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Information on how to become one and how to change your details. RTOs and their Personnel are to professionally represent the Regulator and promote the Regulators initiatives in a positive manner at all times, are not to make any adverse, derogatory or controversial comments about the Regulator or the Regulators activities. NSW Health RTO delivers nationally recognised qualifications across a broad range of industry sectors including health services, business services, community services and training and assessment. Nationally recognised training RTO/Organisation You are here: Home; Organisation/RTO; Organisation details . Delivery partners may also provide training to non-NSW Health employees where it can be demonstrated this will benefit the health workforce and address skill shortages. False or misleading declarations could include, but is not limited to: The RTO is not to deliver the Services if they know, suspect or reasonably believe that any information provided by the Candidate may be false or misleading. This short animated video provides an overview of how to become an RTO. The RTO is not to discriminate against any person on any grounds covered by anti-discrimination legislation (such as sex, marital status, pregnancy, age, race, ethnic or national origin, disability, sexual preference, sexual harassment, religion or political belief). Preventing, detecting, investigating or remedying of seriously improper conduct or prescribed conduct. Welcome to NSW Health Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Provider Number 90198, the Enterprise RTO for NSW Health. RTO Personnel are not to deliver the Services if under the influence of alcohol, drugs or substances. Search our database of education and training opportunities. The RTO offers training under the NSW Government's Smart and Skilled Program and NSW Health Traineeships. RTO Code: 2927Phone: (07) 5541 2929 or 1300 561 223Email:, RTO Code: 45395Phone: 0413 011 392Email:, RTO Code: 91463Phone 0419 243 676Email:, RTO Code: 70253Phone (02) 9602 1177Email:, RTO Code: 40609Phone: (02) 4822 3333 Email:, RTO Code: 45477Phone: 1800 002 673Email:, RTO Code: 90431 Phone: (02) 4228 9939 or 1800 111 424 Email:, RTO Code: 88199Phone (02) 6298 1211 or 0408 488 004 Email:, RTO Code: 45209Phone: 0419 210 258Email:, RTO Code: 91857Phone: (02) 9605 5908 Email:, RTO Code: 40692Phone: (02) 9728 9999 or 0414 241 241 Email:, Further Education Training & Assessment Pty Ltd (Intrain), RTO Code: 40543Phone: 0412 772 203 or (02) 6040 0807 Email:, RTO Code: 40724 Phone: (02) 6724 2042 Email:, Innovative Learning Solutions t/as Fusion Training Solutions, RTO Code: 91812Phone: (02) 4228 3588Email:, RTO Code: 41299Phone: 1300 222 776Email:, RTO Code: 7022Phone: 02 8859 0728 Email:, RTO Code: 40591 Phone: 1300 655 934 Email:, RTO Code: 91759Phone: (02) 6040 0167Email:, Linfox Operational Training (Logistics) Pty Ltd, RTO Code: 103554Phone: 1800 677 226 Email:, RTO Code: 40614Phone (02) 8119 2232 Email:, RTO Code: 91655Phone: (02) 8712 4108 Email:

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