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Any services or products provided by independently owned and operated franchisees are not provided by, affiliated with or related to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC nor any of its affiliated companies. Yorkville is one of the wealthiest parts of Toronto, though there are still some condo buildings in and around Yorkville which may prove to be affordable to the middle classes. Toronto Life gave the area an 82 out of 100 safety rating, and the CBC’s neighbourhood data indicates that the area consistently ranks as having some of the lowest criminal activity. Home to UofT, Honest Ed’s and a slew of cheap eateries and newly minted restaurants, living in this area requires no vehicle as walking will be your main mode of transportation. Not only is Toronto a world class metropolis, it also continuously ranks best in the world for a variety of social-economic issues. Here the pattern is quite clear – money can more or less buy you peace of mind when considering assaults in your streets, as most of the mentioned neighbourhoods belong to the more affluent areas in the city. Central Toronto usually has quite low burglary rates, but downtown happens to be targeted quite often. The nightlife is exceptional, especially if you love a good drag show. Pie Bar sticks to fresh plates of pasta and traditional Neapolitan pizzas, with a great view from Toronto waterfront. As you might have observed, different types of crime follow different distribution patterns and it’s almost impossible to give precise recommendations on safest neighbourhoods. Subscribe to our newsletter below to get our FREE e-book “A Guide to investing in Toronto condos” and learn everything there is about Toronto’s condo scene. CityPlace is located withyin walking distance to the Harbourfront, Rogers Centre, King West, Fort York, Liberty Village and Toronto’s Financial District. For example, the total crime severity index, issued by Statistics Canada, calculated by assigning different weights to different crimes according to the length of their sentences, evaluated Toronto as the third safest city, right after Guelph and Quebec City – both much smaller in size. Skeptics would say that wealth logically attracts burglars, since they are aware of the fact that rich houses hide lots of valuable items to steal. On the contrary, Forest Hill South tops the statistics as the safest neighbourhood for your car, with only 2.7 vehicle thefts per 10,000 residents. The LGBTQ enclave, otherwise known as The Village is home to one of the friendliest and welcoming communities in Toronto. Join over 17,000 people who get fresh content from Ilan Joseph! The Annex has seen house prices climb in recent years, as the young start to build families and opt for remodeling these homes due to the tremendous benefits they find in living in this neighbourhood. return false; One of the most highly-rated neighbourhoods for safety in Toronto, Mount Pleasant East is a great choice for young families. Photo Credits: BakerJarvis / Shutterstock Inc., Sotheby’s Realty, Sotheby’s Realty, Sotheby’s Realty, Sotheby’s Realty, Renato Lorini / Flickr. In fact, just this year, Toronto was chosen as the eighth best city in the world in the 2013 Anholt-GfK City Brands Index. Take a stroll through serene Suydam Park or spend a weekend afternoon at the Forest Hill Spa. Both assaults and sexual assaults are another special category. Its pretty Victorian and Edwardian style houses on winding, tree-lined streets make Summerhill one of the most appealing neighbourhoods in Toronto. Often described as the world’s melting pot, Toronto and the G.T.A. Even more importantly, various statistics show that Toronto is the safest large city in Canada. Thankfully, murders are really rare in Toronto. These areas have been ranked as some of the most secure neighbourhoods in Toronto, making them a great place to start looking when deciding where to reside. Click to jump to Toronto’s condo communities The Annex is one of Toronto’s most in demand neighbourhoods. On the other hand, it’s always good to take care even in our relatively safe environment – crime occurs anywhere and it can never be completely eliminated. Receive your complimentary subscription to, Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club. It is mostly well-off families in big homes. The only universal advice is clear – get decent security doors and systems and don’t keep valuables at home, wherever you happen to live. As stated before, it’s quite difficult to find a clear break and enter pattern. Is Toronto safe? Homes in the Annex range anywhere between the $700,000’s to well over a million. Web companies and telecoms have set up shop here to bring work closer to home. Let’s now take a look at some of the shady areas as well as at the neighbourhoods, where criminal incidents happen very rarely, taking it crime by crime. Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty Logo are service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC and used with permission. According to Statistics Canada, Ontario is the safest of all Canadian provinces and keeps this position in long-term findings with cca. However, it’s important to realize that the data applies to 2011 and literally changes every year – number of murders is so low and their space distribution so random that no neighbourhood can be singled out as a particularly dangerous one. As you would probably expect from a real estate webpage, we will start by taking break and enter crimes into focus. Download this essential guide for home buyers. jQuery('#free-pdf').submit (function (item) They are followed by Lawrence Park North, Centennial Scarborough and Bedford Park-Nortown. Some other very calm areas include Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills, Bayview Woods-Steeles, Bayview Village, Lawrence Park South or Steeles. Condo’s here average $375,222 as of late 2013. Begin your Toronto housing search with these refined properties, and make Canada’s most bustling urban centre your next exciting home. Bidding on Homes: Firm or Conditional Offers? From the age of 5, Ilan developed an affection for classical music as he continued 11 years of piano studies, completing level 7 at the world renowned Royal Conservatory of Music. According to the CBC’s Toronto Crime Map, Forest Hill South had the lowest number of assaults per 10,000 residents (most recent data conducted in 2011). The community is family-oriented, evidenced by leading educational institutions like TFS and the Blythwood Junior Public School, as well as recreational facilities like the Lawrence Park Tennis Cluband the Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club.

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