With the exception of the pultrelands all the estates he inherited descended to his posterity.

He cursed the man and all his ancestry and all his, She was accustomed to say that the desire to leave a, Why is Shakespear made ridiculous by such a, It is now fifteen years since his death, and the judgment of, In any other country except Vraibleusia persons so situated would have consoled themselves for their disagreeable position by a consciousness that their, Look how nightingales sang of old, cocks crowed, kine lowed, sheep bleated, sparrows chirped, dogs barked, so they do still: we keep our madness still, play the fool still; we are of the same humours and inclinations as our predecessors were; you shall find us all alike, much as one, we and our sons, and so shall our, Plutarch would say of what he has delivered to us, that it is the work of others: that his examples are all and everywhere exactly true: that they are useful to, All Epidaurus, and all that region, talk of this to this day; and mothers teach it their children, that they may hand it down to, This comprehensive distinction includes all the, It is evident that throughout the history of Abraham and His, The years in which we drift are generally veiled from, They are appeals to passions rather than to reason, of great force in their day, but of not much value to, How beautiful to think of lean tough Yankee settlers, tough as gutta-percha, with most occult unsubduable fire in their belly, steering over the Western Mountains, to annihilate the jungle, and bring bacon and corn out of it for the, The gaunt lonesomeness of this Midnight Hour, in the ugly universal _snoring_ hum of the overfilled deep-sunk, There is something huge, painful, and almost appalling to me in that wild Western World of yours;-and especially I wonder at the gold-nuggeting there, while plainly every gold-nuggeter is no other than a criminal to Human Society, and has to _steal_ the exact value of his gold nugget from the pockets of all the, When Noah offered his burnt-offering, the LORD smelled a sweet savour, and blessed him and his, My Lord, I thank you for my good cheer, but my attorney must speak with you;' Lord Oxford might have justly retorted, 'If he does, then, His dire calamity it was, that he must be hated, act how he would, and must be condemned by, He legislated well and presciently, they imagine, for the interests of a remote.

We may forgive posterity for the paucity of information left to us, but we ourselves shall not be judged so lightly by posterity. The homely terseness of his style, his abounding humour - rough, cheery and playful, but irresistible in its simplicity, and occasionally displaying sudden and dangerous barbs of satire - his avoidance of dogmatic subtleties, his noble advocacy of practical righteousness, his bold and open denunciation of the oppression practised by the powerful, his scathing diatribes against ecclesiastical hypocrisy, the transparent honesty of his fervent zeal, tempered by sagacious moderation - these are the qualities which not only rendered his influence so paramount in his lifetime, but have transmitted his memory to posterity as perhaps that of the one among his contemporaries most worthy of our interest and admiration. are eight horns in the orchestra their material should be indistinguishable from pianoforte writing, and that, in short, the part of every instrument should look exactly like the part of every other - such questions are for posterity to decide. The judgment of posterity has not repeated the flattering verdict of his contemporaries; but he remains the model of a great king in all that concerns the externals of kingship. Although a minor figure in the conspiracy, Tira-dentes was made the scapegoat of the thirtytwo men arrested and sent to Rio de Janeiro for trial, and posterity has made him the proto-martyr of republicanism in Brazil. His conversational powers rivalled those of Dr Johnson; and, if more of his sayings have not been chronicled for the benefit of posterity, the defect is due to the absence of a Boswell.

4. But before we reach posterity we must survive the present. leaving no posterity, ' Twas not their infirmity, It was married chastity. Posterity sentence examples.

He well deserved the surname of Le Bon, by which he is known to posterity. Let our remotest posterity recall your achievements this day with pride.

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