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I mean, that’s weird. They chat about Eileen who hasn’t returned yet and cheating on their partners. The following day, Mike tells Cyd that he made one mistake with Ainsworth and he is now stuck with a babysitter. When she decides to leave, Leo is there and he invites her into his vehicle. He tries to calm her down and convince her that she is stronger than she thinks. Your email address will not be published.

This guy is just an all-around degenerate. He spreads out on the ground and looks at the pictures above him. John Ainsworth shows up at the vigil and Mike isn’t happy to see him. Another dud I thought. We learn that Gretchen was involved with a fellow student and it ended badly not long before her death.

Okay, I’m still gonna call it early: Leo has issues and is the RRK. I thought she died. I thought for a second he was the moderator but he’s not. That’s a dog. Yikes. I hate when killers are given these kinds of names! She stayed with him?? I’m just waiting for Candace to figure out the truth about Leo. Big yikes. Paige (Simone Kessell) overhears the conversation and asks her husband about it when it ends. I am not sure if they’ll be able to carry this on for 10 episodes without becoming repetitive and boring but we’ll see. John tells Mike that he’ll never catch the kill so he lets him go and he crashes to the ground. Knew it! Was it really a good idea to play games with the detective’s daughter?? That’s shoddy police work, isn’t it?

Pedophile AND hard drug dealer? I’ll stick with it since I don’t have anything worthwhile to watch right now. Leo grabs a fishing pole and uses it to remove a makeshift curtain exposing pictures of the victims. Your email address will not be published. She mentions Ainsworth before we see another flashback. I’m surprised he wasn’t more than just suspended. The same Aurora, Colorado, police force who murdered Elijah McClain detained James Holmes, who murdered 12 people in a movie theater, without incident. What the hell! He tells her about running into Edgar while jogging by the river and he doesn’t think that is a big deal. Whaaaaat. He really pushed him. Meanwhile, Paxton and Sam make a shocking discovery. Damn. Brad stops by before they leave and he reveals he has started running. He deserves to be remembered, and he deserves justice. The detectives visit the dealer’s house and a dog jumps at the window. No no no. It’s so obvious at this point that it’s UGLY. He tries his best to keep up with the latest foreign television shows and movies. He was pronounced brain dead and taken off life support on August 30. For his mother, maybe? “Based on the investigation presented and the applicable Colorado law, there is no reasonable likelihood of success of proving any state crimes beyond a reasonable doubt at trial,” District Attorney Dave Young, But that language is important — they are not saying that the officers were cleared of responsibility in McClain’s death, but that under Colorado law, there was no charge that prosecutors felt they could. Leo’s weird! What HAVE you done? Woah! She tells him that this won’t be over for him until he catches the killer. What is up with John’s obsession with Leo? Sam goes home and watches the blood from her face before receiving a message from Paxton checking on her. He thinks it is best to stick around so she can see the killer brought to justice. Sam Trammell loves his complex Reckoning role, even if he is a killer. The dealer is found dead in the backyard. The episode scores a 7 out of 10. Was it really a good idea to play games with the detective’s daughter?? Leo tries to get her to let him drive her home. They have manifested excellence by giving a damn.

Looks like his wife is suspicious of him too! As the fate of the woman who disappeared 26 years earlier crystallizes, the RRK tries to point police towards his latest victim - only to find that the remains have vanished. After finding out it was him that attacked her?? Yeah, that dog thing is seriously freaky. Oh no. Also, how is her daughter the one flipping out about it?? Detective Serrato? They find out that he died before Gretchen was killed. Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. He gets upset and ticks off Lacey so she gets out of the car and walks. Reckoning has many flaws. That is why you never get in a stranger’s car. She tells him she saw him leaving Emerald Beach with that girl the other day. Oooooh, your wife let you go to voicemail!! Getting the victims’ missing tattoos on yourself is weird. They have sex on the floor before Mike decides to go out for a run. What’s Leo even doing at grief counseling? The conversation ends when Brad heads the baby through the monitor. Instead, John says he was a fan of the case. Oh wow. Thirteen people were charged Thursday in an alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Michigan Democratic Gov. OH.

I thought he was gonna say he just needs to get caught! 100%. Will the killer's true identity be revealed before it's too late?

Or maybe not CBD. He tells her he’ll share the video if she wants him to but she says no because her father would kill him. Leo and Amanda talk about their injuries. The McClain family's attorney, Mari Newman. Mike launches right back into his old investigation when Gretchen is found dead and all the clues point to the RRK: the Russian River Killer “Whatever you think”?? Another new student? Each episode points the finger at one of the main characters so it has to be one of them. There was even a confession video. Leo tries to get him to do something fun like practice those wrestling moves he has been talking about.

Addictions, drugs, obsessions, mania, alcoholism. Soooo Paige has revenge sex with the hot neighbor. Leo watches the interview but doesn’t get involved. She had a conversation with Linda and she knows Mike gets a tattoo for each victim but he says he hasn’t. Then, he says this is something he heard. John runs up the stairs but Mike catches up with him and another scuffle ensues before the intro begins. Reckoning went up on my watchlist as soon as I saw it on Netflix, and I was even more intrigued by the fact that the trailer gave away almost nothing about the show. Immediately following the incident, the three officers involved were placed on administrative leave while investigators looked into what happened. She encourages him not to feel bad and he says he doesn’t. Oh, man. After the intro, the letter is delivered to Mike’s desk as he speaks to Cyd (Gloria Garayua) about the special woman she is going to be dating. Between Giannis Antetokounmpo's supermax decision, how the Clippers will retool, Miami looming as a free agent destination in 2021, Victor Oladipo's future and Golden State's reboot, the 2020 offseason. Your email address will not be published.

That’s messed up. Is this the reckoning or is there more to ... FBI busts militia 'plot' to abduct Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer . McClain’s case is another example of why the current reckoning is necessary and why it must be ongoing. Leo gives him a piece of his mind before closing the screen and Paxton enters. Hell. Over the previous six months, D.A. Next, Mike looks at the evidence in the case. On their way, they chat about having sex and Paxton’s dog is hit by a vehicle. That article about Mike’s suspension was because of that physical assault on John. He literally dropped him from the second-floor window. John has issues. The dealer is found dead in the backyard. Mike takes his glasses and tries to shove them down his throat until he is kneed and knocked to the ground.

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