The iconic American sandwich features a loose mix of simmered beef in a pasty Worcestershire-spiked ketchup sauce that drips out the sides of the bun — and all down your arms — when you take a bite. One of the best versions in the area is served at The Arcade in the King’s home base of Memphis, Tennessee. Prince’s opened in 1945, and it has been popular since. The former aspiring comedian, now a successful Ph.D. chemist who runs a lab at the University of California, San Diego, is the Randy in Randy’s Routine. When it comes to classic foods, most people love themselves a good sandwich. In Maine, chilled lobster salad tucked inside a toasted bun is a popular form of fast food. A tradition unlike any other, the $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches sold at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia, might just be the most-famous sandwiches in sports. If you find yourself in the Golden State, you’ll want to head to Ike’s Place. From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Mississippi Delta, rounds of cured pork (derived from Bolognese mortadella) are fried to a crisp, sandwiched between slices of white bread and flavored with various condiments, including near-mandatory mayo. In West Virginia, biscuits are serious business — and biscuit sandwiches are pretty much a mandatory dish. Once the sandwich is assembled, it's dipped in egg batter and fried in a pan like French toast. Photo By: Spencer Pernikoff at Whiskey & Soba, Photo By: Concept: Serafim Ferdeklis Owner. Thomas Keller offers his own chef-y take on the latter at his renowned Bouchon Bakery in Napa.

Known as Ken’s Special, this amped-up chopped liver sandwich comes on fresh rye bread made from scratch daily at the new-school Portland deli. On the cheese-centric Caprese — theirs is called the Fior di Latte — the quality is particularly noticeable. When canned tuna was introduced in the early 20th century, tuna salad sandwiches took off like a hound on a scent. Brooklyn’s best tuna salad is then topped with briny bursts of capers, a sliced, hard-boiled egg and two whole Agostino Recca anchovies laid across the whole thing with a quick squeeze of lemon for an innovative carb-loaded riff on a Nicoise salad. This Pittsburgh institution, now a national franchise, isn’t famous for one particular sandwich — it’s infamous for its accoutrements. While the word barbecue means pork in the Carolinas, in Texas’ Hill Country, the term is synonymous with beef brisket. The Cuban sandwich is a misnomer on many levels — neither the sandwich itself nor its culturally diverse fillings originated in Cuba. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 37 Best Turkey Sandwich Recipes for Your Leftovers, 65+ Best Delicious & Healthy Vegetable Side Dishes, 45 Best Utterly Decadent Chocolate Pie Recipes, 70 Best Pie Recipes for the Holidays, or Anytime, 60 Best Homemade Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes, 57 Best Green Bean Recipes You Can Make in a Snap, 62 Christmas Food Gifts That Are So Easy to Make, A 5-Pound Bag Of Candy Is On Sale Right Now. Country Living editors select each product featured.

Pastrami with Slaw Toss 1/2 cup shredded red cabbage with 2 tablespoons apple … Created by wealthy Irishmen, commoditized by the British, adopted by North American colonists and perfected by Jewish immigrants in New York City, brined and boiled brisket has become both a St. Paddy’s Day and Jewish deli staple around the United States. Her version follows the traditional recipe with buttery rounds of thick eggplant, sliced hard-boiled egg, Israeli salad with lemon mint dressing, marinated cabbage and the obligatory sauces, all adding up to a creamy, crunchy and addictive experience. One of those mainstays is the trout salad sandwich. Bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwiches are beloved across America. Frisbie, Alexander J, DMD Mechanicsburg PA. Sample it at specialists like Porchetta Republic in Los Angeles. First served at Louisville's Brown Hotel, this broiled, open-faced sandwich is piled high with turkey, bacon, tomatoes and cheese sauce. (Charlottesville, Virginia), Maryland Pit Beef: Chap’s Pit Beef (Aberdeen, Maryland), Falafel Pita: Al-Ameer Restaurant (Dearborn, Michigan), Grilled Cheese: Melt Shop (New York City), Lobster Roll: Eventide Oyster Co. (Portland, Maine), Bacon, Egg and Cheese: BEC (New York City), Sloppy Joe: Town Hall Deli (South Orange, New Jersey), Almost Famous Pastrami: Primanti Bros (Pittsburgh), Fool’s Gold Loaf: Nick’s Cafe (Golden, Colorado), The Clam Roll: Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale (Madison, Connecticut), Italian Beef: Johnnie’s Beef (Elmwood Park, Illinois), Barbecue Pork: Rodney Scott BBQ (Charleston, South Carolina), Fried Chicken: Buxton Hall Barbecue (Asheville, North Carolina), Breaded Pork Tenderloin: The Mug (Greenfield, Indiana), Chow Mein: China Star Restaurant (Fall River, Massachusetts), Sesame Pancake: Vanessa's Dumplings (New York City), Bagel and Lox: Russ & Daughters (New York City), Oyster Po’ Boy: Bevi Seafood Co. (New Orleans), Cucumber Tea Sandwich: The Palm Court (New York City), The Bobbie: Capriotti’s (Wilmington, Delaware), Pimento Cheese: Caviar & Bananas (Charleston, South Carolina), The Garden Sandwich: Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches (Little Rock, Arkansas), Limburger: Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern (Monroe, Wisconsin), Fried Brain: Schottzie’s Bar and Grill (St. Louis), Patty Melt: Du-Pars Restaurant & Bakery (Los Angeles), Fried Fish: Varly’s Swiftwater Seafood Cafe, Chicken Salad: The Cheddar Box (Louisville, Kentucky), Taylor Ham: Bagel Chateau (Westfield, New Jersey), Ham and Butter: HAM Market (Little Rock, Arkansas), Hometown Hungers: Best Po' Boys Outside of New Orleans, PDX for Le$$: The 25 Best Cheap Eats in Portland, Constitution State Staples: Connecticut's Most-Classic Dishes, Gourmet Pub Grub: The 40 Best Bars in America for Food Lovers, Find the Restaurants Featured on Beach Eats USA: Surf and Turf, The Best Denver Restaurants from Triple D. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. It’s simple, smoky and sublime. Because of that, a lot of Americans turn to the tuna salad sandwich when the fridge runs down to its bare bone essentials. Sometimes they come dipped in the juices and topped with a sprinkling of spicy giardiniera (an Italian relish of pickled vegetables). That quintessential NOLA sandwich is now found on nearly every restaurant menu in the city, but the proper place to experience its magic is at the place it was created, Central Grocery. One of the top hot-beef destinations for locals who want the real deal, made from scratch, is the Wheel Inn Cafe, which has been serving the savory treat for more than half a century. One side claims it was invented by Chicago restaurateur Juan Figueroa at now-closed Borinquen. Slow-smoked over oak coals with a hint of hickory and pecan hardwood, Scott’s whole hogs are imbued with smoky flavor, then flavored with his peppery, vinegar sauce. Hit up Izzy’s in one of their various locations in Ohio. Enriqueta’s is a Miami favorite, where carnivores can get their fill of meats on the cheap. It combines a tantalizing blend of flavors and textures — and it’s moved from being a home-cooked staple to a fast-food favorite in the Holy Land. This sandwich, born in Los Angeles (two restaurants actually claim to have invented it), features sliced roast beef topped with cheese, served with a side of hot au jus dip. Southern Californians are an innovative lot when it comes to dining: They’re responsible for the two-way drive-through speaker (In-N-Out Burger), valet parking and the French dip sandwich. San Francisco's constantly packed Japanese cafe combines tender breaded fried pork with sweet and savory tonkatsu sauce and refreshing cabbage slaw on soft white bread. A creamy scoop of Blue-Ribbon Potato Salad goes well with any straightforward diner-style sandwich. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, A 5-Pound Bag Of Candy Is On Sale Right Now, These Are America's Favorite Halloween Candies, Coffee Mate Announced An M&M's Coffee Creamer, Horseradish and Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes, Read These Heartfelt Thanksgiving Quotes at Dinner, Courtesy of A Better Happier St. Sebastian, Midwest: Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, Midwest: Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwich. Wherever this inspired sandwich was first made, it has become an American classic. It’s still just as popular as ever at China Star Restaurant in Fall River, which sells about 200 chow mein sandwiches per week. But many Italian-Americans like it hot, so they swap out mild ham for spicy salami. Fun fact: The deli has been open since 1888. He beat out over 1,000 other meatier entries, taking home the blue ribbon for his meatless combination of cheddar and provolone cheeses, sunflower seeds, spinach pate, mushrooms, mayo and alfalfa sprouts on pumpernickel. Sink your teeth into the heavenly version at Stonemill Matcha. Smoked pork is to Southerners what pastrami is to New Yorkers, a long-established tradition that can be found at any number of places. The folks at PBJ LA took the classic to soaring new levels with an entire menu of plant-based organic, from-scratch nut butter-and-jelly sandwiches. An added bonus: The place offers their own house-made condiments. You can still try it at Mai Lee. It starts with a Grandaisy Bakery flauta baguette that’s sliced down the middle and smeared with mayonnaise on one side, drizzled with olive oil on the other. This hearty sandwich features a blend of slow-cooked, shredded beef, giardiniera and red peppers, topped with mozzarella cheese on Italian bread.

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