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In another well-thought-out sideshow, a demo run of China's "digital yuan" debuted on Monday, with 50,000 Shenzhen citizens participating. The new national security law imposed by Beijing means it may never occur again, at least safely and legally. Reflecting on the history of the Xi family, the party elder added another observation. What happened to U.S.-China relations? He went to villages and households, and told communities that he is just “a servant of the people.”. As Cui Jian, the rock star whose song “Nothing to My Name” inspired the student protesters in 1989, put it, “As long as Mao’s picture hangs in Tiananmen Square, we are all the same generation.”. But it was a fruitless act of resistance. A spectacular pre-dawn parade on Saturday served to remind the world of North Korea’s continuing missile progress. Famously, Xi has blamed the collapse of the Soviet Union on the party’s loss of control over the Soviet Army. Whether one considers Xi the benevolent father of the nation, a hetero-patriarchal oppressor of women and sexual minorities, or somewhere in between, his enactment of masculinity and vision of gender hierarchies are helping transform gender relations in China. First, the economic goal of China becoming a ‘moderately well-off society’ by 2020, the hundredth anniversary of the CCP; and second, the goal of becoming a fully developed nation by 2049, the hundredth anniversary of the PRC. You have to receive the baton properly, then run well with it yourself.’ However, the twelve years following that interview had apparently changed Xi’s worldview quite significantly. Internal Chinese government documents show a delay in Beijing’s official reaction. Xi Jinping's father was a well-known party official, but he never served on the Politburo Standing Committee. Hong Kong has banned the annual vigil held every year for the past three decades, blaming the coronavirus. Katsuji Nakazawa is a Tokyo-based senior staff writer and editorial writer at Nikkei. But in the months leading up to the meeting, Sun Zhengcai, Chongqing's then top official and seen as the front-runner in the race to replace Xi, became a victim of Xi's anti-corruption campaign. In May 1989, as a local official in Fujian, Xi spoke of the Cultural Revolution as in accord with superstition and stupidity, resulting in major chaos, and asked: “Can these days be repeated? With its new security law, China risks massive economic and political consequences. In 1985, Zhongxun described his thinking on why more open policies were necessary: Looking back upon history, countless facts prove that, with regards to dealing with religious issues, the more that our policies are tight and inflexible, the more that in practical terms religion is suppressed, things run counter to one’s wishes, the exact opposite result occurs, it’s not only impossible to guide activities in the area allowed by policy and law, but in fact makes activities leave the normal track, or even allows people with ulterior motives to use the situation. On political reform, Xi once again gave reason for optimism. Shenzhen represents a special rung in China's political history. Apparently North Korea’s commitment to fighting COVID-19 – which saw a South Korean official killed in early October – has its limits. Even if reviving the chairman position ultimately turns out to be too tall of a task at the fifth plenary session, Xi is preparing to put in place an "ultra-long-term vision" that China would follow to 2035. /Xinhua. Also read: Xi Jinping sees himself as architect of China’s third revolution after Mao. Zhongxun explicitly forbade the local authorities from worsening the situation by conducting a mass persecution. Anti-CAA protests breathed new life into India's student protest movement. /CCTV. /CCTV, Xi Jinping (R), then secretary of the Ningde Prefecture Committee of the Communist Party of China, participates in farm work in Ningde, southeast China's Fujian Province, 1989. When Xi was nine years old, his father, Xi Zhongxun, former head of the Communist Party’s propaganda division, was expelled by Chairman Mao because of his disloyalty. What Xi Jinping Learned—And Didn’t Learn—From His Father About Xinjiang. Inheriting his father’s down-to-earth approach, Xi Jinping visited all the villages in Zhengding, Hebei Province during his tenure of county Party chief in the 1980s. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle. Promoting US-China Friendship | California USA. He missed his father's birthday celebration due to busy schedule. One op-ed for the The New York Times went so far as to argue that Xi would ‘spearhead a resurgence of economic reform…and probably some political easing as well.’ While this may seem naïve in retrospect, Xi himself sent some positive signals. India needs free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises. About Incorporating the Northwest into the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was far from peaceful – about 90,000 so-called bandits were eliminated through defeat, surrender, or killing, and the famous Kazakh leader Osman Batur was executed. The post of general secretary, which was created in its stead, signifies the member of a collective leadership team who sits at the head of the table. "We should dedicate ourselves to completing the structural reform of Guangdong as an experimental unit," Xi Zhongxun once said to officials. The ghosts of Chinese control or even ownership have haunted the port since a March 2019 MoU. Here, he called on the country to ‘tackle tough issues’ and ‘break free from the barriers of vested interest.’ The symbolism was not lost on anyone: Shenzhen was part of Deng Xiaoping’s famous 1992 ‘Southern Tour’, which sought to rally support for market-based reforms following the tumult of Tiananmen Square. Such people are the curse of the nation. The post of president was linked to that of party general secretary, the party's top post. Over the last weekend, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published even more material in a similar vein. File photo of Xi Jinping (L) with his father Xi Zhongxun. Without stability and unity, nothing is possible!”, Xi very clearly equates political power with control over the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the ability to inflict violence. Deng, the paramount leader, had decided to dismiss Hu Yaobang, the Chinese Communist Party's general secretary, for being too soft on the students. "There are many noble characters I wish to inherit from my father," Xi Jinping, then governor of southeast China's Fujian Province, said in a letter of felicitation to his father Xi Zhongxun on his birthday in 2001. The Xi family suffered terribly during Mao Zedong’s campaign and the resulting political turmoil that seized the nation. Since coming to power, he has not spoken openly about the event. Ltd. All rights reserved. The decision was taken at the so-called "fifth plenum" -- officially the fifth plenary session of the party's 17th Central Committee. Ahead of the eighteenth Party Congress in 2012, it was increasingly clear that Xi Jinping—who had been vice president since 2008—would take charge as general secretary of the Party. In 1935, he was arrested by his compatriots and released only after Mao’s arrival in Shaanxi, where Xi had helped create a base camp. More Readings: Hainan Free Trade Port transforms tourist island into int’l retail heaven, Global best interests are not served by promoting a counterproductive effort to undermine China. (Bloomberg) Written by Kait Bolongaro China lashed out at Canada after Prime Yet, as these remarkable materials suggest, the CCP has adopted radically different policies toward its ethnic minorities over time, and, coincidentally, the man most associated with a softer approach is the father of the man who is taking Xinjiang in a much different direction. Xi Zhongxun has also been assertive in pushing forward the opening-up process in the coastal province – an experimental unit of China's economic reform and opening to the outside world. Xi was separated from his father for so long that Xi Zhongxun did not even recognize his son when they were finally reunited. Joseph Torigian is an assistant professor at the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC, a Stanton Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center. Taking control of the military is a condition for becoming China's top leader, so it was at this point it became clear Xi was indeed taking over from Hu Jintao as party general secretary and the nation's president. This was part of a sweeping ‘Cultural Revolution’ launched by Mao with the ostensible goal of purging Chinese tradition and Western capitalism to promote and preserve communist China. This reflects a tradition in the Xi's to live a simple life, with Xi Jinping carrying on his family's tradition. Kevin Rudd, the former Australian Prime Minister, wrote in 2012 that Xi was likely to have the same goals as all other Chinese governments since the Mao era: ‘to sustain the political pre-eminence of the CCP within the country.’ There were signs that Xi himself was averse to being seen as overly ambitious. In 1952, the two top leaders in Xinjiang, Wang Zhen and Deng Liqun, rejected the Northwest Bureau’s decision not to pursue major reform in nomadic areas. The Xi's has a tradition of being strict with children and frugal, Xi Jinping's mother Qi Xin once said, attributing it to the influence of Xi Zhongxun. But Narendra Modi's government is moving to crack down on campus dissent. The decision to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen SEZ on Wednesday has political motivations. Sign up to our newsletters to get our best stories delivered straight to your inbox. He assumed the posts of Guangdong's first secretary and governor. The apologetic son wrote a letter of gratitude to his father. For example, he demonstrated much more hard-line attitudes toward other religions, especially Catholicism. /CCTV. The two used to be considered potential successors to Xi. To ensure that China could again find its rightful place in the world, Xi would have to undertake several structural reforms. ", -  - Xi Jinping's speech at a gathering to celebrate the Spring Festival in 2015. It was here, at the end of the visit, that Xi Jinping spoke of the ‘China Dream’— otherwise known as the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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