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Haley buys several more slaves at an auction and puts them all on a ship headed for a plantation in Mississippi. Thus, all of his slaves become the property of Marie. Legree hears of this cooperation and orders Tom to whip Cassy. Now Eliza sees her husband rarely. A few days later, young master George, now grown, shows up at the Legree plantation to find Tom. Eliza informs Tom of this and after he insists on staying, she takes her son and runs from the farm in the night, narrowly escaping being captured by running across ice flows on the Ohio river. The newly reunited family Arthur Shelby, a Kentucky farmer and slaveowner, is forced by debt to sell two slaves — Uncle Tom and Harry, the young son of his wife's servant Eliza — to a trader named Haley. George comes to see Eliza in the next chapter and tells her that he is planning to escape. Mr. Shelby argues that they either had to sell those two slaves or their entire property. Luckily, FreeBookSummary offers study guides on over 1000 top books from students’ curricula! George takes Tom’s body and plans to have Legree arrested for murder. George is also on his way to the settlement and that night the couple reunites. As he dies, feels no hostility against blacks but tolerates slavery because Panicking, Eliza grabs Harry and decides to cross the river herself. Uncle Tom’s cabin is left standing as a reminder of the slave's Christian life and his martyr's death. They are taken to the man's run-down plantation among the swamps. Some Christianity is the main driving force behind his character and it is that force that compels him to accept his situation and endure his punishments and trials with stoicism and grace. You an't... Harriet Beecher Stowe is the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Tom meets Cassy, and hears her child taken from her. We also learn that while Augustine does not necessarily support slavery, he does no oppose it as he does not see the point. This loss made Stowe realize how difficult it would be for a slave mother to lose her child through human intervention. Even though Mr. Shelby didn’t approve of this request, he agreed reluctantly. Tom's contentment does not last, however, because Eva soon falls ill. I'm going to need a chapter number for your question. She, George, and Harry cross into freedom. Tom finds himself up for auction in a slave warehouse and is bought by a crude, callous man named Simon Legree. On the boat, they meet a French woman named Madame de Thoux who asks George about his home. At the Quaker camp, Eliza and George learn that Tom Loker and his gang are nearby and planning on coming for them that night. On the steamboat to New Orleans, where Tom is to be sold, Tom befriends an angelic little girl, "Little Eva" St. Clare. After the hunt for Eliza and Harry fails, Haley returns to Shelby's to collect the other half of his purchase, Uncle Tom. and her father, Augustine St. Clare, gratefully agrees to buy Tom Cassy tells him her story – that she is half white and grew up rich as the daughter of a wealthy white man. months[7] = " This website is produced by the Siteseen network that specializes in producing free informative websites on a diverse range of topics. He has bought Emmeline to replace Cassy, a slave woman who lives with him in his quarters. When Haley gets onto his horse, the animal is so aggravated by the beechnut that it bucks him, throwing him off. Although this book was a bit gruesome and heartbreaking, I enjoyed it. Summary of Uncle Tom's Cabin: Introduction to the StoryA Kentucky farmer and kind hearted slave owner named Arthur Shelby and his wife Emily are forced to sell two of their slaves to pay off debts. "; But Tom, in the months that follow his beating, loses heart and nearly his faith, until at the lowest ebb of his life he is given the grace to prevail in spirit against Legree's torture. Tom travels with the St. Clares to their home in New Eva's father buys Tom from Haley at Eva's request, and Tom accompanies the family (father, daughter, and cousin Ophelia) to their New Orleans home. The reunited family travel to Liberia, in Africa a safe home for former American slaves. Eventually, the group makes it to the Ohio river and Sam sees Eliza in a window of the inn. When Tom is near death, he forgives Legree freebooksummary.com © 2016 Taking a boat toward freedom, Cassy and Emmeline meet George on the Mississippi to be transported to a slave market. Sam and Andy, unaware of this agreement, return to the Shelby farm. The plantation ends up being a monstrous place where even the slaves are cruel to each other.

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