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I was also taught obedience and that parents are the personification of God so you do as you’re told and don’t challenge – which limited the possibility of conversation around why. The drip effect of showing them everyday that they’re valued as people within their own right – not because of something they’ve said or done – I’m convinced will lead to an inner well of self worth where they won’t need external validation that they’re good enough; they’ll know that they just are. “In that case mummy” he said with a beaming smile, “you’re the cucumber of my eyebrows”. We live in an age where children want answers backed up by reasoning or the satisfaction of their innate sense of justice fulfilled. *also popularly known as Godh bharai/Khodo Bharavo which essentially translates as “filling the lap” of the mother-to-be with abundant good wishes for a safe and healthy delivery. This name is mainly used in Hindu. My humble advice? who’d circle the room at weddings  and download exactly what was happening in everyone’s lives; where the kids were studying (and what, after all, media/business/travel studies weren’t proper subjects), how many bedrooms their house had, what holidays they’d been on, extracting every bit of information which could be cooked up into salacious gossip and then redistributed to listening ears.

Unlike my younger self, I encourage my children to enquire and be inquisitive whether it’s about our culture, the world and everything in between. Growing up, it was rare to see or hear someone simply being happy for another at their success – and leaving it at that. Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Reena is Tula and Moon sign associated with the name Reena is Libra.. Luckily, my story didn’t travel that way but I was dangerously close. My father was born in the Indian state of Gujarat and was one of six children whilst my mother was from Kenya and one of seven children. His preference for familiarity pervades everything. In the wrong company, I could have had my self-esteem eroded to dust or taken a completely self destructive path in my pursuit of worthiness. Aabir is a Hindu Boy name which originates from the Hindi language. But this means that he wants to be involved in any decision affecting him; from what he eats to where we holiday. Female/Girl Name Reshma, Meaning of Gujarati Female/Girl Name Remmi, Meaning of Gujarati Female/Girl Name Rewa, Meaning of Gujarati Female/Girl Name Rehwa, Meaning of Gujarati On this day, we don’t use the cooker (so usually eat cold food) and light a diya (sacred lamp) offering prayers to Goddess Sheetala.

Kind of like a tea-party-throwing-child -dictator; and this applies to everything. Name Aabharana generally means Jewel, is of Indian origin, Name Aabharana is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Historically, Asian women would have shouldered these rituals and accepted them as a symptom of their gender, but today women are outwardly conforming but feeling inwardly divided about why they’re still subjected to such archaic rituals; they’re afraid to stand up and disagree or even to bring it up as a topic of conversation because of the perception that they’re abandoning their culture and inviting bad luck upon the family.

To me, culture is captured by togetherness and servitude. That’s a subtle tap on the shoulder for me, a reminder that it’s time to search out more purpose in my life.”, “People might gossip for a variety of reasons. I tried to tell them these things aren’t important but you know how people can be…”. In this case his gym buddies would either be there or not and why, as the mummy, do I not have this critical data? So your states of feeling will either be Disappointed or Nothing” – Crazy Good. Ash’s arrival showed me how different my parenting experience was from those with neurotypical children. I remembered one girl whom I went to Gujarati classes with (generally the only exciting activity on the weekends when I was a teenager) who had to leave home every month when she got her period and stay with her aunty. The meaning of the name “Adarsh” is: “Ideal, perfection; mirror”. We could take the perspective that we’ll continue with these familiar, age old customs and then allow our girls to choose what they want to follow once they’re married and independent. Now in her marital home, she does as she pleases and has left all period discrimination and related practices behind. I once blended spinach into a quiche mix and it turned the whole filling green – he wasn’t impressed and instead of digging in, he spent at least 20 minutes asking for an (adequate) explanation as to why I altered the recipe whilst poking it from various angles to ensure a nether beast wasn’t hiding in the pastry waiting to make an impromptu appearance. We have a duty to empower our daughters but also to educate our sons, fathers in law and other male figures around us not to malign the image and respect they give to women because of a sense of impurity associated with periods. We really need to question what message about our culture we’re delivering to our children; in many cases, are we even providing a culture based explanation for this treatment or are we just telling our daughters that they’re dirty? He struggled with sharing and could be dominating and loud, sometimes hitting out but I just put this down to being an active little boy. And Harsha’s son is going to Oxford university this year. But if you don't like Aabher then please continue searching our site. He was contemplative – a good sign. It would go something like this: “Did you see Chanchal Masi? “This is all very theoretical, how does this actually work in practice?” I hear you wondering.

I found the whole episode superficially comical but at it’s core, fundamentally degrading. I believe that being more mindful in my communication has made me a better parent to both children. Hindu Name Meaning - idealistic. We need to stop the sheep-like mentality of just doing things because they’ve always been done like that. Angi (blogger):, Sonja Lyubomirsky, positive psychology researcher and author of The How of Happiness, Dr Brenè Brown, The Anatomy of Trust, speech transcript available on, GoodTherapy:, photo credit: ‘Gossip at the West Gate’ by cowyeow on All the holiday clubs locally would have been booked months ago and the choice of going to just any one isn’t a luxury we can avail ourselves of; I need somewhere that can accommodate his needs and where I can spend at least the first day settling him in and ensuring he’s getting enough one to one attention and is comfortable.

Custom Search. Aab Name Meaning. Some consider it a facet of our community – but I reject this. Starts With. Authenticity is so paramount to our own well being and our self-nourishment – by just being whom we are regardless of the audience – we don’t just value ourselves, we give permission to others to do the same. Yes it’s stressful and sometimes overwhelming being in a high octane household coping with the din of light sabre fighting with intermittent stopping to make armoury out of construction bricks or do an impromptu dance to Rita Ora – all before 8am. Apparently, even though I’d successfully delivered two healthy children my earlier miscarriage meant I wasn’t considered whole. Do we want a culture where academic achievements define our children’s self worth? Instead the words associated with periods are “dirty” and “impure” and serve only to cast out the afflicted female enduring a process created by nature and into which, she didn’t have any input. *mandir = shrine room where deities are kept, **Brene Brown talks to Ophrah Winfrey on Super Soul Sundays, the podcast. instead of saying “you’re really annoying me”, I’ll explain “the longer you take to put your shoes on, we’ll have less time to play in the park” (don’t be mistaken, I get this wrong daily but at least I’m able to pull myself up on it and correct it). But why didn’t he want to go?

Female/Girl Name Rekha, Meaning of Gujarati The beliefs I was taught were a mix of what I would loosely call religious and cultural. Not unlike a chief prosecutor intelligently unhinging an unreliable witness.

There are many stories about why this day is observed; some say it’s about protecting children from chickenpox, others say it’s because back in the day, people only had a basic earthen stove and it was an opportunity to thank God for the resources He’d provided for us to survive. Being the eldest put a lot of implicit and explicit pressure on me. ), Flow; Sated with Drink; Wise Guardian; Goddess Parvati; Form of Regina; Queen, Poppy; Earth; In Greek Myth; Rhea was an Earth Mother; Following; Victor; To Flow; River; Stream; Flower Name for Poppy; Warrior, Gazelle; White Antelope; Seed Name of Goddess Durga; Night, Goddess of Durga; White Antelope; Gazelle; Gem, Line; Artwork; Beauty; The Heart of God; Limit, Of the Sea; Born Again; Reborn; Peaceful; Joyous Song; Melody; Actor of Nara, Moonlight; The Mother of Parasurma; The Sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Wife of Jamadagni Rishi, Silk; Ayurvedic Medicine; Silken; Atom; Atom of Museum; Silky; Sweet Revenge, Sweat Heart; A Star; Another Name of River Narmada; One who Snares, To Flow; Stream; Flowing; River; Earth; Successful; Poppy; Singer. And trying to fob him off with a half hashed explanation is a false economy; if you omit detail you can bet your last penny that he’ll find the loopholes and put your own argument back to you, creating further explanations (or hole digging in my experience) and inevitable delay. I was never told what the significance of the hair washing was but I assume it was symbolic of cleansing. This all could have gone so horribly wrong. This one (at least so far, although he has his moments) is neurotypical. Female/Girl Name Ravina, Meaning of Gujarati As parents and carers we get to choose how we parent our children – and it’s ok to change track midway if after we look inwards and ask questions of our behaviour we realise something feels counter intuitive. This experience made me question what messages and legacies we want to define our culture for generations to come. Hinduism and Gujarati customs were an everyday part of theirs (and my) childhood; certain days were observed as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘semi vegetarian’ (fish but no meat), certain foods were prepared on particular days and I was completely accustomed to hearing what not to do to avoid bad luck. Female/Girl Name Revati, Meaning of Gujarati “What are you talking about mummy?” he said. One thing that puts my son on high alert emotionally is the prospect of being in an unfamiliar environment with people he doesn’t know. Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Numerology, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Reeja. If it’s a tea party he’s in charge of the setup, menu and guests. It never made sense to me that if periods were dirty, why would it be ok to sully someone else’s home but not your own? I think so. Female/Girl Name Rehana, Meaning of Gujarati Generally when the children are reunited with their parents, it’s akin to a swarm of ants being released, each running to their respective carers who bustle them up and usher them out of the door whilst their arm is still half way through their jackets. Altenate Spelling: Riya or Reena.

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