the board multiple times, so you get to renew the board, this card is insane, meta defining, the Corridor Creeper and the Small-Time Buccaneer of the set.

It's worthwhile as a Build-A-Beast pull if you can get it exactly when you can use it. Battlecry: If this is the only minion on the battlefield, gain +3/+3. Catastrophically bad meta for it with all the board flood and spiteful decks. Even when you build around it, it's surprisingly hard to meet the condition while trying to play optimally. Sign In. Fitting this can be played after 'The End is Coming!' This thread was marked as Locked by Chimera.

Head on over to our The Witchwood guide! Normally I would say that if Hunter reaches the end game without lethal in sight, he has lost the game. But i do realize as i say this that chances r your opponent is a paladin and he has 3 dudes on the board behind Protector by then :). On the other hand, it’s really bad if you don’t. Flavor Text. When the H#! Battlecry: If this is the only minion on the battlefield, gain +3/+3. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. This card will be very strong against cubelock or any control deck, and will be a tie breaker in tempo matchups where you have the advantage or you are even. Sign in with Facebook. It was one of the first cards I tried in decks with lots of AOE. Yeah….next.

Most likely not because it also gets evenly traded by spellbreaker. A bit smaller, but much easier to activate than Core Rager. Since no one builds an aggro Arena deck, you can trade your minions to make your board empty, then play this. WoW. The problem with this card is that it punishes you for having a board. 3) have a lot of stats for it's cost *check, 4) easier than expected condition to fulfill *check. Támogass minket - Tetszik az oldal? The idea of t2 Doomsayer, t3 coin this guy sounds really nice, but I don't see that being all too consistent.

Follow Us On Twitter ... Come discuss Night Prowler over in our dedicated Night Prowler discussion topic.

Would you follow with this after doomsayer/boardclear? TRUE OR FALSE: CRAZED ALCHEMIST’S BATTLECRY CAN DESTROY MINION WITH 0 ATTACK. Kapcsolat, médiaajánlat - Lépj velünk kapcsolatba! Kártyák Semleges The Witchwood kártyái Night Prowler. 1.6m members in the hearthstone community.

Értékelés: 3.31 / 5. 3.9k. Segíts, hogy fennmaradhasson! Ive used it in Arena. Anton Zemskov However, not so much stronger that either are really worth it outside of arena. huh? Night Prowler is generally too slow and unimpactful for Constructed play. - Single Choice.

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