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there is merit in that. Goldsmith has coached two golfers, Jason Day and Justin Rose, to a world No. What you’re looking at in your videos isn’t a decline in the mechanics as much as it is an evolution in mechanics that Ryan made along the way to suit the physical gifts he had at the time.

He could probably add a 1-2 mph if weight shifted a little earlier, but I think his 94-96 mph fastball is good enough. Wrist is straight and firm behind the ball on all breaking pitches. Sure, Ryan doesn’t throw the same in ’69 as he did in 89-93. Remember, short strides kill velocity and being upright at ball release is more stressful on the arm. In fact, most of the hardest throwers in the big leagues break their hands 35%-40% into their stride—which is very late compared to amateur pitchers—but also forces them to have to be very fast with the separation of their hands.

Most of what Marshall teaches has to do with keeping the momentum going and staying long armed thru “pendulum swinging”. You are just producing someone else’s thoughts on this blog. The problem is that momentum and the mass amount of rotational force created will likely force you beyond what you have dictated at your hip by landing closed. Forward momentum is what effects how fast the hips and trunk will rotate. I didn’t say his fastball rose. Yes I’m referring to a pure overhead slot or a high 3/4 slot. – Tom House. While there aren't many pitching workouts that are age-appropriate and safe for kids 7-14, there is one that provides youth pitchers with a daily routine to improve mechanics, increase functional strength and keep their throwing arm healthy. I also don’t think that the idea of momentum development and transfer is as important as some people (including Nolan Ryan) think it is. While in conversation one day, House, who is thought of as the “father of modern pitching mechanics,” lamented to Goldsmith, “You know, there are probably 10,000 Nolan Ryans in the world that will never play baseball.” from images 26 to 29 the shoulders rotate about the spine from about 120 degrees closed to fully open and the arm fully laid back (shoulder externally rotated). I'm often asked, what is the best arm slot for pitchers? Is a high 3/4 slot better than a low 3/4 slot? 3. You don’t want any hesitation of the arm and have it sitting waiting for the pitcher to land. The following breakdown of the pitching motion into 13 steps is meant to be a guide for the parent who is instructing a young pitcher... ...or the coach who is attempting to make adjustments for a pitcher who is experiencing specific problems within his motion. I wish I could place myself back in the late 60’s and be Ryan’s pitching coach for twenty years. Firstly, his c.o.g.

The front foot doesn’t come straight down then out.

Think of the stride as a skater lunge to the side. There are many reasons why Scherzer is an incredible pitcher!

– Nolan Ryan. The net is a downward acceleration of 16 ft/sec2. Where’s the part where I say it is absolutely critical? If the glove is left out too far it could slow trunk rotation.

Once I finally figured out what Tom was talking about, I realized we were in 100 percent agreement. Bullpens give you a chance to regroup as a pitcher and allow you to throw with a purpose. Decreases quickness to the plate (decreased momentum = slower velocity). v0=8, t=.44 and a=-16. Verlander shifts his weight very early, which allows his to generate better back leg drive.

In 1988, for instance, the analysis indicated I was drifting forward before getting my lift leg up to full height. A pitcher with an abbreviated deceleration and follow-through may not be using his body to dissipate the energy produced in throwing; this may lead to excessive force in the shoulder and elbow. Not a strike on many hitters but certainly a pitch many hitters have swung at. Ryan’s body remains in constant motion with his hips continually moving towards the target. movement prior to release. The same thing is true for Koufax. The spikes of the pivot foot (pitching arm side foot) should be in front of the rubber and slightly open. When the hands separate, the throwing hand should go down, back, then up toward the cocked position in a continuous motion along midline while keeping the fingers on top of the ball. Your throwing and front-side elbows will both attain shoulder height at the launch phase. These pitchers avoid leading with the elbows to the cocked position. Work hard and have patience—it takes time to build a quality delivery. Not knowing this commonly produces the error of the pitcher beginning the drive by leading with the front shoulder rather than the hip. Thanks for your commentary, Baseball Rebellion will use it as fuel for change. Pitching a baseball is one of the most dynamic skills in all of sports. This view is driven by the fact that, while every pitcher strides, not every pitcher stiffens their GS knee. I think I might have been fooled by something.

As mentioned earlier, the “new additions” House brought on board can be seen clearer with a better understanding of where Ryan’s mechanics first started with the New York Mets.

Thanks for the recommendation. Once the pivot foot has been positioned, the pitcher is ready for a forward rock into the leg …

HIs time with the Angels, he was stronger than he was with the Mets He also talks about keeping his head directly on the target, and that the longer he kept his head going towards the target, the better he pitched.

– Nolan Ryan. We also know that his success depends largely on his ability to have good control so that he is able to throw strikes and get hitters out. Do you know when that became a standard word fo describing the hip-shoulder rotation in baseball? Chief marketing officer Marilou McFarlane explains that Mustard wanted to emphasize the community that the company represents as much as the product. Explained differently, here's how I recently described it to another pitcher in a post on my discussion forum: During the leg lift up and at the top, keep a firm back leg; the back leg must not collapse during leg lift, nor prior to the stride toward home plate.
My coach wants me to do the slide step but I don’t feel comfortable doing it because I don’t feel I can throw hard like that. Learn more. But do not allow the glove to go far behind the lead hip. It’s hard to explain without writing a novel about it, so I’ll simply show you how MLB pitchers do it right. As a result, I have recently put together an analysis of Nolan Ryan’s pitching motion and mechanics using a number of frames from a single clip that I have laid out using Powerpoint…, PDF Version

The additions were manufactured and built by Texas Ranger pitching coach Tom House, who began working with Ryan in 1989. Put it all together, and it looks like this: David Price has some of the most efficient and effective pitching mechanics in baseball.

Turn your thumbs under to force your elbows up into launching position.

What if the ball was released from 4ft above ground and the initial upwards velocity was 7.1 ft/s? At foot strike you will notice several important things. If a pitcher has balance or coordination problems, he should lift his hands only to his chest or keep his hands still. Anyways ,thanks for repsonding so quickly it’s much appreciated. Delivered to your inbox every Monday through Saturday morning. “A mom and dad of a 12-year-old can get everything I give to an elite athlete,” says House, who has tutored Hall of Fame athletes in both baseball (Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson) and football (Tom Brady, Drew Brees).

In 1986, he started his own company Bio Kinetics Inc. and was one of the first to blend scientific based pitching study into training methodologies for pitchers. The leg doesn’t have to be straight to be braced - assuming one has the proper strength. Box 81383

Some players will pre-load using one of the inverted arm actions (W, V, and L), or by breaking their hands with their elbows even if they don’t use the inverted arm actions. No excuses. Head position through release is pulling towards 1b (offset angle), indicating a tendency to pull off a baseball and have inconsistent command (Important factor as Ryan transitioned to Angels).

Most have more problems than that, and many college pitchers have big problems also. I’d say he has a little bit, nothing really extreme though. The lift leg goes up; the front foot comes down, and the body moves out toward home plate as one compact piece. Looking at the graph below from a 1983 study, you can see the most shoulder activity at the far right during the follow-through: This is why this phase is so critical to prevent injury.

Thanks for the nice comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. There is no other pitcher in the MLB that achieves greater hip to shoulder separation than Aroldis Chapman. Stride length, therefore, is a good indication of how fast the pitcher is moving away from the rubber, as well as his ability to build forward momentum—both of which contribute greatly to pitching velocity. Using video analysis allows you to slow down the pitching motion frame-by-frame, so that you can clearly see and spot any faults that aren’t allowing your son to improve. During the rocker step and pivot, avoid any weight shift outside the midline. For proper power production, rotation must occur over the front leg, and not the back leg. There are obvious reasons for this including his plus fastball and devastating curveball. The app captures that same remote training sentiment while making it more purposeful.

Recently we have received a lot of questions regarding the slide step. The most frustrating part about it is there are still way to many old habits being taught that just ruin pitchers. Besides having good control, pitchers also need to be able to throw hard and stay healthy.

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