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What race is “illegal alien?” You won’t answer because you assume all illegal aliens are latinos.

Care to guess which cost the state more, or will you just carry on with RACIST RUSSIA RUSSIA RACIST RUSSIA… as per usual?
Do it. NPR's Noel King discusses the disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on Latino communities in the U.S. with Daniel López-Cevallo, who studies health disparities among Latinos. It’s not our job to change just to make your life easier.

Current Hispanic Or Latino Population demographics in Eugene, Oregon 2020, 2019 by gender and age View Population Demographics and Statistics for all races in Eugene, Oregon population totals (Update: Adding video, comments from Latino Community Assn., more statistics).

The report showed 75% of Latinos in Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties were born in the U.S.

But being “American” is offensive to the overgrown toddlers like yourself so no matter what you’ll still divide people by race because you’re just a filthy racist toddler. One of these days you might even learn some reading comprehension as I was responding to the 75% born on US soil are being dividing and agitated by race rather then celebrated for being Americans.

This is due, in part, to the lower median age of Latinos in the region. QuickFacts Portland city, Oregon. The progressive democrats have to be careful.

they complain about not being treated fairly… Of course people are going to come over the border and employers are going to hire them. . The Ethnicity estimates of the population are produced for the United States, states, and counties by the Population Esimates Program and the ethnicity estimates of the population are produced for Puerto Rico, muncipios (county-equivalents for Puerto Rico), places, zona urbanas and comunidades (place-equivalents for Puerto Rico), and minor civil divisions by the AmericanCommunity Survey.
However, the report said unemployment among the Latino population was slightly higher than for white residents.

Look no further than media and politicians for the source of constant division. Well guess what, if you come into this country legally you would be treated differently, but when you completely disrespect our laws, you aren’t going to get treated with respect, or receive any sympathy… If people really want to be here, put in the time and effort You’re not crazy–you just tend to oversimplify to the point of uselessness.

The LCA’s report said Latinos comprise about 7% of the population in Deschutes and Crook counties, and 20% in Jefferson County.

So what’s the most logical course of action?

Semi-retired, Dr. Gallegos continues to offer his consulting services in training, social research, and program development. ”. Nice try conflating Latinos with illegal immigration. It is unenforced. what really makes me scratch my head is why and black person would vote Democrat after what Democrats have been doing to them for generations.

That number, however, still seems too low for Miguel Herrada.

so pale, so pampered, so delicate – good thing y’all have such privilege ‘cus real life would surely crush you, the only privilege I benefit from is Amercan Privilage, You’ll have to excuse the liberals, they like catchy little phrases, Is it amongst the Latinx population?

Population of male led with no wife present: Population female led with no husband present: Population of homes with one or more people under 18 years: Households with no people under 18 years: Population of homes with one or more people 60 years and over: Population of homes with no people 60 years and over: Home does not have three or more generations: Population of male led and male partner homes: Population of male led and female partner households: Population of female led and female partner households: Population of female led and male partner households: Population of male led and female partner homes: Population of female led and female partner homes: Population of female led and male partner homes: No unmarried partner of home lead present: Population of male lead with no wife present, family homes: Population of female lead with no husband present, family homes. They made up a high percentage of the workforce, filling nearly 8,500 jobs in Central Oregon. “To say that people just mooch when they come over is short sighted”….. A by-product of over-zealous politicians that build their whole careers around creating Latino support at all levels. The report showed 75% of Latinos in …

Does anyone have any idea? if interesting how all these white liberals vote for things that have been oppressing blacks since the founding of this country and pretend that they are not doing it.

they will come up with something equally stupid to replace it with….

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