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As a French, i came to peace with psg being a Qatari team and not a French one for a few years now. If it makes you feel better they used to have an LFL team. Also a 90's NY Knicks fan, sneakerhead, and wrestling fan. Dee will miss part of Play-Ins due to the same travel complications as River and Tank. The deal is a co-branding for the Talon Esports roster in the Pacific Championship Series (PCS). Going from strength to strength, the team was then invested in by Paris Saint-Germain, one of the biggest brands in football worldwide. Stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends news and updates. [10], Talon Esports finished third in the spring regular season, qualifying for the first round of playoffs in the winners' bracket. My brain just has a hard time processing the fact that the LoL PSG team is from Hong Kong. [13][14], On 18 June 2020, Talon Esports announced that its League of Legends team had partnered with PSG Esports and would henceforth compete as PSG Talon. The P in PSG literally stands for Paris, so it's understandable it bothers you. Unlike Turkish League of Legends fans, the passionate Brazilian crowd was dismayed to see INTZ Esports lose their first three games of the tournament in devastating fashion. Any attempts at a headcount would be futile, unless surrounded by diehard PCS (and former LMS) fans and … Gamer for as long as I can remember. Posted VIEWGEAR PARTNERSHIP. LGD, MAD, TL, and UoL should be the favorites, I'd say Kaiwing is their star player, but the combination Unified + Kaiwing will be sorely missed :(. The truly challenging part of the video was trying to count how many kicks Sassquatch landed, it had to be around eight or nine right? The Talon roster is the current reigning champion of the PCS and is heading into next season as the clear favorite. Paris Saint-Germain started its expansion into the esports world back in 2016. [20], Talon Esports accepted an offer for a spot in the Korean Contenders Trials after the Pacific Contenders was discontinued. Source:, Genshin Impact Destroy Dummies in 2 Seconds: How to Complete the Daily Mission. Should this team actually make it through Play-Ins and into the Group Stage, they will have the time to be able to reunite their Summer Split roster and make a true go of it from then on. Unified is pretty much the team. My brain just has a hard time processing the fact that the LoL PSG team is from Hong Kong. In turn, their opponents freely scaled and thwarted their pick attempts, leading to back-to-back stunners – and possibly the worst start in history for an LPL team. Talon began 2020 by putting together one of the most star-studded rosters the region had ever seen, even snagging players like Hanabi that had major offers from multiple top LPL teams.

Due to complications regarding travel restrictions and visa requirements, they have substituted two of their main players until after the Play-Ins stage. As Worlds 2020 draws near, we want to share a roster update with our fans heading into the play-in stage. This forced Talon Esports to play in the semifinal match in the losers' bracket for another chance at qualifying for the finals, which they did after narrowly defeating ahq once again. However, their schedule and potential fortunes differ; although Team Liquid have already secured their spot at the play-in bracket stage, they hold the keys to a better outcome: a direct group stage qualification should they beat SuperMassive Esports on Sep. 28, but a loss would force them to potentially face Rainbow7 or an awakened LGD Gaming. Laure interviews Sjokz: We really have to fear all LPL teams! To pull off an execution move on your opponent in-game not only takes timing as well as skill, but also a tremendous amount of luck. As Worlds 2020 draws near, we want to share a roster update with our fans heading into the play-in stage. Although the mission ahead of them seems tricky on paper, they have the tools to cause serious damage. That fee potentially rises to more than $93 million with add-ons, which, according to ESPN, makes Osimhen’s the most expensive African transfer to date. Observe the shadow on the sundial Genshin Impact’s mysterious quest is solved. The roster disbanded at the end of 2017 after a disappointing EUCS summer season. Given these set backs our objective remains the same. The Good (PCS): PSG Talon Esports’ makeshift roster dominates. Split: ALL: Pre-Season: Spring: …

All rights reserved, 2020 Worlds Quarterfinals: TOP Esports qualify to semifinals over Fnatic 3-2 in reverse sweep. MAD Lions are in an unenviable position: although they are one victory against Legacy Esports away from securing their spot to the bracket stage, a loss would instead force them into a do-or-die match against the unfortunate yet solid INTZ Esports at worst. The League of Legends 2020 World Championship has yielded huge surprises within the first two days: PSG Talon Esports and SuperMassive Esports overperformed, whereas LGD Gaming crashed and MAD Lions struggled. Overall, however, their prospects look better than they seem. Despite the circumstances surrounding them, the impressive and unafraid PCS squad put the world on notice through cleaner-than-average gameplay. Unfortunately, in the Summer Split the team’s starting mid laner Candy left the roster with no public explanation and so PSG Talon replaced him with Tank, who was playing from Korea. Talon Esports, as a brand, has redesigned its logos and signage on its social media platforms. Genshin Impact Character Demo – “Venti: A Bard’s Business” #Venti, — Paimon (@GenshinImpact) October 16, 2020. Ultimately, it took a curveball of epic proportions (Swain bot) from the Unicorns of Love to undo their smash-and-grab approach, but their demise was a difficult task for UoL. The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) esports division has entered into a new, multi-year partnership with Talon Esports. When does Overwatch’s Halloween 2020 event start? So yeah, kinda sucks. This quest is called Time and the Wind, and it involves heading to the north-east seas off of Mondstadt.

My current focus is further improving at esports journalism. On the wake of the first two days of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship play-ins, two conclusions can be drawn: either the world has been flipped upside down, or the explanation to the mind-boggling results lies beyond the realm of logic. The multi-year partnership will see the former Talon Esports roster play under the “PSG” tag. Hong Kong-based team PSG Talon has shared a roster update with fans regarding their participation in the 2020 Worlds Championship.

PSG Talon Esports’ mid-jungle replacement duo wasted no time in setting the pace during teamfights, with Uniboy’s Teleports assisting Kongyue’s ganking forays in the early-game against Rainbow7, and with a more measured approach getting the better of LGD Gaming. We do apologise for the lack of communications as we had been busy working closely with Riot and the travel authorities to determine the necessary travel arrangements …

This means that the teams needed plenty of time to travel and get ready before the start of the games. We have already spoken of PSG’s predicament, but SuperMassive were expected to play third fiddle behind MAD Lions and Team Liquid.

Who would have thought that the biggest sensation of the play-in tournament so far would come from a team featuring three emergency substitutes, one of whom did not play professionally for a year before his stage return? Talon Esports managed to win their rematch with Machi Esports in the finals, winning their first title in their inaugural split. Discover League of Legends' latest champion Seraphine and her kit, Worlds 2020 Play-in Stage: Six picks that set the tone on Day 1. hes gonna miss a portion of playin stage, Tank and River miss the whole playin. With this roster, they dominated the region. Unlike LGD, MAD Lions have been trigger-happy on their pick attempts, perhaps a bit too much. Players Coaches Role Handle Name Nationality Previous team Top: Hanabi Su Chia-hsiang Taiwan Flash Wolves Jungle: River Kim Dong-woo South Korea V3 Esports Mid: Tank Park Dan-won South Korea Spear Gaming Bot: Unified Wong Chun-kit Hong Kong Hong Kong Attitude Support: Kaiwing Ling Kai-wing Hong Kong Hong Kong Attitude Jungle: Kongyue (L) Hsiao Jen-tso Taiwan ahq … The CEO of Talon Esports, Sean Zhang, stated the following: We recognize that our fans appreciate performance above anything else, so to partner with a club with the history and pedigree of PSG means taking our game to new levels. Although the challenge doesn’t include a new card for Victor Osimhen himself, it does offer players the chance to pick up a Prime Electrum Players Pack. But when the time came for them to show up at Worlds, they vanished. Talon is excited to partner with ViewGear Optical Limited, ... the NA Regional Finals is a stacked affair with players coming from all over the world in search of points, prize money and glory. To achieve this, they must repeat their performance of the last split and make it to the top two places in the regional playoffs. Should they adapt, MAD would still be favored to make it to the group stage against the similarly aggressive PSG Talon, but they have to get there first – likely through another best-of-five series. The Pacific Championship Series’ second seed at this year’s Worlds tournament will start the tournament with only half its players. As for Legacy, as long as Team Liquid beats INTZ, they have little to fear. Here’s how to complete the SBC. Both of the team’s Korean players, River and Tank, will be unable to enter China in time to participate in any of the Play-In games. As a French this will never stop bothering me. LGD’s disaster also serves as a reminder to their 2015 debacle, where they exited Group D in last place. However, their victory against LGD may have served as a significant morale booster – one that could lead them to play confidently and brashly against UoL, potentially unsettling their otherwise methodical opponent. With the core of the lineup, AD carry Unified, becoming available starting Day 3, PSG are favorites for second place in Group B and, bar upsets or an unfortunate play-in decider matchup, should qualify to the Worlds’ main stage. In Group A, North America’s third seed has displayed the cleanest performance level among play-in participants, with great drafts and clean execution. Posted TALON INVITED TO PCS VS VCS.
All players are also instructed to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to China. League of Legends – Worlds 2020 Play-in Stage: Day 1 and Day 2 in Review, The Kaiwing and Kongyue show started early against Rainbow7, This sequence sums up many of LGD's current woes, UoL nomanz runs circles around the LJL's V3 Esports, Team Liquid's brilliant teamfighting overcame MAD Lions on Day 1. Cake is #1. Tank and River will be replaced for the Play-In matches by AHQ’s Kongyue and Uniboy. Unified, their AD carry, will also be unavailable for a portion of games due to strict visa requirements. At worst, they would be involved in a tiebreaker scenario involving INTZ, which might lead to another Camille performance from standout top laner Topoon. Thank you for the collective efforts of AHQ, Machi,Flash Wolves and our fans in supporting us on this journey! Thank you Candy for your passion and dedication to our team. AHQ will not participate in Worlds this year. PSG Talon 2020 Worlds Roster Announcment! If the team gets that far, then the original players will go back to playing their roles. The deal is a co-branding for the Talon Esports roster in the Pacific Championship Series (PCS). PSG, meanwhile, started its esports division back in 2016 and will now return to the League of Legends scene with this deal. Travel complications have been a common issue for many teams.
The note then moved on to state that travel has been an issue in their starting line-up. The sudden roster change made the team play uncoordinated, and the high ping made it so Tank wasn’t able to fully display his talent in-game.

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