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AA: For me personally—this is my own opinion—I would have really been regretful if at the end of my life, they said what did you do, and all I said was play football. But there’s no questioning the dramatic power of Damson Idris, an expressive actor who easily makes his antagonistic protagonist radiate thinly fanged aggression in one moment only to melt into fear and near-adolescent vulnerability, in the space it takes him to undo his seatbelt and get out of a new enemy’s car. But that’s exactly what it did. In an interview with LA Parent, Alabi revealed that he grew up in San Antonio, Texas with his Nigerian father and Puerto Rican mother.

There’s a stereotype out there for professional athletes, especially football players—that they run the household and everybody kind of succumbs to their will and whatever they want goes. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. July 10, 2019. In its best moments, “Snowfall” clearly explains the connection between the fallacious war on drugs and the offensive on poor communities of color, and the way it seduced young people of color like Saint into doing their dirty work by opening avenues for them to reap extreme profit off the misery of their own people. Straightway the plotline’s pickup in 1984 forces Saint to confront the wages of his criminal ambition as his burgeoning crack empire rips apart his community swiftly and mercilessly. The saddest example of this is his mother Cissy (Michael Hyatt), who was once ashamed of her son’s criminal enterprise until she realizes the money he’s making could fuel a real estate business at a level which she’d otherwise never be able buy into. For more on this and other Netflix Originals, check out the Netflix Originals category at Netflix Life. No self-respecting arbiter of taste would have dared think the TGIF franchise would go anywhere, let alone raise a generation. Associated Press articles: Copyright © 2016 The Associated Press. No matter what I was going to give my best, do everything I could to make sure I wasn’t the weak link, and I think it turned out really well.

So when I can take something I learned in a previous life and bring it here? This description applies to its brutal, grim tone and the scope of its intertwining storylines — there’s a lot going on in this series, possibly enough that a viewer may find it difficult if not impossible to jump in. As family patriarch Moz McKellan, he’s making people laugh like he’s been doing this all his life. Photo Credit: Diana Ragland/Courtesy of PR Machine. Comedy is the best way to deliver both. This season kicks off in a state of reversal, then, with the Wells’ sisters seemingly enjoying an opportunity to run their affairs and tend to their own people without their mother or Lydia in the way. The show features a cast of well-known stars, including TV veterans Loretta Devine and Tia Mowry. So who plays Moz on Family Reunion, and where have you seen him before? But there’s one cast member who may stand out as a familiar face that you can’t quite place. A lot of times these sitcoms create conflict between the two parents, and with us it’s harmony. Within the first episode we’re whisked through a long church service in which someone inevitably gets the holy spirit; the eldest daughter sneaks out to a party in the woods where the mean girls take her to task for not knowing who Huey Newton is; and there’s a reference to how tasty Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies are. By Mishal Ali Zafar.

I think at the end of it you're going to kind of exhale and just go ‘Woo!

Lydia Quigley is no shrinking violet, and the cruelty with which she places obstacles in the path of newcomer Lady Isabella Fitzwilliam (Liv Tyler), a woman at the mercy of a controlling and abusive brother, Harcourt, the Marquess of Blayne (Julian Rhind-Tutt), is abjectly tragic. He left the NFL in 2010 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his true passion, acting.

Despite all of its saccharine artifice “Family Reunion” is precisely the kind of utterly harmless, family friendly comedy that barely exists anywhere and on any platform, and at the very least it’s an earnest depiction of blackness that remains rare on television. Being a lead on that show, and biting off a character that needed to carry the comic relief and different dimensions of the dynamic of the family, that’s what I wanted. The Netflix original Family Reunion is a breakout role for Anthony Alabi, and with good reason. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. The act of it itself, that’s all I want to do.

Anthony Alabi stars as Moz McKellan in the Netflix original series Family Reunion. According to his official NFL profile, Alabi started out at Texas Christian College, went on to play for the Miami Dolphins from 2005 to 2007, and was then picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008. All rights reserved.

For anyone to get to the NFL, you have to be up for challenges and you have to seek them out…If I was going to fail at it, I was going to fail, but I was going to seek it out because what happens after that is growth.

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