If I think about it, how many would actually be willing to throw everything away, to sacrifice their own family for the sake of others? But the director and writer do manage to keep the plot together, even if it’s a little overstuffed. Interesting take with Seri condition. Naemari naemari! Sometimes you find the meaning through the people you meet whilst you're studying or working. Post a Comment. All the mommies and daddies of this drama did exceptionally well, I loved everyone’s performance.
Their secret turns out to be a very expensive, very reliable private tutor, and the other mothers are just dying to hire this tutor for their own children. Supposedly, because everyone knows the truth, even if they’re all pretending not to: that she’s buttering up Myung Joo to get her to spill the tea on how she managed to get Young Jae into SNU. It became a challenge to keep up, let alone unpack everything’s that’s happening. The biggest reason for this drama huge success is the story. View all posts by kjreviews928468066, Thank you!! Then I can forgive this aspect because the writers stay true to the original message she was trying to convey. NOTE: The rest of this review will contain major spoilers, so proceed with caution. So Seo-jin takes whatever measures she considers necessary to do just that, starting with the tutor that the Parks had recommended. And on the far right, Soo-im simply lets Woo-joo do his own thing since he’s already such a smart and responsible kid. Instead of educating the public against taking marine creatures as pets, pet shops saw an increase in demand of clownfish. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As the school year goes on, the Castle kids are weighed down with more stress than ever. Like they suddenly talk so wise without we are seeing progression to get there. Your source for Kpop and kdrama news, recaps and reviews. I'm also has abit problem with the way they handle Seri and Profesor Cha conflict, the show just pointing finger at Professor Cha and make Seri a victim. I'm just learning from this article that the rating went up as high as 23.8. You're Jennifer, right?

At first I thought Hyena's death was too makjang and probably an excuse to prolong the show, but by the end I appreciated what came out of it and it was an organically planted trope for the adults to rethink and redeem. Required fields are marked *. I definitely not recommend this property to any visitor trying to take a vacation in Jamaica. The story had many layers. Make sure you have good walking shoes though, the hill going up can be a killer! There was almost no hype for this drama that I remember, and I only knew of it from the What's Coming Up post in DB. And as if the plot hasn’t yet reached maximum viscosity, it thickens yet again when coach Kim Joo Young (Kim Seo-hyung), the super exclusive, super expensive coach that Myung Joo recommended, turns out to be more sinister than she appears. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Nothing seems to get Mr. Pyramid off his high horse. This is Seo Jin we’re talking about here. Writer Yoo Hyun Mi knew how to play the script with the elements to create a drama that’s so powerful and impactful. He indicated that someone will come to check the room. Or like with Hye Na's death, the parents are worried for the studies of their children but the fact that a young girl is dead and that she was children's friend, they just don't care. I informed the gentleman that the bed sheet had a huge hole and that the bathroom was in a deplorable stage and I need to get hot water so I can get a bath. Oh I wished it would be recapped here, so I could discuss it with other beanies! I have been watching asian dramas and anime for some years now. It doesn't stop with their acceptance, parents will be greedy during all their life. This isn’t that kind of K-drama. They let their greed and selfishness get in the way of being a real family. Those episodes were brutal, totally brutal. They should have just ended the series with episode 19. It's easier to use local taxi to get there. Nor because I think sad ending will be more fitting. SKY Castle is a satirical, black comedy drama about four wealthy families with grandly notable educational and career backgrounds. On paper her actions are insane. I try to stay away from family drama as much as I could, but SKY Castle still managed to sneak up on me and boy am so glad it did. Ah here come the review. While the happy ending was lackluster, it does not ruin the drama for me, but I still think Hye Na should have died in the very last scene in the very last episode. Soo-han ends up running away too, but thankfully, Chi-young helps a hysteric Jin-hee bring him back home.
If you think he was hateful in Goblin, you should see him in SKY Castle! Swim team nationals? And it’s fascinating whenever we cut to each family, because they actually run the gamut on parenting. Soo-im catches Ye-bin during one of her shoplifting sprees and informs Seo-jin, but Seo-jin prefers cleaning it up quietly instead of having a deeper conversation with her daughter. What’s her secret? Fear not, this drama isn’t messy; it’s laid out beautifully and not confusing at all. The more obvious it becomes that it was Coach Kim who killed Hye-na, the more terrified Seo-jin is to step up and tell the truth. It’s hard to pick which one is my favourite family, I love them all - the good and the bad, I’ve accepted all of them. For all their wealth, status and self-promotion, they were small, myopic people. This is one of the few shows I’ve watched where the message is that things can be better if you just choose for them to be better.

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